Title: A N G E L C O O K I E M I X

Rating: K+

Disclaimer: Spica owns Loki and …..Heimdall….I really don't WANT him anyway.

Pairing: Hemu x Loki

Loki x Heimdall oneshots and drabbles based of separate fanfics I will never write. Just some story, with a theme, ending in love. Dedicated to SenofSickness, who dedicated a story to me! Thankies, and these are your rewards Sen-dono! I hope you R&R…


Loki flipped over another page of his book. It was going to be another slow day…and knowing Loki, he didn't have anything better to do. Or, this makes way more sense by the way, he was just lazy. More or less, it was a mix of the two.

Yamino was out buying groceries with Fenrir since his little black puppy of cuteness…ATE A LOT. Mayura and Koutarou were at school, Narugami was at his part time job as a flouriest. Reiya was out with Mino, Freyr was out shopping….

Utgard-Loki…no. JUST NO. Spica was most likely with him…he really didn't know what they were doing. Ecchan was sleeping on his head, the Norms were out shopping for something (a dress maybe…)

And Loki was just at home reading. He couldn't go to Odin, who would smother him to death, Baldr….urm…that would end badly. Hel…let's just say she was sick. Ahahaha….

And of course Koko wouldn't listen to him! Loki looked up at the ceiling in deep thought. "Let's see…so that leaves…" He ran pale. "Heimdall…" He shook his head defiantly and sat up from his desk, slamming the book shut again. "Ewww! No! Nononononono…." She groaned as he pushed the book into the bookshelf and pulled out another book. "He hates me just because ODIN ORDERED me to take his eye." Loki said crossing his arms and nodding as if to automatically answer his own question. "Besides, I hardly think that meanie wants to see me!" The green-eyed god finally concluded sighing a sigh tinged with hurt and defeat. "Eh…it's not fair….Why does Heimu hate me?" Loki moaned walking back to his desk with his book cradled in his arms. He put it down gently and walked over to the window to draw the curtains in. He reached for the rope to close the windows when he saw a rather large hawk looking in and immediately flying away when it locked eyes with Loki. Loki rose and eyebrow and blinked before closing the windows a little faster than he intended to. "That was a tad-OWWIE!" Loki jerked himself away from the window, letting it shut on it's own, and looked at his finger. It was bleeding. "Damn, must have shut the window too hard." Loki pouted and walked over to grab a tissue. He fluffed one up from the box and placed it elegantly over his finger, making the blood seep through. "Dammit…it hurts more than I thought…" He squinted as he latched on to his finger and held it, grimacing that a 'small cut' could hurt a totally awesome god like him. The trickster god blinked as he heard a knock on the door, and turned to it. He pouted.

As you could tell, he really wasn't in the mood…

"I'm coming!" He hoped it would be Yamino, but then why would he knock? Loki sighed. Maybe it was just Reiya or Skuld….

He placed his hand gently on the door and opened it. He gasped as the purple-eyed watchman into front of him narrowed his blood red eyes at Loki, and as far as Loki could tell, was a tad flustered also. "Heimu?!" Loki said blinking and raising his voice slightly, as if to only sound happy. "Well, why are you-"

"You cut yourself, right?" The trickster god thought that he meant slitting his wrists at first, but then looked at his damaged hand. "Oh? You really think something SO trivial could hurt someone like me?" He said closing his eyes and smiling raising a hand and putting the other one on his hip. The already half-fuming Heimdall felt a vein pulse out of his head as he crossed both arms and shouted, "All the more reason you wimp!"

Loki cocked his head sweetly and put on his cutest pouty face for Heimdall. "Is Heimu that worried about my cut?" Heimdall sweat dropped and stepped away blushing. "Eh!? Why?!" Loki smiled, twitching lightly.

"Hurry up and leave already…please?"

Heimdall looked at Loki out of the corner of his eyes and sighed. "It'll get infected if you leave it like that…" Heimdall said looking at Loki's hand, trying to think of an excuse. The guardian god waited for an answer, but Loki just walked inside. "What pointless chit-chat…" Heimdall 'eh'ed and put his hand on the door just as Loki was about to slam it. "Hold still!"

Loki looked back at Heimdall; his emerald eyes wide while Heimdall's other arm reached for Loki's hand. Heimdall lightly Loki's soft hand to his lips and kissed where Loki had been cut.

The trickster god's eyes widened as Heimdall, shortly after, pulled away. "T-t-t-t-there!" He blushed the color of a cherry and spun off, leaving an obviously embarrassed Loki to figure out why the hell what just happened did. Loki slammed the door and ran back into his study, blushing madly and looking at his hand, and the blood that still remained on it. Loki's breath was shallow as he just stared at his hand with silence. He then looked out the window and remembered the hawk looking in. Loki's eyes widened. "Heimu was the hawk watching me!? But…..his he another stalker?" Loki thought putting two hands to his flustered cheeks as millions of nasty thought race through his manipulative mind. The trickster god then coughed, regaining himself, then standing up again smiling. "Nope. No way. Heimu wouldn't…"

He giggled and walked over to the window, swinging open both sides and letting the cool breeze blow in and sweep over his body. "Second thought…maybe I should just leave them open…" He smiled and in the distance, he could see a hawk flying over the skies, the same hawk that took care of him.



It's over…for now….UNTIL NEXT TIME!

Sorry if it wasn't good…-;;;