Chapter seventeen 'Destroy the Malchior'

"And you are saying that if we succeed in the breaking out and the sneaking of back in we will be able to help friends Gar and Rachel to destroy the Malchior and keep him away from Rachel for good?" Kori asked smiling up at Dick.

"Destroy probably isn't the best word for it," the half man half machine added. "But it would help Gar out a lot. Four heads are better than one and all that other stuff right? And we're all in an insane asylum so you know we've got to have some pretty great ideas for revenge going on up there right?"

"I…suppose," Kori began looking between her two friends. "Does anyone have the ideas which you speak of friend Vic?"

It was silent.

"Oh, then I guess we will not be doing the breaking of out anytime soon," Kori responded looking at her friends with a weak smile gracing her lips.

"There has got to be something we can do!" Dick interjected. "All we need is a plan and we can take him down."

"What we need is Gar," Vic stated. "He knows more about her than any of us. If anyone can think of some payback for Malchior it's him."

As if their friend had been listening through the door at their conversation a knock suddenly sounded throughout the room, reaching the teen's ears.

Kori quickly bolted up from her position between her two friends and flung the door open to see a very happy Garfield Logan standing before her. Literally, the lanky teen was beaming from ear to ear as his friends stared at him in complete confusion.

"Hey dudes!" Gar greeted entering into Vic's room.

"And here I thought I had supersonic hearing," Vic joked. "Just the guy we were talking about! We could use your help."

"Yeah, uh, you look very…happy," Dick commented. "I take it everything with Rachel is okay then?"

Gar plopped himself down on Vic's oversized couch and let out a small chuckle. "Everything with Rachel is great. She's gonna be okay after all and-."

"Oh that is wondrous!" Kori exclaimed clapping her hands happily. "In my country something like this would call for a celebration! Friends perhaps we should throw Rachel a party?"

"We'll throw the party after we take Malchior down Kori," Dick said smiling at the auburn haired beauty.

Gar let out a small laugh and then instantly realized what his friend had said and looked around at all three of them confused. "Wait a minute did you just…what about taking Malchior down?" He asked.

"Well we got to thinking that if this guy's really as bad as we figure him to be he needs a serious attitude adjustment and who would be better at giving it to him than a bunch of loonies in the crazy bin!" Vic exclaimed in a joking tone. "But seriously, we need your help. We can't think of anything that'll teach him a lesson because…well, we don't really know him."

"And you think I could come up with something?" Gar asked. They all looked at him hopefully. "Sorry dudes, as much as I want to get him out of this town and as far away from Rae as possible I've only met him once…well twice if you count when I didn't know who he was but yeah." Gar let out a long sigh and looked down at the floor dejectedly.

"Perhaps we could ask Rachel?" Kori suggested which earned three hard stares that just screamed 'are you really that crazy?'

"Kori, that's…probably not the best idea," Dick began gently as to not hurt the girl's feelings.

"Yeah, Rachel didn't even want to hear that Malchior signed my name on that note addressed to her," Gar added. "I think she's going to more than likely want to stay out of the whole thing." Gar looked thoughtful for a moment and then quickly sprung up from the couch so he could face all three of his friends. "Wait a minute!" He exclaimed. "No offense to you dudes but…how can you plan revenge on this guy if you're not even allowed to leave here?"

Dick smirked rather creepily and it sent a small chill down Gar's back. "Oh, that's the part we haven't gotten to yet. We're going to sneak out of here for half the day. That'll give us just enough time to do what we need to do."

Gar paused looking at his friend's faces that seemed to calm by this statement. "Are you INSANE?"

"Technically if you're going by diagnostic terms, yes," Vic answered jabbing Dick in the ribs which caused both of them to burst out laughing.

"You know what I mean!" Gar exclaimed. "If you guys bust out of here and you get caught you're going to be in serious trouble. And I might be kicked out of here for good if I'm associated with it! There's no way I can get kicked out of here when I just started a relationship with Rachel."

"Well, you technically aren't allowed to do that either while you're volunteering here but you're risking getting caught to do it," Vic added smirking at his friend. "It's pretty much the same thing veg-head."

"Has anyone ever snuck out of here before and not gotten caught?" Gar asked.

Dick shrugged. "Not that we ever heard of, but no one volunteering has ever been dumb enough to try to have a relationship with a psycho ward patient either."

Gar rolled his eyes at his friend and let out a low groan.

"Come on Gar, you know we're just teasing," Vic answered. "Besides, you don't have to be associated in any way with this whole thing. We're not asking you to come along…just to give us ideas of what we can do to help Rachel."

"Look guys, I'd love to help but the only thing I can provoke Malchior to do is most-likely punch me in the face. And even if I did get him to admit to everything he said to Rachel there's no way to prove it!" Gar said letting out a frustrated sound.

"Perhaps the tape of video would help?" Kori suggested.

Gar's ears quickly perked up as he looked at the thin girl with a bright smile on his face. "Kori you're a genius!"

"I am?" Kori asked confused.

"Yes! You're extremely brilliant! All we need is someone to video tape Malchior's confession secretly and we can take it…um…where would we take it?" He asked.

"Police station would be the best bet," Vic interjected.

"Exactly! The police station!" Gar yelled getting excited about the whole scheme they had going on. "I'm sure they don't take death threats lightly."

"Probably not," Dick answered in a monotone voice. "Uh, how are we actually going to get Malchior to admit this to you Gar? From everything I heard about your previous run in with him it was Rachel that set him off."

"Yeah, hadn't really thought of that." Gar paused momentarily before lighting up again. "Oh! Brilliant idea! We could have Kori dress up like Rachel and pretend to be her! As long as she doesn't speak no one will no!"

"One problem with that man," Vic began, "They happen to look nothing alike."

"Yeah didn't you say that Rachel gave him an earful last time she saw him? Why would she suddenly get shy this time around?" Dick asked.

Gar let out a long exasperated sigh. "Fine, I give up! Do you guys have any better ideas?" He asked looking at his friends curiously.

"Well, no but…" Dick was suddenly cut off by a loud knock coming from the door.

All four teens quickly looked towards the door as if someone was about to intrude in their secret escape plan.

"Relax guys," Vic answered waving his hand dismissively at his friends as he boosted himself up off his couch to get the door. "It's prolly just Nurse Bee coming to tell me she can't wait to go on our date." Vic winked at his friends with his human eye and pulled the door open to reveal a hooded figure.

All four of them went wide-eyed and let out simultaneous gasps. It was Gar that spoke up.

"Rachel?" He asked confused. "What are you…"

"They let me out of the medical wing. I was looking for Kori…they told me she was here," she answered eyeing them all suspiciously. "Are you all holding some kind of top secret meeting or something?"

"No!" they all exclaimed at once.

"Which pretty much means you are," Rachel answered smirking at her newfound friends. "I guess I'll just go hang out in my room, Kori if you want to hang out later you are welcome to-."

"Friend Rachel wait!" Kori quickly interrupted. "We are not having a secret meeting, it is merely a meeting to help you. You see we figure that Malchior is such a horrible creature that he must never do what he has done to you to someone else ever again. We were trying to think of a way to stop him but we cannot figure out if friend Gar could get a full confession himself. And then I was going to dress up like you to get a reaction…but that would not work either. So we are not hiding anything from you friend!"

Vic's mouth dropped open and he quickly leaned in towards Dick. "Remind me to never tell your girlfriend a secret and expect it kept."

Dick was far too busy looking between Gar and Rachel. Gar looked very nervous, actually he looked beyond nervous. He poor guy was probably going to scream and run for cover if Rachel didn't give him any reassuring sign soon. Rachel on the other hand looked completely calm. She was slightly taken back by the statement at first but she gained her composure fast and turned to the group with an odd expression on her face.

"Rachel are you…" Dick began.

"I'm fine," she answered in her monotone. "Actually, I'm better than fine."

"You mean you're okay with us tricking Malchior into admitting all of this on film?" Gar asked eagerly.

"Normally, I wouldn't be," Rachel admitted. "But seeing how you all have put so much thought into this…I guess I don't mind. Besides, Malchior could afford to be taught a lesson or two."

At this comment Gar let out a sigh of relief , the other two males let out 'whoops' of joy while high fiving each other and Kori let out a scream of, 'glorious!' while embracing Rachel in a tight hug.

"But we still do not know of how we will get the confession on the tape of video!" Kori exclaimed realizing this fact.

Dick cursed lightly under his breath. "There's got to be a way."

"I've got an idea," Rachel spoke up. All eyes focused on her. "I'm going along."

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