I really have to write contestshipping. I'm sorry! I have like two daml fics in this entire collection (not that it's that big of a collection, but anywho...)! This is really short and I have no idea where it came from, but it was fun to make. Though the ending got me flustered.

Misty had grown up being in a family where she constantly had to prove herself. She was the baby of the family, and constantly being put down by her "beautiful" sisters.

Ash had never had to prove anything to anyone. His mother believed that he could do anything without him actually doing it. In fact the only time he felt he had something to prove was around Gary, but he tended to avoid him. He didn't have to prove anything, he just did. Once he actually set out on his journey, he had a lot more to prove.

Misty had actually been attempting to prove something when she met him. She left her house, hurt and angry towards her sisters, and vowed that she wouldn't return until she could prove all the lies said by her sisters wrong. Of course, she didn't count on catching a certain messy haired trainer at the beginning of her journey.

Since then, Ash and Misty had found different people to compete with: each other. They were constantly arguing, fighting, competing. Proving to themselves and each other who and what they could be.

But they had other reasons for competing too.

Soon after Misty was called back to her gym, their competitive natures began to mellow out. They were still competitive, just more mature and honest about their reasons. They saw each other again a couple of times. The arguments were still there, but not with quite so much vigor.

Then they started traveling together again, and suddenly the competition came back.

And while they argued, Misty saw the immature, annoying, proud boy she had come to know, and Ash saw the tomboyish, stubborn, easily flustered girl she had began to leave behind.

The argument was pointless, but they weren't arguing because it mattered. They needed to be right, more so than the teenager standing in front of them.

When it happened neither of them were quite sure. All they really knew was that five years of pent up emotion was a little to much for either of them to handle. Within moments, their lips were on each other's. Ash's clumsy nature returned and he fell backwards, with Misty following. Misty had always been able to pin him and did so as soon as his back met the ground, but she could feel him struggling beneath her. And so she was very surprised when for the first time, Ash raised them both up and switched their positions, pinning her instead. She gave out a cry of surprise against his lips and pushed him up with a glare. Ash smirked down at her and dropped his lips back to hers. And she was surprised to say, that for the first time, she didn't care that Ash had won.

I don't know if I've actually written a one-shot without speaking in it (other than my poem), so that was fun. Lol. That ending scene was... hard for me to write. Yes, I've written kiss scenes but... Anywho, I hope you liked! A bit random, but fun all the same. :)