*IMPORTANT A/N: the story is currently under some revision. the first chapters revolving around the movies i may leave alone simply because they are mostly following the movies. it's the later chapters that i have 're-done' and can hopefully get a new chapter out after that.

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Summary: There was Luke and Leia but now there was another. The third Skywalker twin, but he was found by the his father, Darth Vader. He has been training him in secret, for the time when they will over throw the emperor. But now a rebellion has begun and unknown to Anakin Jr and Vader it is lead by their family.

A/N: to avoid confusion Anakin will be referred to as Vader, and Anakin jr will be Anakin.

Anakin Skywalker walked aboard the Tantive IV. Apparently rebel scum were had stolen the plans to the Death Star and they were some where on this ship.

Anakin had been found on a transport ship to Naboo by Imperial Forces as a child. When brought to Darth Vader, he could sense that it was his son. From then on he was trained but kept away from the Emperor. According to his father Obi-Wan killed his mother, and put his father in the suit, and that only furthered his rage into the dark side. He was named after his father but that would change when he received his Sith name.

"Lord Skywalker, Lord Vader has requested your presence" reported a stormtrooper.

Anakin walked to were the crew has been captured and his father was currently strangling a man.

"Is that really necessary?" he asked.

Vader gave him a look and tossed the man into the corner. "They are being uncooperative, with us."

"Aren't they always" replied Anakin as he pulled down his black hood. He had inherited his father's looks more than Luke had. He had the same long brown hair and their looks in general were almost identical. However Anakin had developed a darker look to his features.

"My Lord a shuttle was just launched, there seem to be no life forms" reported a commander.

"Find it and search it" replied Vader "I want every inch of the ship checked."

"We also found the Princess, she sent the escape pod" he continued.

They brought forth the Princess and Anakin felt a mysterious presence in the force, but he couldn't quite place it.

"Darth Vader only you could be so bold" spoke Leia. "The Imperial Senate will not sit for this."

Dave laughed at the second sentence. She actually believed the Imperial Senate had some power, fool.

"Don't act so surprised, your highness, you weren't on any mercy mission this time" accused Vader. "Transmission were beamed to this ship by rebel spies. I want to know what happened to those plans!"

"I don't know what your talking about, I'm on a diplomatic mission to Alderaan" said Leia. Dave was impressed on how well she was resisting the persuasion of the force from Vader.

"Your are part of the rebel alliance and a traitor. Take her away!" shouted Vader sick of her lies.

Leia was escorted away and a confused look crossed her face as she passed Anakin.

"Father, did you feel something back there, with the Princess?" asked Anakin.

"No, I did not" replied Vader. "Why do you ask, son?"

"No reason" said Anakin dropping the subject.

"Good then send a distress signal to the senate, and say all aboard were killed" Vader ordered a commander.

"Couldn't this bring up suspicion holding her as prisoner?" asked Anakin.

"Maybe, but she's our only hope in finding the rebel base" said Darth Vader.

"Father I'm heading down to the planet to look for the missing escape pod" reported Anakin.

"Very well" he replied and walked off.

After the squadron of troops landed Anakin quickly broke off from them. After following the tracks for a good amount of miles they split in two directions but which ever way you go they just end, as if something swept them up.

"It's getting dark, I'm heading back to the Star Destroyer" reported Anakin as he made his way back to the ship.


"Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi you're my only hope"

"Who is she?" asked Luke in a daze.

"I believe that she is the princess" spoke C-3PO.

Suddenly the transmission ended, and R2 couldn't replay it.

"Maybe old Ben will know who this Obi-Wan is" thought Luke out loud.

The next day R2D2 disappeared and Luke and C-3PO went out to look for him. They located him but not without locating some Sand People also. With the help of old Ben Kenobi, Luke was rescued and his journey started to unravel.

"Yes I was once a Jedi Knight, the same as your Father" explained Obi-Wan.

"I wish I'd known him" said Luke slightly saddened.

"He was the best star pilot in the galaxy and a cunning warrior" continued Obi-Wan. "And a good friend."

"Which reminds me, he wanted me to give this too you when you were old enough but your uncle wouldn't allow it" Obi-Wan went over to his old chest and pulled out a silver handle, that seemed foreign to Luke.

"What is it?"

"Your father's lightsaber. An elegant weapon for a more civilized age" explained Ob-Wan. "Not as clumsy as a blaster."

Obi-Wan continued on to tell Luke of how his father was "killed" by his former apprentice, Darth Vader. Soon after Luke was hit with the fact that his aunt and uncle, the only family he thought he had was killed. So with that done, and the Princess' message they headed to the space port where they found Han Solo and Chewbacca. After bargaining a deal, they were on their way to Alderaan.


"If you would just tell us were the rebel base was, this wouldn't be necessary" said Anakin as he led Princess Leia down to the detention block.

"Why would I cooperate with Imperial scum" spat Leia.

"Because It could mean the difference between life and death" threatened Anakin.

"and why are you even here, you are no older than myself, what purpose do you serve the empire?" asked Leia.

'I don't think you're in a position to ask questions, your Highness" replied Anakin.

Then Leia caught a glimpse of Anakin's lightsaber, underneath his cloak. "You're a Jedi Knight?" she asked.

"Ha, more like Sith Lord" he replied with a grin. "I hope they'll take it easy on you, or your beauty would be a waste." Anakin tossed her into the detention cell and walked away.

"Have you prepared the mind probe?" questioned Vader as he prepared to enter the cell.

"It won't work" reported Anakin. "I have tried and she will not speak."

Vader nodded knowing his son was correct but the others still doubted him, but didn't speak up.

"Then we shall try a different type of persuasion" said Admiral.

"What do you mean?" demanded Vader as Anakin stood also confused.

"We shall show her the power of this fully operationally battle station" said Tarkin.

A few soldiers walked forward with the princess in hand. "I should have known you were holding Vader's leash governor Tarkin" said Leia.

"Charming to the last. I would like to give you a chance to tell us were the rebel base is before we fire this battle station" said Tarkin unaffected by her words.

"The more you tighten your grip the more star systems slip through your fingers" said Leia more defiantly.

"Then you have made our decision. The first star system will be Alderaan" he threatened.

"No! We have no planet defenses" cried Leia.

"Then name a system" said Tarkin with a grin.

Anakin could sense the fear in Leia as she looked at her planet. "Dantooine, they're on Dantooine."

"Good, prepare the station and fire when ready" said Tarkin.

"What!" shouted Princess Leia.

"You're far too trusting. Dantooine is far too remot-" Tarkin was cut off as he began gasping for air.

"She gave you the location, Tarkin, now call off the attack" said Anakin as he stepped forward with his hand raised. Even though he knew the Princess was more than likely lying, something inside him would not let them kill thousand of innocent lives.

"Skywalker" warned Vader as Tarkin was lifted into the air still chocking.

"Did you not here me old man, call off the blast" continued Anakin.

"Call…o-off the at-attack" gasped Tarkin and Anakin finally released him.

Not wanting to hear any useless threats Anakin walked away, with his father following.

"Son, what was the meaning of that" demanded Vader.

"Father, Tarkin must be put in his place. If he thinks he has too much power he may be a bump in the road when we take over" said Anakin keeping his pace. "I don't know what's gotten into you father but lately-"

Suddenly the ship shook and Anakin could hear a deafening explosion. His anger boiled to a point of explosion.

"Don't worry son, soon revenge will be ours and these Imperial fools will feel the true power of the force" said Vader putting a hand on Anakin's shoulder.

Anakin simply nodded and walked away.

"Lord Vader we've got a freighter ship being pulled in by the tractor beam" reported a soldier.

"Have a crew search the ship immediately" replied Vader.

Anakin knew something was wrong from the moment he sensed two more force sensitive people besides his father and himself. Now the Death Star was own alert as someone had broken into the prison cell and freed princess Leia.

"They've gone into the garbage suite, they'll be crushed" said a soldier who was passing by. Anakin had his doubts, if there was a force user, they would be harder to kill.

Running down to the lower level Anakin's suspicions were correct. As he arrived he saw abandon Imperial armor and a group of rebels running. Taking off in a sprint after them one of them must have noticed him and started firing shots. Grabbing his lightsaber he ignited it and deflected the shots the red blade.

Soon they broke off, Anakin chose to go after the Princess.

"Father, I'm in pursuit of the Princess and a rebel" said Anakin through the force.

"Good my son, track them down, but I sense another presence" said Vader.

"I do also"

"I believe it is my old master Obi-Wan Kenobi" said Vader.

"Is he still alive?" asked Anakin.

"Yes, the force has willed it and now he will die" said Vader.

"May the force be with you, father" said Anakin as he cut the connection.

By now he head met up with a squadron of troopers who were trying to get through a sealed door.

"Move" demanded Anakin as he drew his lightsaber. Plunging it into the door he began to cut a hole in it.

"They're getting through" warned Leia as she saw the red blade cut through the metal.

Luke acted quickly by throwing a grappling rope up and swinging across.

As Anakin kicked the hole in he saw the rebels were gone.

'They've gone across" reported a trooper from up top.

Summoning the force Anakin jumped across the gap and landed on the other side. Now all he had to do was find the scum. As he ran down the hall he noticed a large amount of stormtroopers gathering in the docking bay.

Anakin quickly ran down and when he did he saw his father dueling with Obi-Wan. Grabbing his lightsaber, Anakin quickly ran towards the battle. He was stopped abruptly when he heard someone call out, "Ben"

He noticed that it was the rebels. But when he turned back around he saw Obi-Wan staring at him in what Anakin would call shock. Soon however he simply disappeared as Vader's lightsaber sliced him, leaving nothing but his robes and saber.

As the rebels escaped Anakin confronted his father.

"What do we do now?" he asked.

"I believe a tracking device was placed on the ship" replied Vader.

"Soon we will see the end of the alliance" said Anakin with a grin.

"Rebel Base will be in rage in 20 minutes"

After traveling to the planet Yavin, it was revealed that the base was on the planet's moon, Yavin 4.

As the rebel's had started their feeble attack on the death star, pilots went to their ships. Anakin along with his father entered their ships to finish off the rest of the fighters.

Anakin's ship was similair to that of the Jedi's during the clone wars. After his father told him of their design, Anakin was intrigued and built one of his own.

"The force is strong with this one" said Vader as he tried to lock onto an X-wing.

"There's a ship coming up on your rear, I'll cover you" said Anakin over the comlink.

On his sensors he noticed the ship that had been captured on the Death Star. Before he could maneuver his ship was shot hard. He began to swerve away from the Death Star and in an instant the Death Star was exploded.

Sensing through the force he felt his father was alive but extremely angry.

"Well today was a good day, I've seen the end of Kenobi, now I've seen the end of Tarkin" thought Anakin. Soon his ship entered the atmosphere of Yavin IV.

It wasn't long before he crash landed on the planet's surface. He exited the cockpit but before he could take another step he passed out on the ground.