Title: Angel Cookie Mix

Pairing: Loki x Heimdall

Disclaimer: I do not own MLR. All credit goes to the creator, Sakura Kinoshita. I own nothing except the fanfic itself.

Rating: K

Author's Note: I couldn't think of any more chapters for, "Paging Responsibility"…so I'm putting this up instead! I don't know if there are still Heimuloki fans out there, but regardless, I hope you enjoy!


There were many reasons Loki hated winter. Ice, snow and stark whiteness all contributed to his feelings immensely, but every year Loki found something new he absolutely hated about winter. Currently, it was the massive amount of sick people flooding into Enjaku Detective Agency.

It wasn't uncommon for the agency to have a lot of customers, but it was different in winter. It was infinitely more annoying, considering their condition. Being the Norse God of Fire, it was only natural that he had harsh feelings toward the season.

Just the cold itself was incredibly irritating and the influx of sick people that ended up wandering into the agency made it incredibly easy to get sick. The trickster god had never heard of gods getting sick from strictly mortal diseases, but it was still troublesome to have a queue of coughing and sneezing people outside his door. Besides, it wasn't impossible for him to get sick. Just because it had never happened before didn't mean it wasn't possible. That was an important lesson Loki had learned while spending his time on Earth.

Loki prayed that Heimdall would come by and save him from the boredom of dealing with the mundane mortals.

Or course, his wish was granted.

Heimdall walked in towards the end of night, bundled up tightly in a thick coat and an over-sized scarf. Loki's younger son Yamino welcomed the man inside and took him up to the study.

"Master Loki, Heimdall is here," the youthful man declared with a gentle knock on the study door.

"Oh, let him in," Loki replied, putting his book down and back inside his desk. Finally, perhaps his day would become a little more interesting. He looked up from his paperwork and smiled as the purple-haired boy came through the doors. He went to give his friend a friendly welcome when he noticed something that made him stop dead in his tracks.

Heimdall's cheeks were sunken in, his eyes were bleary and his shoulders were drooped and an almost impossibly low angle. Loki lifted his brow and side-stepped away from his comrade, putting his hands up in front of him and cautiously moving around him in an awkward oval.


"Before you ask, I'll tell you the truth," he said, taking off his scarf and coughing into it. The trickster god made a disgusted face and Heimdall also removed his coat. He could see that the Heimdall was flushed and wilted. "Yeah, I'm sick. The flu. Freyr gave it to me after one of his stupid shopping sprees."

"You're sick?" Loki eyes, emerald eyes wide. The god flew behind his desk and grabbed his heaviest paperweight, ready to toss it at the slightest movement. "Get out."

"I knew you might say that," Heimdall said with a wicked smirk. "I know how much you hate winter, so as soon as I got sick, I wanted to come by and tell you…"

Loki glared at Heimdall venomously and tossed the paperweight at him. Heimdall dodged it like a graceful bullfighter and continued to gently mock the copper-haired god.

"Funny, Heimdall. Hilarious, actually. Now go."

"But why should I leave?"

"If I get sick because of you, I will never let you see the light of day again!" he retorted ferociously. Heimdall made a mocking sound of fake terror and Loki tossed even more books at the amethyst-haired deity in a fiery retaliation. "Are you trying to make me angry, Heimdall?"

"You're more amusing when you're pissed off."

"Damn you!"

Heimdall could see that his persistence was quickly wearing on Loki. The normally patient god was becoming more and more frustrated with Heimdall's attempts to infect him with the disease. The watchman couldn't believe he'd waited so long to try and anger Loki in such a way. It was just as hilarious as he thought it would be. Turns out that, in Heimdall's case, even and awful case of influenza had a silver lining.

Actually, it was more like platinum lining when he saw how amusingly Loki was acting, but he digressed.

Heimdall got closer and closer to the desk. Loki threatened to take out his wand and attack Heimdall magically, but he didn't listen. He crept nearer until he could reach over the mahogany desk and grab the detective by the bow around his neck. Heimdall held him steady as he gently walked around the side, like a panther stalking its prey. The trickster god pressed his back against the window and swore that if Heimdall did anything to get him sick, then he'd be dead in less than a second.

Heimdall clearly didn't listen.

Less than a second later, Heimdall kissed Loki deeply, wrapping him arms around the smaller god and pulling their bodies together.

Less than two seconds later, Loki exploded into a fiery rage and nearly beat Heimdall over the head with his wand. The watchman ran out of the agency, leaving a disgusted Loki to run to the sink and to try and recover from the incident.

"Dammit…" Loki cursed as he leaned over the sink in the nearby bathroom, pouring goopy cold medicine into a small cup and downing it in a single swallow. "The one time I didn't want to kiss you…and you still do it anyway. Why did you have to go and get sick on me, you bastard?"


To Heimdall's joy, he received a call the next day from a very angry Loki. Of course, the trickster god was incredibly sick even though Heimdall had kissed him less than twenty-four hours ago. Heimdall happily listened to Loki yell and scream at him for hours on end until finally the trickster's voice was reduced to a raspy whisper.

"H-Heimdall…" he seethed over the line angrily, sounding as if he wanted to punch him.


"S-Sometimes it's incredibly hard to love you…" he admitted, the last part somewhat obscured by a tirade of loud coughs. Heimdall winced at the loud sound and exhaled contently when he could hear Loki's voice again. "D-Did you know that?"

"But you still do love me, right?" he watchman asked in his usual.

Loki hesitated a few moments. Heimdall was actually somewhat worried that he wouldn't reply. Thankfully, he did hear Loki agree over the line and felt a grin conquer his face.

"…Well, yeah. Of course I do."


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