A Blind Betrayal

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Chapter 1: Remembering

"I still remember it as if it were yesterday, the day the people most precious to me betrayed me. It's funny how fate plays cruel tricks on us, maybe Neji was right back when we fought, stating our fate is predetermined. I was one to never learn from my mistakes, and that ended up costing me the most, trusting and wanting precious people. What a fool I was back in my younger days."

The man who was remembering his past sat on the ground with his back against a tree. He had long blonde hair with red tips, that reached all the way to the middle of his back. He wore white shinobi pants, white shinobi boots and also wore along trench coat which was white which was unbuttoned revealing his bare chest. But the most distinctive mark of the man was not his wild blonde hair or his clothing, no it was the whisker marks on his cheecks and a transparent piece of cloth that went around his eyes.(Think Tousen from Bleach) The cloth was pearl in color and wrapped around his head and came to a knot on the back of it.

"I better get back to the academy my students are most likely causing problems." The man said to himself as he got up and began to walk towards the academy. The man walked for what seemed to be awhile, untile he reached two very massive gates. The gates were colored light blue and had symbols on them that read "Amegakure." As he passed the gates one of the chunins stationed as a gate guard got up and waved at the man.

"Good morning Ketsuraku-san," the man turned to look at the chunin and waved back and also giving him a smile. As Ketsuraku kept walking towards the academy the chunin retreated back to his post.

"There went our future Amekage," said the chunin as he sat down next to another chunin.

"Perhaps you are right but I think Pein-sama will also be in the running for Amekage," said the other chunin.

"You know for being a blind man, he sees alot better then most of do. No one knows how he lost his vision, but most of us assume it was in a battle."

"Heh, Pein-sama is very strong but like Ketsuraku-san he is abit of a mystery. He is always secluded from the rest of us lately, I wonder why, he is probably just training."

"Well with either one of them we will have a great Amekage. I just hope who ever looses the race does not take it the wrong way. I know you remember the last time they got mad at each other and fought."

"Yes I remember but I'm sure they will do the best for the village at the end."

Ketsuraku was now entering his classroom to a room full rowdy students. When they finally saw him come in they immediately became silent and stared at him until he sat down. Ketsuraku was now in his chair and began to pull a kunai from his holster but was interrupted when a brown haired girl raised her hand.

"Ketsuraku-sensei whats your real name, you know all of our full names but we don't know yours."

Ketsuraku looked at her and gave a faint smile, "my name is Ketsuraku Bouchi."

"Thats funny sensei, you have a funny name, why would they name you missing eye."

Ketsuraku put his hand over his covered eyes, "I'm blind after all." The young girl was taken by what she said and but her hand over mouth and sat back down. Another student quickly raised his hand calling for his sensei's attention.

"Sensei why do you have a kunai in your had are you goin to teach us how throw them better." Said the young boy with great enthusiasm. Ketsuraku was taken by the question because he did not even know why he had pulled the kunai from his holster. And suddenly he went into deep thought and fell to his chair.


"It has been two weeks since I turned sixteen and one week since I finally managed to bring Sasuke back. It has been rough on me, Sakura has spent no time with me, hell she hasn't even come to see me. From what Ino told me she was been at Sasuke's side for the last week, she always did love him. I guess I can't feel bad for myself I knew this would happen but it still hurts like hell. But I wonder why she is with him, does she not have any feelings for me, if she didn't she wouldn't have given herself to me the day of my birthday."

Naruto had finally decided to stop thinking and decided to go visit Sasuke, hoping he would not see Sakura there. As Naruto walked the streets of Konoha, it seemed like the villagers hated him even more, their stares were even more hateful then before. Naruto just looked down on to the ground for he knew why they were looking at him like this, it was because he had healed faster then Sasuke and because Sasuke came back hurt.

"Damn it seems I can't get a break, I finally do something, thats supposed to get them to like me. And yet they hate me even more now, why must I always be hated. Atleast Sakura doesn't hate me nor do my friends. Even though I think Sakura might be abit mad at me, she hasn't seen me and gave me a sad look when I brought him back."

Naruto had finally made it to the hospital. He quickly asked a nurse where Sasuke's room was but she didn't answer him. It took him asking ten nurses until he finally got the information he wanted. He quickly ran to the room and began to slow down as he got closer. When he was at the door to the room he could here laughter and cheers.

"Now that you have been awake for a day Sasuke, I have some news to report to you. The council has decided to give you a clean slate, nor charges against you, and also you will be promoted to ANBU captain as soon as your cleared to leave the hospital."

"Hn, thats nice of them Kakashi," said Sasuke in a very subtle manner.

"Thats so awesome Sasuke-kun, your squad will be the best. I hope I get put in it."

"Sakura I though you told me you were in Naruto's squad. ANBU just don't change squads like that, there must be a good reason to change."

"But Sasuke-kun there is Naruto is inept, lacks leadership skills and also is not as good as you."


"Oh, that brings me to my other news, Sasuke you will be the captain of Naruto's squad. The council has demoted him and made you captain to the squad." Kakashi said this with his head down, almost in shame.

"As it should be, the dobe could never lead a Uchiha," said an almost laughing Sasuke.

"Yeah I hope the dobe takes it ok, stupid dobe." Said and also laughing Sakura, who by now had gotten up from Sasuke's side and headed towards the door. When she finally reached the door, she quickly opened it, only to get the surprise of her life. There infront of her stood Naruto, who said nothing, he simply turned around and walked away. She in the otherhand put her had over her mouth, because she feared Naruto had heard her.

It had been almost a month since the incident and almost month since Sakura had last seen Naruto but today that was about to change. They had a mission together as ANBUs, Sasuke would be leading her, Naruto, Sai and Kakashi. They all had gathered at the main gates of Konoha, Naruto was the last one to arrive and hardly said a word. Sakura tried to talk to him but it was of no use she was just talking to herself. As they set off Sasuke began to tell them about there mission.

"Listen up I'm only going to say this once, we have recieved reports that Itachi has been spotted near our border with Rain Country. We are being sent to find him and take him out. But thats not how its going to happen, when we find him you will leave him to me. That is all I'm going to say, don't ask me to repeat myself."

A day earlier in Konoha:

Danzo stood alone in the darkness of the village, where no one would be able to see him. He waited for what seemed to be hours there in the cold darkness until finally he spotted some red eyes coming his way. A grin grew around Danzo's face and began to walk towards the red eyes, with an extended hand. Once the two met they shook hands and walked even deeper into the darkness.

"Listen I know you still want more power to kill your brother but you were cut off from your power source by the Kyubi menace. So I have a plan to take him out and give you all the power you would ever want." Said Danzo in a very cold manner without any remorse.


"Well the plan I have come up with, will take effect tomorrow you will tell your squad you are going on a mission to find your brother. You will tell them he has been spotted near our border with Rain Country. When you arrive, there will be an ambush waiting and also you will take out the Kyubi menace. And do not worry you will not be punished for what you do tomorrow, I have Homura and Koharu backing us."


"This is for the greater good of Konoha and it will benefit you too. I know that the Kyubi menace is most likely your best friend, killing him will give you the strongest Sharingan of all. And also do not worry about the Hokage she has been taken care off the council over ruled her. So you know what you must do, now leave me and prepare for your mission."

There was a puff of smoke in the darkness and the redeyes were gone. Danzo in the otherhand began to laugh as he walked further into the darkness.

"I will create my Konoha the way it should be, the ideas of the third will die. The Uchiha will help me create what I want, I will use him for what I want. He will help me to no end aslong as I give him power."

Back to Mission

The squad was now at the border with Rain Country and had begun to search for Uchiha Itachi but still had not been able to find any trace of him. The border area was a giant jig-saw puzzle, rivers, cliffs and rivers between cliffs, the worst area to try to find someone. The squad had been searching for a good while and came together near a gorge, that has a swelling river going through it. They had been paired off Kakashi went with Sakura and Naruto and Sai went together, while Sasuke waited at the gorge for their return.

"So did you find anything," asked a rather cold Sasuke. No one answered him they all simply looked down and shook their head. Sasuke turned and abit red under his ANBU mask and walked towards Naruto. He grabbed Naruto from the collar and lifted him abit. "This is my squad now, it is no longer your squad, you better show me some respect." As Sasuke said this he threw Naruto to the ground, and then suddenly there was barrage of kunai that landed near Naruto. When everyone looked up there before them were about forty ninjas all covered in black. Naruto quickly got up and got into a fighting stance like the rest of squad. Sasuke to got into a fighting stance but did it casually for he knew what this was.

The ninjas covered in black quicly took out more kunai, and made seals for Kage Bunshin. As they did this there numbers went from forty to about two hundred and quickly threw their kunai at the Konoha squad. But to the surprise of the squad none of the kunai were aimed at them, they were all aimed at Naruto. Naruto tried to dodge all of the kunai but when two hundred kunai are coming at you its hard to do so. As Naruto jumped around, he was struck by a kunai on the shoulder, Naruto was now on one knee. He quickly reached to his shoulder and pulled the the kunai out, and at the same time let out a painful groan.

"We must get out of here, they seem to know who we are. And more importantly who Naruto is, if we don't leave they will kill him." Said an almost paniced Kakashi.

"No we are Konoha ninjas and we have a mission to accomplish. We will stay here and fight to the end." Screamed Sasuke at Kakashi.

As the fighting continued all the ninjas were still concentrating their attacks on Naruto. They were almost oblivious to the other members of the squad. Suddenly without warning all the attacking ninjas disappeared, leaving behind a very tired and beaten Naruto. The squad in the otherhand was tired too but not like Naruto, Sasuke was almost fresh. Then the ground began to shake and pieces of earth began to arise and sink at the same time. The squad was startled but held its own as they bean to jump around the earth. This was a diversion that had caused the squad to separate themselves from one another. Kakashi, Sai and Sakura were all together and Naruto and Sasuke were together in a different area.

Naruto was abit tired so he was on one knee and Sasuke stood before him. Suddenly before them the forty ninjas appeared again and charged at them. This time the ninjas took out shurikens and had five shurikens in each hand. They quickly launched the shurikens at Naruto, so an already tired Naruto had four hundred shurikens coming at him. He tried to dodge as much as he could but it was of no use some of the shurikens hit him. Naruto fell to the ground in pain, he had about ten shurikens puncturing his body. The ninjas then rushed to him and began to kick over to the edge of a cliff. Naruto by now was close to passing out he was dead tired and in immense pain from all of his wounds.

Naruto was now hanging from the cliff, he barely was with one hand, his other hand he could not use because of the wound on his shoulder. The ninjas were all now crowding around the hanging Naruto when Sasuke began to cut through them, making his way to Naruto. Sasuke was now right infront of Naruto, his feet right next to Naruto's hand that was keeping him from falling down the cliff.

"Leave us," said a smirking a Sasuke. The ninjas all quickly vanished in puffs of smoke, leaving Sasuke alone with Naruto. Sasuke then took out a kunai from his holster and stomped his foot onto Naruto's hand. If it were not for Sasuke pressing with all of his strength on Naruto's hand, Naruto would have let go and fallen from the cliff because of pain. Sasuke now began to go to one knee, while he still had his foot on Naruto's hand. They were now face to face, sinister eyes meeting unbelieving eyes. Sasuke then pulled the kunai away from him, preparing it for a thrusting motion.

"What are you doing," said a stuttering Naruto.

"What I should have done along time ago. With you gone Konoha will be better off and I will gain the power you took from me." Sasuke said this as began to bring the kunai down in a slashing motion. And then it happened without warning, it happened so quick, there was no time for Naruto to scream in pain. Sasuke had slashed Naruto across the face with the kunai. The kunai cut through Naruto's eyes, leaving a cut going from eye to eye. Naruto's face was now covered red and his vision had gone black.

"Why Sasuke, why Sasuke were we not friends." Said Naruto as he was on verge of passing out. Sasuke did not answer him, he arose from his kneeling position and removed his foot from Naruto's hand. Then promptly kicked Naruto on the face causing him to let go and fall from the cliff into the river below. Naruto did not scream from pain as he fell to the river below, his body was lifeless as it hit the water below. Sasuke on the otherhand was abit in shock but quickly regained himself and shoved the kunai his used to slash Naruto onto his thigh. He quickly fell to the ground from the pain and quickly removed the kunai from his thigh and flung it over the cliff. Sasuke now laid on the ground bleeding when finally the rest of the squad got to him. Sakura quickly went to Sasuke and began to heal him, as Kakashi and Sai looked around the battlefield.

"Sasuke where is Naruto," asked Kakashi of the ANBU captain.

"When we were separated the ninjas appeared again and attacked us. They must have been above jounin level because we could not take them. Then Naruto did not follow my orders and charged them and it caused him his life. I was injured and after that I did not see Naruto anymore, so I assume he is dead. He was a dobe after all he never listened to orders."

The rest of the squad was taken by what they had just heard. Sakura stopped healing Sasuke and began to hit the ground with here fist.

"We must look for him," stated a rather shaken Sai.

"No this mission was failure, we must head back to Konoha for treatment. And check if our sources were right." Said Sasuke as he began to get up from the ground.

"But Naruto might still be alive," said a now crying Sakura.

"Last time I checked I'm the captain you do what I tell you to do." Screamed Sasuke at Sakura.

"Very well to Konoha," said Kakashi who had alone tear coming from his non Sharingan eye.

A day later in Konoha

The Godaime hokage was a mess she was drowning herself in sake. The village was in a festive mood celebrating the death of Naruto. Most of the council was happy with what had happened, Sasuke and his three conspirators were in a room talking about what had happened. All of Naruto's friends were gathered at Ichiraku's wondering why Naruto had to die, only one missing was Sasuke. Jiraiya had left the villae as soon as he saw how people reacted to Naruto's death.

Meanwhile later that day a man wearing light blue robes was picking flowers with a woman. And out of nowhere they noticed a body floating down a river that was near them.


"Sensei quit day dreaming, and tell us why you have a kunai."

Ketsuraku finally came out of his stuper and looked at his class. "Sorry, sorry, lets go run laps I'm sure it will be fun for all of us."

"YOU ARE NEVER FUN SENSEI!" Screamed the entire class in unison. As the class and Ketsuraku were walking at the room, a jounin appeared before them.

"Ketsuraku-san the Amekage has requested you please go now. I will look after your class."

Ketsuraku simply nodded and walked in the opposite direction with his head down. He walked for what seemed to be an eternity to him, the Amekage tower was in the opposite side of the village. He finally made it to the tower and proceded to the Amekage's office, he knocked for awhile until the Amekage answered, and told him to come in.

"Did you call for me Amekage-sama?"

The old kages face lit up as he saw Ketsuraku. "Yes I did call for you, how long has it been since I found you in the river."

"You know I don't like talking about the past but it has been eight years." Ketsuraku said this in a rather annoyed voice.

"Hehe, yes it has been hasn't it. Now you are as strong as ninjas come, what is it people call you Amegakure's Blinding Storm." The old kage said this with the biggest smirk you ever did see.

"Yes thats what they call me, I earned that name through hard work. It helps I can make blinding light with blind eyes of mine, and that I can manipulate chakra into any object I like. Like a Katana persay."

"Yes, yes don't flatter yourself to much. I want to discuss you becoming Amekage, the job is between you and Pein. Recently Pein was stated he does not want the job that wants to persue other things. But you never know he could change his mind, with either of you as kage I would be happy."

"I'm honored you would consider me for the job. But I think Pein would be a better candidate." Ketsuraku said this with almost a frown.

"You are to nice Naruto."

Ketsuraku quickly stiffened up and looked up at the Amekage with anger.

"Don't think I have forgot your real name my son. Now to the business at hand, I want you to go with me to Konoha, there is meeting of the villages. And I must attend and I want you to go with me."

"I told you before I would never go their again. But it is you asking, so I will go."

"Very well that is all we leave in two days, you may leave now."

Ketsuraku simply turned around and walked out of the office, with a smile on his face. "My revenge is at hand, all those who were once precious to me will pay. I kill you Sasuke and Sakura, I promise you I will kill you. And for the village if it tries to stop me I will burn it to the ground, I will show the true power of the Kyubi."

A day later in Konoha

"Come on Nari its your first day at the academy do you want to be late?" Said a pink haired woman to a little boy with firey blonde hair and green eyes.

"Mommy I'm a do great, I promise I'm a be like my daddy."

The woman looked at the playfull little boy and began to shed tears.

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