A Blind Betrayal

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Chapter 14: How A Hero Falls from Pantheon

As Kushina Uzumaki came to she was in a state of horror as she saw the Uzumaki compound burnt completely to the ground. The medinin around her were holding her up as she was still in a weakened state due to the actions of her son. Kushina was trying to force herself away from the medinin but she had no strength to do so.

As Kushina continued to inspect the scene she saw that her two other sons were being treated. As everything was starting to come back to her she could not understand why Naruto did what he did. And that is when she began to scan for Naruto but he was nowhere to be found. The fact that she couldn't see her son caused her to loose self control and she began to scream and cry.

"WHERE IS MY SON!" Screamed Kushina as she tried to yet again get away from the medinins. "Naruto my son how could you do this to us. Everything was supposed to be perfect our family was reunited. But the Naruto I saw earlier couldn't have been the real Naruto. It had to have been the monster placed in you, it had to be the Kyubi..."

Under the burning embers of what remained of the Uzumaki household was the body of Naruto. The body was still covered in demonic chakra but unlike previous times something was completely wrong. The body seemed to be rejecting the chakra where as before even though the chakra harmed it the body never rejected the chakra. Deep inside now the life less body of Naruto the one who caused him great pain was too in great pain. The strongest of the tailed beasts the one known as Kyubi seemed to have overplayed his cards.

"What is this how can you have passed out, the chakra amount was perfect. I always knew were you weak but to this extent I could not have imagined. But this can not be I am in pain like him..."

The Kyubi deep within Naruto began to release even more chakra in attempt to wake Naruto. As the massive amounts of chakra were pouring out of Naruto. His body began to sink into the ground the intensity of the chakra was literally melting the ground. The crowd outside had begun to notice the chakra and as did the Uzumakis who were all up now. Some people were scared and others were helping restrain Kushina for she was trying to try to find Naruto.

"I HAVE TO SAVE NARUTO," screamed Kushina as tear streamed down from her eyes.

The Kyubi was very angry to say the least he could not understand why Naruto's body was not responding to the chakra stimulation. He could not understand why everytime he sent a pulse of chakra he felt pain. After many attempts of trying to get naruto come to the Kyubi finally made a realization. The realization the Kyubi made was not one the Kyubi ever dreamed of making.

"Could it be that I the greatest of the tailed beasts made a miscalculation. But how can this be, how can the body be rejecting my chakra. The only conclusion I can think of is that I pushed his body to much over the years and now he is dying. I can not let him die, I have to find a way to keep him alive."

Naruto's body was now well beneath the ground and so the earth began to cave upon his body. The demonic chakra pouring from Naruto had now died down and his body was left red as it was covered in blood. The Kyubi had noticed that Naruto was now covered by earth so he decided to take action. The Kyubi sent small amounts of chakra towards Naruto's nose in attempt to keep him from suffocating.

"There is only one thing I can think of doing now is keeping him alive at all costs. And then I will make his body go into a deep hibernation and hopefully neither him or I will die. But I will have to make sure the body is secured completely so that no one ever finds it in its hibernating state...."

Events from the past:

"You should stop and just give me the boy I don't really want to have kill you."

Yamato turned to look back at the voice calling for him to stop and was completely surprised at seeing who it was. There was Uchiha Sasuke with red demonic chakra resonating from his body. Sasuke did not wait long to act and pointed his hand towards Yamato. Yamato on the otherhand ran towards a tree and put down the small bundle he carried.

"Nari I'm going to make a mokuton bunshin and he will protect you while I take care of this." And soon the bunshin appeared forming from Yamato. The bunshin quickly picked up Nari and took him behind the tree. Behind Yamato, Sasuke was charging a lightning on the hand he had pointed towards Yamato. Without warning Sasuke launched himself and a blaze of demonic chakra burned the ground as Sasuke lifted of the ground. Yamato quickly took out a kunai and made a mokuton shield on his arm preparing for the attack.


As the lightning engulfed hand rammed into the wooden shield it casued the shield to splinter immediately. Luckily for Yamato he managed to creat a smaller shield that lessoned the force of the impact. With his otherhand Sasuke grabbed Yamato from the shoulder and begin to try to push him down. Yamato winced in pain only for a moment and then took the initiative and made mokuton spikes come from under his feet. This caused Sasuke to jump in the opposite direction and began to make seals for a katon jutsu. A large wave of fire came rushing towards Yamato causing him to jump into the air. While in the air Yamato launched mokuton spikes from his hands in the direction of Sasuke.

The mokuton spikes never made it to Sasuke for they were evaporated as Sasuke released demonic chakra in all directions. Yamato noticing the demonic chakra pouring from Sasuke quickly came to the conclusion that it was chakra like that of the Kyubi. Yamato launched mokuton vines into the ground and started using them to trying to subue Sasuke. Eventually Sasuke ran far enough that the veins no longer followed him and thats when he activated his Sharingan.

"It ends now Yamato-sensai!" Screamed Sasuke as he was now easily reading Yamato's movements. Yamato made a small mokuton pole and place four explosive tags on it and throw it towards Sasuke. As pole neared Sasuke he hit it with a katon jutsu that caused a massive explosion and it gave Yamato the necessary distraction he needed. Before Sasuke knew it had two mokuton vines attached to his feet and was quickly slammed into the ground with great force. The veins quickly began to engulf Sasuke only to stop when they covered him to the tip of his neck.

"So this is what was going on all along they were using Nari in order to produce Kyubi like shinobi. And now you are one aswell Sasuke how quickly do the mighty fall wouldn't you say so." Said Yamato as he walked closer to Sasuke who by now had simply closed his eyes.

"You know Yamato-sensai for a top level shinobi I expected alot more from you. I expected more of a challenge but you are only and insect to me. And now I will terminate your life and then I will kill the boy." Screamed Sasuke as he reopened his eyes causing Yamato to freeze in place. "Did you not notice you were in a genjutsu all along Yamato-sensai again you disappoint me."

The mokuton vines that had engulfed Sasuke began to fade away much to the horror of Yamato. And soon Sasuke was free and began to walk towards Yamato who was frozen in place. Yamato and Sasuke were now face to face and thats when Sasuke put his wooden hand next to Yamato's left side. The hand quickly turned into a metal hook and Sasuke began to lift his hand in a striking motion. Yamato tried to move but he could not move from the incoming strike and thats when Yamato winced in pain. Sasuke had buried his hand into Yamato's side and then immediately pulled away causing Yamato to fall to his knees.

With a quick handseal from Sasuke the pressure Yamato felt left him and Sasuke jumped in the opposite direction. Yamato was now covered in blood and below him was a puddle of his own blood. Sasuke smiled at the sight and began to walk in the direction where Nari was located. As Sasuke reached the tree he was completely surprised to see that Nari was gone. "It appears you aswell have underestimated me Sasuke the boy is long gone."

Lightning began to form in Sasuke's hand and he simply smiled. "DIE!" Quickly Sasuke came crashing into Yamato only to be surpsided when Yamato turned into wooden splinters. By this time Yamato was now next to a tree and with a few handseals began to take the form a tree aswell. Sasuke was now completely mad choose to run in the opposite direction looking for Nari.

Danzou's Compound:

Sasuke found himself in deep reflection for he had just killed countless shinobi in order to see how powerful his new found abilities had become. Sasuke's body was covered in blood but it was also covered in red demonic chakra. The expression that coming of Sasuke's face was one of satisfaction but yet at the sametime one of loss. Sasuke's thought were broken when he saw someone come in the room where he was currently located.

"Never did I think your powers would grow so fast you've amazed me beyond believe." Said the man who had use of one arm better known as Danzou. Danzou currently had smirk across his face as he handed Sasuke two round objects he currently carried. Sasuke looked at Danzou with curiosity but at the same smirked almost as if he knew what it was. Danzou then simply turn around and walked away but stopped before he completely exited the room. "Sasuke the ANBU that we have coming will be arriving soon and you know what that means."

Sasuke looking back at Danzou put the two round objects on the ground and began to unwrap them. "I know exactly what that means it means Konoha has no real way of defending themselves of an all out attack from any real force. But questions will soon arise they begin to put the pieces of information together."

"It does not matter what they find out what they don't find out. All in due time they will see the unbelievable power that I have created." Said Danzou as he now motioned for people to come into the room and begin cleaning the room. "And Sasuke what do you think of the gifts that I have brought you," said Danzou as he left.

Sasuke finally finished unwrapping the round objects and picked both of them up as he wallked towards a table. Once at the table he place them next to each other and smiled at them. "I will have to be watching my back more often around Danzou I did not think he would do this so quickly. But I suppose it was necessary they were asking about to many things that didn't need to get into." Andso Sasuke left the room and back at the table were two human heads a female and male.

Field somewhere in Fire Country:

A man was currently drawing on a piece of parchment and as he continued to draw he began to make handseals. And quickly the pictures the man drew came to life and the man began to send them all in different directions. The man remained impassive as he jumped onto a tree and took out a small and aimed it forward.

A distance away from the man a small group of ANBU were currently resting they had been traveling non stop since they had left Konoha. The man quickly caught up to the ANBU and he removed a scroll from his back pocket and placed it on the ground. With a quick handseal an ANBU mask appeared above the scroll and he quickly placed the mask on his face. The mask was quite different from other ANBU masks his was completely white.

A few of the ANBU were on lookout and they had not yet noticed the man or the creatures he had drawn. The man by now had made his way to the top of the canopy of the forest and his creatures were currently lining up with the ANBU. The man atop of the canopy took out four kunai that all had explosive tags on them. He quickly let the kunai drop down towards the unsuspecting ANBU and at the exact time his creatures jumped out and latched themselves onto the ANBU. The kunai hit the ground causing the ground to shatter with explosions and the ANBU to cry in pain.

The man quicky jumped down towards the ground that was now covered in fire. Some of the ANBU managed to escape the explosions for they were to pry themselves away from the creatures. Yet some were on the ground burning or dead already the man gave a feint smile at the sight of his work. As the man landed the remaining ANBU were well aware of the man and all quickly launched shurikens at him. As the shurikens hit the man the body turned into black ink and from behind the ANBU the real man appeared with sword in hand.

"I know that you are just the lookout but I will only let one of u live so that you can go tell the rest of them that your plans will not be successful." Said the man as he removed his mask revealing his impassive face to the ANBU. The three ANBU that remained were in utter shock at seeing the man before them.

"SAI," the ANBU said in unison as they launched themselves towards Sai. As one of the ANBU reached Sai he was met with a sword to the stomach and then a kunai to the throat. Sai was now covered in blood as he threw the limp body to the ground and that when he blocked the incoming ANBU with his sword. The brunt of the impact caused Sai to fly into a tree causing many branches of the tree to fall on him. As Sai came too he saw the ANBU had each made a suiton jutsu and they were headed in his direction. Sai quickly got a piece of parchment and drew a wall and with a handseal it came out and took the full force of the incoming suiton streams.

As water splattered in all directions Sai managed to jump up in the opposite of of his attackers. As Sai landed he took out a chakra rope and he quick attached a piece of parchment to it. The piece of parchment had the picture of death on it that of a skull. The ANBU with swords in hand now launched themselves at Sai who used this to his advantage and threw the chakra rope at them. The ANBU quickly dodge the rope but to their surprise it kept following them. Sai now also three himself at the incoming ANBU and when their swords collided the rope and parchment did aswell. The rope wrapped around one of the ANBU causing him to try to remove the rope but it was to no avail.

"This is a new jutsu I have been working on." "Sumi hitokage katsu." The ANBU cried in pain as the parchment quickly turned into dust and the small breeze took into the sky. The ANBU fell to the ground lifeless while the other ANBU was in state of shock.

"What have you done Sai," said the ANBU as he flung his sword at Sai. Sai noticing the ANBU was not very calm used this to his advantage and took out another chakra rope. This caused the ANBU to stop and put his sword up in a protecting manner. And that was the distraction Sai needed he quickly threw the rope and his sword at the ANBU. The rope simply missed but the sword struck the ANBU on the side causing him to fall to the ground in pain. "I will let you live so you can tell them that Konoha is protected," said Sai as he faded into the forest.

Border Area of Konoha:

Gaara the Kazekage of Sunagakure was currently building what appeared to be a dome of sand. There appeared to be strain on his face the reason most likely being that he had been work for a very long time. On the otherside of Gaara was Baki the most trusted shinobi Gaara had at his disposal. Baki appeared to be very flustered almost as if he was questioning what Gaara was doing. Gaara noticing Baki's expression stopped what he was doing and walked over to Baki.

"Do you not agree with my actions Baki?" asked Gaara.

"Thats not it Kazekage-sama your orders are always absolute. But I do feel that more could be done instead of us waiting here for our people."

"Yes I understand your feelings Baki but this was best solution I could think off. Reason being that I did not want our people to travel all the way to Konoha and secondly once everyone arrives and recovers we will help Konoha."

"WHAT! Our people have suffered enough we can not just simply ask them to keep on fighting. Their homes were destroyed, loved ones lost and so many more things were done to them."

Baki did not get to finish talking for Gaara interrupted him. "You said it they were harmed and lost so many things. And I will avenge my people at all costs and they will agree with me. Because the people of Sunagakure may have lost the battle but we are not defeated BAKI!."

"With all due respect Kazekage-sama I think you are using the abduction of your brother and sister as an excuse. Your judgment could be clouded."

"HOW DARE YOU! I have not send anyone to go look for them. The reason being the people of Suna supercede my family BAKI! NEVER QUESTION ME AGAIN!" Screamed Gaara as he walked away from Baki and made a sand wave carry him up into the trees. From the horizon Gaara could see more and more of his people arriving.

"I wish more would arrive I hope that their journey is well and not dangerous. I will sacrifice all for my people and for the restoration of my village. Brother and sister I have not forgotten you I promise I will find you and make things right again." Thought the Kazekage as a lone tear streamed down from his eye.


"It is said that when you bring a human being to the brink he or she will do anything. And from what Zetsu reported it seems that the old saying holds true. I can see these insects making all these preparations and yet they can not see that doom has already arrived. For every step they take I have already taken three. How can mere mortals dare think they could out smart a GOD!"

Using a simple henge Pein was in thought and overlooking Konoha. He looked down on Konoha like a God does from they skies above. Seemingly out of nowhere two small children caught Pein's attention. It was small girl and small boy playing catch while they walked with there mothers towards the hokage monument. Pein looked down on them with great interest and soon thoughts ran through his mind.

"How fragile those two children are it reminds me of Yahiko and I. Before Rain became the battlefield for other countries I remember playing catch aswell. I remember how peaceful it was and how we had no worries it was a perfect world. That is why I must make all of these changes so that the world is peaceful again. I will not let anything or anyone stop me from achieving my goals." Thought Pein as he faded into the shadows of the night.

Meanwhile on the otherside of Konoha Sakura and Ino were just arriving at Tsunade's office. When they entered they saw Tsunade looking outside the window with her two hands placed near her heart.

"Tsunade-sama almost all of the preparations have been completed." Said Sakura as she placed a hand on Tsunade's shoulder. Ino noticing this did the same and now all three women were looking out the window.

"Where is Nari," asked Tsunade.

"He is with Iruka and Ayame," replied Sakura

"Hehe to think Iruka was sentenced to prison and now he is free protecting this village and its people. I bet if those two were here they would find a way even during this crisis to put him in prison." Said Tsunade as she walked away from the window and pulled two scrolls from her pocket. She handed one to Sakura and the other to Ino and simply smiled at them.

"When the time comes these scrolls will help you," said Tsunade as she motioned that she wanted to be alone. Ino and Sakura nodded and walked out of the office while they held the scrolls tightly. Tsunade sat on her chair when she heard a noise in the direction of her window. When Tsunade turned to look in the direction of noise she got the surprise of a life time.

"Age has done you well Tsunade still beautiful as ever."

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Btw Sumi Hitokage Katsu means Ink Soul Rip