"Girl, you won't believe who I saw." Janese said. She finally made it to Toya's house.

"Girl who?" Toya asked, sipping her lemonade.

"Jett Jackson and his daddy!" Janese almost passed out from the thought of Jett's honey eyes and his muscles. God his muscles!

"How did you meet that fine black man?" Toya asked, all up in the conversation. Janese told her what happened. "Did he burn his thingie off?" Before Janese could answer a guy came walking around the corner.

"You better be discussing my thingie!" He said and straddled LaToya on the couch.

"Justice, get off of me, you are too heavy." LaToya screamed. That can't be little punk Justice! Janese thought as she stared at him. He turned around and saw Janese staring at him.

"What's up Shorty?" Justice said, giving Janese a hug. It had only been a couple of moths but Justice hit a growth spurt overnight. And he was fine.

"Hey JuJu." Janese said, finally finding her voice. He was a honey walnut version of Jett with green eyes. "Aren't you looking like the ladies man."

"Yea, I know." Justice said, swiping his nose with his thumb. LaToya kicked him in the butt. "Ow! Correction. Toya's man."

She smiled and reached for him and he sat on the couch beside her. "That's right. Don't have me hurt somebody." LaToya said after kissing him on the lips.

"When did you two start dating?" Janese asked ,feeling left out.

"About a month ago."

"I'm about to go ball at the rec." Justice kissed LaToya again and picked up his gym bag. Just looking at Justice made Janese hot for Jett. Now she had second thoughts about giving him her name. Nope, that would of made her look pressed.

"Toya, let's go too."

"Cool." LaToya said, grabbing her purse.

"Why do you call dad, Sweetwater?" Jett asked his uncle. The family had gathered on the porch and Wood sat comfortably in a new pair of pants.

" 'Cause your daddy was quite the ladies man." Will answered, slapping Wood on the back.

"Jett doesn't need to know about my old ways." Wood said. "Jett don't you want to meet some kids your age?"

"Actually I do." Jett agreed, taking the hint.

"There's a rec center down the street." Gloria suggested.

"Oh sweet." Jett said, preparing to leave. "Dad, I'll call you later." He went in the house and packed a gym bag.

Janese and LaToya walked in the rec around eleven. In the gym the guys were holding a three on three tournament. Janese watched all the guys she and LaToya would tease from time to time and laughed. She had turned all of them down and LaToya had Justice.

"Janese, let's see who's out back." Toya suggested. When they turned around they saw Jett standing right behind them. He had on all white; even his basketball shoes. Janese felt the heat go through her body and stop at the special spot between her legs.

"Hello again." Jett said, walking up to the girls. He had to fight the urge to grab Janese in his arms and keep her there.

"Hi." Janese mumbled.

"I think I'm going to pass out." LaToya said and rushed to the bathroom.

"Thank you." Jett said once they were alone.

"For what exactly?" Janese asked, folding her arms across her chest.

"For not screaming or attacking me." Janese laughed. "I don't get it, what's so funny?"

"All you do is act. Now if you paid my rent, took care of me, and were willing to die for me then I would be screaming and attacking you. But you do none of those things so why should I bother?" Janese knew she was lying through her teeth. All she needed was a closet and Jett tied up and it would be on.

"I have much respect for you. I know how we met wasn't under the best circumstances but I would like to make it up to you since you didn't accept the ride."

"We just met and you're already asking me out? I don't know what kind of females you're used to kissing your butt and hanging on your every word, but I'm not one of those girls. You don't even know my name."

Jett was surprised by the fire he just saw in Janese's eyes, but it turned him on something serious. Sudennly he felt the need for her approval.

"Look Janese." Jett said, wactching her mouth hit the floor. "I don't do this kind of thing ofter, if at all. It's just that I see something special in your beautiful eyes that I've never seen in another woman before."

"How do you know my name?" Janese asked in a shaky voice. She didn't expect Jett to compliment her the way he had. He caught her off guard and she didn't appreciate it.

"I heard your friend call you. I personally think Nessie fits you better."

Janese turned red, "Who do you think-"

"Could we take this outside please." Jett interupted, sensing her eruption. He held the door open while she stomped past him. Before she could start up again Jett stopped her. "If you let me take you out, I give you my word that I will be the perfect gentlemen and show you the time of your life."

Jett held his breath while Janese thought it over.'

"Alright, but if you don't keep your word you'll have hell to pay." Janese warned.

Jett stood at attention and saluted. "Ma'am, yes, ma'am." Janese laughed. "You have a beautiful smile, Nessie. Is it alright if I call you that?"

"Janese nodded her head. "Yea, it's kind of cute."

"Can I have your number so I can call you?"

"Sure give me your arm." Janese took out a tube of pink lipstick and wrote her number on Jett's arm. Just that simple touch made Jett stand at attention. Literally. He prayed Janese didn't notice but it was kind of a hard thing to hide in basketball shorts. And Jett was packing a pretty healthy package.

"Call me tonight."

"Why should we have to wait?"

"Okay then, I'll be home in about fifteen minutes."

"It's a date then."

"Never assume Mr. Jackson. Just call me." Janese walked back inside and Jett walked down the street back to his aunt and uncle's house. Janese ran in the bathroom where LaToya was still at.

"Girl, Jett got a little happy when I wrote my number on his arm." Janese squealed.

"Oh my goodness! You gave him your number?" LaToya asked, squealing with her.

"Yea, we have a date in about an hour."

"Well you have to go and get ready. I'm gonna hang here and watch my boo play. Call me when you get home."

Janese half ran half walked back to her grandmother's house to get ready for her date. She couldn't believe how her luck was going. She had a date with the famous Jett Jackson!