Help in Unexpected Places

Summary : It's been years since Sasuke left, and Naruto and Sakura are dating. But when a rumor started going around(curtisy of the hyuuga heiress) about Sakura sleeping and possibly doing it with Sasuke while Naruto and Sakura were dating, and Naruto hears, he turns to beating Sakura. Confused, Sakura begs Tsunade for a mission and gets sent to Suna. Discovered crying one night on the roof of her apartment, will she confess her feelings to the person she least expected help from? GaaraxSakura.

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"Bla" talking.

"YOU LITTLE WHORE!! HOW DARE YOU SLEEP WITH HIM!!" Naruto yelled in Sakura's ear before slamming her, face first, against the wall, breaking her nose in the process. Sakura whimpered as she was pulled back and punched in the mouth, sending her flying across the room. Naruto stormed over and yanked her hair up.

"B-but I didn't sleep with him Naruto!" Sakura pleaded. She really had no idea as to why Naruto was beating her. She didn't do anything.

"LIAR!" Naruto screeched, threw her on to the floor and started kicking her. Each kick was harder than the last, until a resounding crack echoed through the room and burning pain seeped through Sakura's body. She had broken a rib again. Naruto didn't care. He picked up her arm and twisted it until it broke with a snap. Sakura bit her lip to keep from screaming in pain. Naruto smirked and laughed at her pain. He picked her up and threw her against the wall again, before taking out a kunai and walking over to her body. He smirked as he dragged it slowly across her skin, earning a scream of pain from the pink haired kunoichi. He stabbed her one more time in the arm before he tied up her arms with chakra restraints so she couldn't heal herself, and left. Sakura started crying. Her tears mixed with the blood on her face. Her blood. She hadn't done anything to deserve this. She knew she should fight back but she couldn't. The first time she tried that, she had nearly died from all the broken bones Naruto gave her. This compared to that was nothing. Sometimes he would even attach exploding tags to her arms and legs and set them off so she was paralyzed. Sakura stopped crying and hoisted herself up from the ground by her shoulders. When she was standing, she walked over to the door and opened it with her nouth and walked to the Hokage tower where she would be healed by Tsunade.

Hokage Tower

"Again Sakura?" Tsunade asked her pupil. She had seen Sakura walk in in a critical condition. Tsunade knew what happened and immediatly set to work healing Sakura and removing the restraints. After half an hour, Sakura was well enough to sit by herself and talk, so she would have to answer Tsunade's questions.

"Yes Tsunade-sama. I don't understand it. Why is he beating me? I didn't do anything wrong. It's not fair Tsunade-sama."

"I know."

"Tsunade-sama..." Sakura asked in a quiet whisper.


"Can I have a mission? I need to get away from here and the frequent beatings. Please?"

"...Ok Sakura. But it's not really a mission. I'm just assigning it to you because you need to relax. I'm letting you take a two week vacation in Suna. No one will know but us and the guards, so leave early in the morning so no one will notice you. Here is a scroll. Give it to the guards in Suna to gain entrance. Go home and pack now so you are ready to leave at 1:00 am." Tsunade explained while writing out something in a scroll, signing it and giving it to Sakura. As she looked over her pupil, she could see the scars that would forever be there, thanks to a certain ninja. Sakura knodded and left immediatly afterwards.

Sakura's house

Sakura ran home and quickly opened her door, shutting afterwards. She went to her room and grabbed her pack for missions, filling it with clothes, and other essentials. She then went to her kitchen, grabbing enough food and plenty of water. Finished, Sakura crawled into bed, setting her alarm and waiting for 1:00 am to come.

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