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Dear Diary

Synopsis: From a poem dedicated for a secret crush to a very bad hair day...it's all written here in Torrie's diary!

Date: 20th August.

Time: 11:32 a.m.

Dear Diary,

Have you ever wished that a dream you had would actually appear to life? I mean to actually be in it physically. Wouldn't that be cool? I think so!

But you know what really sucked? It was the fact that I can't even get a full night of beauty sleep with someone having to hit me with a pillow. I didn't ask them to be my alarm clock and I certainly did not ask them to wake me up in the middle of a perfect dream! I just hate it when they always do that. I mean sure I am always the last person up, but hasn't anyone?

Let somebody sleep in peace for once! Is that too much to ask? Okay so maybe I shouldn't be all snappy about it but that dream I had was so good that I didn't want to let it slip of my mind!

It was simply beautiful…breathtaking, just that perfect moment that every girl would have wanted in a lifetime. I had another dream of him…again. We were walking on a beach, walking hand in hand. His blue eyes have the same color of the sea…they looked so beautiful when they were gleaming to the glow of the sunset. His smile made me want to smile also. Call it contagious if you want because I'm now official under a spell by the fact that he is nothing but this three lettered word: H-O-T-T-T. Okay make that a five lettered word!

Anyway, back to my dream. We stopped walking and then he crouched down on the sand. I was wondering what he was planning to do but he looked up at me, smiled and stuck his index finger into the wet sand. I had no clue whatsoever what he was doing until I realized what it was and I opened my mouth in awe. He drew a heart! I would be so touched by it, I mean how could you not be touched by something as sweet as this?! I got down next to him and then we would be both writing carefully, on the sand, each letter would print out clearly. Then we would be looking and smiling at each other before we looked back at our work of art. The heart with the initials: JC + TW written inside the heart. At the bottom of the heart would be the words written here: Forever and Always.

It was absolutely perfect. What more could a girl wish for? Then we got up from the ground and next time I knew that he swept me off my feet and then found myself into his strong arms. I would be giggling as he spun me around and I would be teasing, telling him to stop or we would both get dizzy!

"I don't care. As long as I'm with you, Torrie."

I just love the way he smiles! That could brighten my day, literally! At that moment, we were quiet. I could hear the rustling sounds of the palm leaves dancing as the breeze went by and the rushing sound coming from the sea. I was getting closer to him, my eyelids slowly closing in…

And they just have to wake my up!

Seriously, I will need some sort of invisible shield around my bed so I can sleep in peace! Thanks to Candi and Micks, my dream disappeared in a flash when Mickie threw a pillow at my face.

"Come on sleepy head, it is morning!"


I groaned, not knowing what was going on. As I brushed out the curls off my face, I found myself in bed instead of the beach. I found myself wearing pink pajamas instead of a bikini. I shot up from my mind, in realisation of what it all means.

It was all a dream!

"Wow Tor, you sure got knocked out cold." That would be Candice of course. I got another pillow hit on my face thanks to Mickie.

"Why did you do that for?!"

"Um, to wake you up?"

I glared at Mickie. "I can do that on my own, thank you very much!"

"Oh really? On time for training?"

I turned to the alarm clock on the bed side table.

"Oh crap! It's now ten!! Why didn't you tell me?!"

"Wasn't it you that said you can get up on your own?"

"Gee thanks for the reminder." Note the sarcasm of my answer.

I jumped off from my bed and head into the bathroom to take a quick shower and then went for my suitcase to take out my training bra and pants and my white trainers. I got dressed in less than five minutes, did a little touching up to my face and brushed my hair into a ponytail.

"Candice and I already went down for breakfast. So you can go down at the restaurant and eat something.."

"Nah, it's okay. I'll get something from Dunkin' Donuts."

"Are you out of your mind? Hello, this hotel has free breakfast!"

Of course I would be a total idiot for actually forgetting about that. It just didn't come to mind until now!

"Oh right! I forgot."

Mickie has this 'You forgot?' kind of expression on her face. I mean gosh! It's only simple little thing I forgot about, plus we just got here since last night and we only had pasta for dinner! Plus I wasn't thinking straight because my mind was full of things, like the match for tonight, wondering if he's going to be here, whether I'm, wondering if he's going to be here….so yeah, plenty of things of my mind but mostly it's about him.

Thankfully I got Kim to sneak out a bacon and egg sandwich and hot chocolate from the hotel kitchen for me to take out so I don't have to go to the buffet table. Kim is a waitress and a nice one too, to give me a sandwich to go with. It was her way of giving back to me for last night after giving her a bit of advice about this guy she likes and also happens to be a guest at the hotel as well. The same people you meet one day just might turn out to be helping you out in return!

Of course it would be my time to drive but since my stomach was torturing me with hunger, that Candice took my place instead.

"This is only just because you got up late. You're driving us back here, got that?"

"Yeah yeah yeah. Start the engine already!"

So we got to the arena, which is where I am in right now as I'm writing this. I'm at the seating area, just to narrow it down in terms of which part of the arena that I am at.

Okay, Mickie is calling me down. Time for me to focus on tonight's tag team match.

I wonder if John will be here….just thinking about him makes me think about that dream again….

♥ JC + TW ♥

Forever and Always.

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