Help in Unexpected Places

Summary: It's been years since Sasuke left, and Naruto and Sakura are dating. But when a rumor started going around (courtesy of the hyuuga heiress) about Sakura sleeping and possibly doing it with Sasuke while Naruto and Sakura were dating, and Naruto hears, he turns to beating Sakura. Confused, Sakura begs Tsunade for a mission and gets sent to Suna. Discovered crying one night on the roof of her apartment, will she confess her feelings to the person she least expected help from? GaaraxSakura.

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'Bla' Inner Sakura/Shukaku

Somewhere in Suna

"Temari! Have you found her yet?" Kankuro called frantically to his sister, who shook her head and ran off in a different direction. Kankuro scowled. The sand siblings had discovered this morning that Sakura wasn't in her bed. They went to the guards who had said that no one had entered or left the gates all night, so that meant she was still inside Suna. Gaara was becoming increasingly annoyed at all of the noise.

"Kankuro." he growled, making his brother freeze and turn.

"Y-Yes Gaara?"

"Stop being so loud." Kankuro gulped.

"B-But we have to find Sakura." Gaara turned his head and glared at his brother who tenses. Gaara sighed, rose from his seat and disappeared in a swirl of sand. Kankuro sighed. "Leaving us to do all the work, just like him." he mumbled before setting off again.

With Sakura

Sakura giggled as she walked down some unknown road. She had left her bed extremely early to go explore, so now everyone was looking for her. Realizing her looks were a problem, she bought an outfit with a hood to hide her hair. Sakura looked briefly behind her before darting off the road and down a path to what looked like an old training ground. She looked around a bit before resting her eyes on something. She gasped and ran up to it. Shielded behind a boulder, a small, budding flower had managed to peak its way out of the sand. Being shielded from the driving sand and wind allowed it to grow. Sakura gazed upon it, completely unaware of the chakra right behind her until she decided to get up, causing her to bump into somebody and fall down on her butt.

"Hey! That's extremely rude you kn-" Sakura began as she looked fiercely up at the person responsible, only to stop when she saw Gaara, looking at her. They stayed like that for awhile until Sakura cleared her throat and got up.

"Sorry about that. I didn't mean to bump into you."

"What were you looking at?" Gaara asked suddenly. Sakura looked at him before kneeling back down and pointing to the flower. Gaara looked at it like was a fish that was dancing to the cancan. Sakura giggled at his expression. Gaara turned his head to stare at her before getting up.

"Come on. Kankuro and Temari are worried and they won't stop yelling until your back." Gaara said in a mono tone. Sakura sighed and got up, following Gaara back to the Kazekage mansion, where Temari immediately crushed her in a hug.

"Where have you been? Where did you find her?" Sakura shrugged.


"I found her at our old training grounds." Gaara replied to his question before going inside. Temari stared after him and blinked before turning to Sakura.

"What were you doing there?" once again, Sakura shrugged.

"I had no idea where I was going; I didn't know it was your old training ground." Temari looked at her a little longer before turning away. Sakura looked at the ground before speaking. "Hey Temari."


"At your old training grounds, I found a flower shielded by a boulder. Only thing is, the boulder didn't look like it was supposed to be there. Care to explain?" Temari frowned and looked at the ground, seeming to be remembering something.

"It happened when we were training one day. Me and Kankuro were sparing a little too harshly and we both got beat up pretty bad. Gaara had been a little off so when he saw blood he went on one of his rampages. He destroyed lots of things and smashed up part of the Kazekage tower, throwing a boulder, trying to get it to hit somebody. It missed and ended up getting stuck in our training grounds." Temari explained quietly. Sakura nodded when she finished, slightly guilty for asking.

"Oh! Hey! I'm supposed to cook supper aren't I?" Temari looked at her and nodded slowly before looking at her watch. It was officially 3:23 pm. They had been searching for Sakura all day. Temari sweat dropped at this fact.

"You wanna head back now?" Sakura shrugged.

"Sure. Why not." she replied, setting off a brisk pace (remember, they were still standing), Temari following.

Kazekage Mansion

Sakura kicked in the doors, holding her hands in the form of a gun. She plastered herself against a wall, shuffling across the floor before peeking around the corner or the doorway, then somersaulting (sp?) across the doorway, landing in a crouched position. Temari watched all of this from the front doorway, blinking and staring at Sakura who had now jumped in front of the entrance to the living room, finger gun pointed everywhere. Temari sweat dropped.

"Sakura, you passed the kitchen." Sakura looked at her, running back to the kitchen and leaping through the entrance, crashing into the counter, making it's plates, cutlery and appliances crash onto her. Temari, who had stuck her head through the doorway, winced at the crashing noise. She walked up to Sakura, who was lying on the ground, covered in broken plates.

"You ok?" Sakura shrugged (again).

"Ya." Temari laughed slightly and helped the pink haired girl up, then started picking up the broken plates before putting them in the trash.

"Now, out! Shoo!! A master is at work here." Sakura said, pushing Temari out of the kitchen. Temari huffed and walked away from the room. Sakura grinned and got out ingredients and equipment she would need.


"SUPPER'S READY!!! COME AND GET IT!!!" Sakura yelled, banging her supper bell (those huge ones), which echoed throughout the mansion. Kankuro came first.

"Where did you get that?"

"A shop. Now, MOVE MISTER! YOU'RE HOLDING UP THE LINE!!" Sakura shouted, prodding Kankuro in the back with a kunai to get him to move.

"Ow ow ow! Fine! Jeez." Kankuro complained, entering the kitchen, whiffing it's heavenly smell, drooling. He ran over rot the table and sat down, about to dig in when he got whapped over the head with an iron pan, becoming unconscious.

"NO PICKING MISTER!!" Sakura yelled. Temari sweat dropped as she entered the room and Gaara sighed and shook his head. The three sat, observing Sakura's food as Sakura explained what she had made.

"Today we will be dining on Oden (A nabe dish prepared with various fish cakes, daikon, boiled eggs, konyaku and kombu seaweed, boiled over many hours in a soya sauce based soup), Miso soup (Miso soup is often served as a side dish for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is made by dissolving miso paste in hot water and adding additional ingredients such as wakame seaweed and small pieces of tofu), Domburi (A bowl of cooked rice with some other food put on top of the rice. Some of the most popular toppings are tempura (tendon), egg and chicken (oyakodon), tonkatsu (katsudon) and beef (gyudon), and Sukiyaki (A nabe dish prepared with thinly sliced meat, vegetables, mushrooms, tofu and shirataki (konyaku noodles). The pieces of food are dipped into a raw egg before eaten). I hope you guys like it!" Sakura said, smiling away as everyone stared at her food in awe. It smelled and looked so good, and there was so much of it. Sakura sat and they all started eating ravenously. After Temari's cooking, it tasted like heaven in a food. Soon, the food was gone and all plates were scraped clean. Sakura started washing the dishes, and soon, everyone had crashed on the couch and were not fighting over a movie. Well, Temari and Kankuro were. Gaara and Sakura were just sitting there, staring at them.

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