So, this story I had up a long time ago, but I had to delete it. I hope you guys enjoy now as much as you did then. Tell me what you think! I enjoyed this one. It's up just as it was before though. And this was the first one I wrote after 4-5years of no writing, so don't be to critical. I'm better now.


It was a snowy evening and fog and snow hung in the air, making it difficult for Ash and co. to find their way.

"We'll never get out of here!" May exclaimed as she trudged over yet another snow covered slope.

The gray forest to their right seemed to reflect her gloomy attitude, and the rest of the area was rolling white hills as far as the eye could see.

"That's the tenth time you've said that in an hour!" A young boy with black glasses and blue hair complained to his older sibling.

"Well it shouldn't have taken an hour! Isn't there something you can do with your pokenav?" May asked angrily.

"It's frozen!"

"Did you leave it out all night or something?"

"Enough you two!" Brock (the eldest in the group with spiked brown hair) yelled, ending their squabble. Both May and Max turned away with a "humph".

"Hey guys look!" Max exclaimed. He spotted it first and his attitude changed immediately.

Up ahead just visible through the snow, was a Pok'emon center.

"Yes!" May ran ahead not waiting for the others to cath up.

"Hey May! Wait up!" Ash (the second eldest in the group with jet black hair and chocolate brown eyes) called running after her.

Max ran after Ash with Brock tailing the back of the group. May and Ash reached the Center first, followed by Brock and Max.

"Good heavens!" The group looked up from catching a breath once inside the center, to see Nurse Joy wearing a look of concern.

"You all look freezing!" Nurse Joy walked to shelf to pull of some blankets, but was stopped as her hands were grabbed by a jubilant young man.

"We are! Perhaps you could h…" Brock was cut off in mid-sentence as Max grabbed a hold of his ear dragging him away.

"Perhaps I could help her get away from you!"

Nurse Joy shrugged, as Ash and May giggled, and went back to retrieving blankets. She handed one to each of the boys, then realized she only had three with her. "I'll get one from one of the rooms."

She turned to retrieve it, but stopped as a male voice rang out. "It's ok! She can use mine!"

May didn't have time to see who the voice belonged to, before an identical pink blanket landed on her head.

May protested and fought the mess on her head, before pulling it off and wishing she hadn't. She stared at the back of a purple shirt, as the young man talked to Nurse Joy.

He turned around and smirked. "Bad hair day?"

May glared and tried to flatten the mess her hair had gotten into when someone dropped a blanket on her head.

The group sat on some chairs and tried to get warmed up while Drew leaned against the wall.

May kept glancing at Drew who was just staring at her until she couldn't take it.

"What are you doing here?" Drew shrugged.

"Got caught in the snow on the way to my next contest, and decided to stop here."

After a few more minutes of complete silence Max voiced his thoughts. "I'm bored!"

Nurse Joy smiled. "I have a couple of nephews that come through every now and then. So I always keep these in hand." She went into a back room and came back with a couple sleds and a snowsuit as well.

"Awesome!" Max ran up to Nurse Joy. "Can we go May?"

May sighed. "I don't have anything better to do."

"Yes!" Max grabbed the suit from Nurse Joy's hands and ran to change.

My sighed, slouched lower in her seat, then realized, then realized Drew was still staring.

"What do you find so fascinating? Stare at something else, will ya?" May yelled.

Drew rolled his eyes and turned away.

A few minutes later Max came back out in a dark orange snowsuit. May had to hold in her laughter when she saw him.

"Well I'm off!" Max called.

"Hold it Max! I'll go with you!" Ash said getting up.

"Oh, here!" Nurse Joy walked away then came back with three coats. She handed a brown one to Brock, a black one to Ash, and a pink one to May.

"Ok. Can we go now?" Max asked impatiently.

"Not quite. Do any of you want any sleds or such?" Nurse Joy asked.


"Hey Ash! Would you go sledding with me?" Ash laughed.

"I guess we'll have another sled."

Nurse Joy handed him one then turned to May. "All I have left are snowboards."

May shrugged dully and said. "I guess I'll take one of those." Though she doubted she would use it.

May followed the boys out. Brock stood at the top and watched Ash and Max.

May looked at the snowboard and decided to at least try it.

She threw the snowboard down, stepped on it and fell of instantly. She tried once more, but fell down again. "Forget it!" she yelled sitting down on the board."

"You're doing it wrong."

May turned to her right and groaned as Drew threw a snowboard down at his feet. He was wearing a dark green coat and purple pants, instead of his traditional green leggings.

May began to realize how thin the coat she was wearing was and pulled her legs up to her chest.

'Man she looks cute in that!' Drew thought. "How does she do that?"

May looked up and saw Drew was just staring at her. "Do you want something?"

Drew shook himself out of it and turned to the snowboard at his feet. "Lean in, bend your knees, and turn your left foot out right a little more."

May then watched in amazement as Drew soared gracefully down the slope; building up enough momentum to get up and down the next slope.

'Wow.' Thought May. Then again this was Drew.

May thought about what Drew had said. She thought she could do that. Standing on the board May leaned forward… a little too far, and got a face full of snow.

May sputtered and wiped the snow from her face as she sat up. She heard quiet laughing and looked to the right to meet green eyes.

"Not a word." She breathed in a dangerous voice.

Drew only smirked. "You were leaning too far."

"Yeah I noticed."

"Try it again."


"Come on. I'll help you. Try again."

"Not on your life." May said, crossing her arms and turning away.

Drew shrugged. "'Should have known you'd give up."

"What?" May asked turning back.

"You heard me. You never get any better at coordinating. Is this why?"

Despite the cold weather, May's blood began to boil. Standing up, she tried to get her balance on the snowboard.

Drew shook his head and walked over as May almost fell over again, and grabbed her around the waist to keep her steady. He then placed his mouth to her ear and whispered, "Now, lean forward."

May felt an electrical current shoot up through her, nevertheless she leaned.

"Turn your left foot right a little." May obeyed.

"Ok, good. Bend your knees" May did and felt herself rely less on Drew's strong arms.

Drew removed his hands and stepped back a little. May felt a little disappointed but realized she was standing on her own. She smiled.

"Try going down the hill."


"You heard me."

"But what if I fall?"

"If you fall, you'll stand up and try it over."

May bit her lip, but before she decided to go, a pair of arms pushed her down the hill. May screamed, then closed her eyes and fell over.

Drew grabbed his board and made his way down to her. He held out his hand and May took it, pulling herself up.

Drew smirked. "Rule number two: Never close your eyes."

May glared. "Why did you push me?"

For about the fifteenth time, Drew shrugged. "You were taking to long."

May rolled her eyes and picked up the snowboard. She headed back up the hill with Drew tailing her.

May wanted to forget about it. Drew had other ideas.

"Try it again."


"You're scared, huh?"

No answer.

Drew snickered for a second. "Here, I'll go right beside you incase you fall."

May gave him a quizzical glance. "You expect me to believe you?"

"Funny." Drew smirked.

"What is?"

"That you'll believe someone like Harley when he tries to trick you; but you won't believe someone when they tri to tell you the truth."

"You had to bring that up didn't you?"

Drew smiled. "I promise I won't let you fall. I'll tie you to the board and pull you if I have to."

May looked up at him with an eyebrow raised. He looked sincere for once. "Well… I'll try one more time."

Drew held out his hand and May took it. Taking a deep breath she stood on the board and got into the position Drew had shown her. Drew set his board down on May's left and got into position like May.

May was weary to try again, and Drew saw it.

"I won't let you fall. I promise."

May looked at him. He would be so mean and the next moment be so nice… so perfect.

"On the count of three." May gave a nod. "One. Two. Three!"

Drew and May pushed off at the same time. About half way down the hill, May began to teeter and lean backwards. Drew smiled and in half a second, swooped down on May grabbing her around the waist.

May felt the heat rise in her face as Drew's momentum carried them down the hill.

When they reached the bottom of the hill, Drew had to control himself and let go of May.

"Um… Drew?"


"Did you plan that?"

"Plan what?"

May turned around and met Drew's gaze. She thought she saw him blush, but then again it was probably the cold.

They stood in an uncomfortable silence until May grabbed her board and headed back up the hill. Drew followed immediately.

Once they reached the top Drew expected May to go inside, but she didn't. Instead she stood back on the board. Drew just watched her.

May stared at her feet, shadows covered her face. "You'll catch me?" she whispered.

Drew stared at her for a moment then a smile broke his face. "Promise."

Drew and May headed down the hill once more. May made it most the way by herself, but leaned forward to far once again near the bottom of the hill.

Drew maneuvered the snowboard to May's front attempting to push her back up. But May was already over to far, and instead fell into Drew's arms causing him to fall backwards.

May landed on him then rolled off immediately. Both coordinators faces turned a bright beet red. Both turned away, sitting up at the same time.

Drew heard a light giggle coming from his left, and turned towards May in confusion.

"You messed up you know?"

"Huh?" his face wore confusion.

"You missed me. You promised not to let me fall and you missed me."

"Actually… I promised to catch you." Drew turned away and looking up at the Pok'emon Center.

"Well… thanks." She whispered.


"Thanks for catching me even though I fell."

Drew turned away, red again. He was tempted to say "I wouldn't have caught you if you hadn't fallen." because it was so obvious. Instead he leaned forward and whispered,

"I promise not to let you fall again."

Before May did anything, and before he lost the courage, Drew tilted forward and kissed her on the cheek.

Drew got up as May watched him leave. 'I promise not to let you fall again.' May put a hand to her cheek and smiled.

Maybe he wasn't such a bad guy.

So that's it! Lol. Hope you enjoyed!