A Rose by any Other Name

Just a short ficlet – Slice of Life in their Future – D/V with a nod to S/J, C/C and T/I. A/N: Not my usual type of fic. But it begged to be written, so I thought I'd toss it in the pot and see what the reaction was.


Entering the room, Vala went directly to him, sat on his lap - her mouth screwed up sideways, and waited. "Almost done with this part." Daniel scribbled a few more notes.

His hand went to her back and finally he looked at her. "Hey, what's up?"

"I don't want you to go."

"It's only three days. It's a diplomatic mission; I'm going for the final phase. I told you it's nothing. And you've been there. Remember you dubbed it THE most boring planet in the galaxy."

She was quiet and thoughtful and that was a bad sign.

The door burst open and a teary eyed three year old stood there, her little fairy wings were all lopsided, her dark hair a fright and her ethereal blue eyes shining sadly.

Vala held out her arms and the child crawled into her lap. "What is it, darling?"

"Jake took-ed my tiaria. And Danny's beaming him up."

"Beaming him?" Daniel asked, grinning.

"Yeah, Daddy, Danny is knocking the socks off him, and Jake's worming around using bad words. And then Danny called me a tattle tail 'cause I was crying and told 'em I was gonna go get mommie."

"Hmm, well we'll fix that." Vala set her on the floor, stood and took her tiny hand. Turning back at Daniel, Vala smiled. "I have an important mission myself."

"Need some help?"

"No. Go on and finish so we can have some time alone later." She kissed him sweetly and left with the little fairy.

I spent months each time pouring over names and their meanings and she picks Daniel, Jake and Rose. Daniel laughed and went back to his preparations.


The two boys, nine year old Danny and seven year old Jake were locked in a scuffle in the back yard.

"That's enough!" Vala, Rose in hand, stood over her hellion boys.

Danny shoved Jake off and looked up at his mother before furrowing his brows at Rose. "Holy jumpin' scissors, Darlin', we told you we were just playin'."

"Daniel Nicholas Jackson, you are spending way too much time with Cameron Mitchell's boys!"

Jake, nearly the same size as his older brother, stood, brushed off his pants and took the tiara off the nearby patio table. "Here, Darling, I fixed it. You had the prongs all twisted, that's why it kept falling out of your hair."

"There. See, darling, they only wanted to help." Vala turned back to the two boys, "Stop calling your sister, darling."

"Silly, mommie, that's my real name, I was name-ed after Daddy, 'cause his name is Darling too." Rose perched herself on a patio chair.

Rolling her eyes, Vala dug around in the small plastic purple backpack on the table. She removed the plastic hairdryer, the plastic lipstick, the old ratty, stained stuffed giraffe (which she gave a quick kiss to), the plastic case of real eye shadow, an old curling iron Daniel had cut the cord off of, a wad of hair clips, a few Barbie doll shoes and a lump of jelly beans until she reached the well used baby brush lying on the bottom. "What was the fight about?" Vala asked as she began to brush the mass of dark hair and set the tiara - just right - on top of Rose's head.

"Danny said there's no such thing as an archeological, theoretical astrophysical, Jaffa, fighter pilot." Jake had his hands on his hips and his brows scrunched up in a glare at his brother.

"Well. Just because the title does not exist… hey, wait a minute… what have I told you about using terms like Jaffa?" Vala, hands on hips, glared at the threesome who now stood side by side, hands on hips, in front of her.

"Jez, mom, nobody thinks anything of it, they just think it's one of geeky Jake's made up words." Danny's scowl looked remarkably like his father's even though with black hair and steel gray eyes he looked more like her.

"Don't call your brother geeky."

"It's okay, mom, it's not a bad term nowadays, it's like super smart and clever and all the girls love a geeky guy." Jake, a mirror image of his father, grinned.

Vala let out a dreamy sigh. "That's understandable. Listen you guys, we need to have a meeting."

The kids nodded in unison and followed Vala into the center of the yard. Laying on their backs, heads butted up to each other they formed their four point star and quietly studied the clouds. "I have a bit of a dilemma." Vala finally said.

"What's a 'lemma mommie?"

"It's like having something important to do and having two ways to do it and not knowing which way is best."

"Whadeber." Little Rose sighed.

"Well, let's hear it." Danny's voice, sounding old and wise made her grin even larger.

"You know your father is leaving in the morning."

The three were nodding their heads against the grass. "PRR-17R." Jake rattled off.

"Shh. You three are going to get me in a lot of trouble with the IOA." Vala closed her eyes and wished she'd learned to keep her mouth closed.

"Anyway?" Danny prompted her.

"Well, it's a very safe mission. We've already discussed that. The Castarians and all."

"They probably look like Cardacians." Jake commented, his imagination rampant.

"Cardacians. Who are they?" Vala frowned and rolled her head towards Jake.

"They're on Stah Twek." Rose supplied.

"Jake you are spending way to much time with Murray's boys."

"Teal'c." "T." "Muskuls." The three replied at once.

"Hmm, anyway, back to the business at hand."

"The 'lemma." Rose giggled.

"And you, darling, are spending way too much time with Auntie Sam."

"Go on." Danny suggested impatiently.

Vala took a deep breath and let it out, "Okay, I'm pregnant and I haven't told your father because I'm not sure I should send him off worrying or wait until he comes back."

"Again?" Danny sounded so much like Daniel, Vala laughed out loud.

"I hope it's not gonna be another girl. We have enough to deal with, with you two." Jake groaned.

"What's a pregerant?"

"I'm going to have a new baby, darling. I have one growing in my tummy right now, just like Danny, Jake and you did."

"Oh. Like Auntie Carolyn?" Rose said in wonder and delight. "I hope it's a baby bairy or a shark."

The other three laughed. "Fairy, Darling, a fairy." Danny corrected.

"Well, probably not, either. A fairy's wings would be too ticklish and a shark would probably bite." Vala looked up at the clouds and imagined another little fairy in her womb.

"My bestest friend Sharkie doesn't bite and she's a shark."

"Yes, well, that's because she's invisible."

Daniel stood at the office window looking out at the familiar scene in the back yard. The urge to join them was overwhelming, but he had to finish if he wanted anytime with them later. Smiling, he returned to his work.

"So, any thoughts?" Vala asked her committee of advisors.

"You should tell him." Danny said thoughtfully, "He'd be really, really mad when he gets home if you don't. I need a new bike and you know how he gets when he's mad."

"Hmm. I see."

"Well. He will worry, and this mission is really important. He needs his mind clear and on his task. You know how he gets when he's all befuddled and worrying." Rolling to his stomach, Jake propped his head in his hands.

"Yes, well, there is that." Vala turned and mirrored Jake's position.

Everyone remained quiet waiting on the little princess fairy to speak.

Rose moved to sit on Vala's back, legs straddling her, then trying to tie her mother's pigtails into a knot. "Maybe the bairy wings won't grow until she comes out. Daddy will need to know about the pregerant 'cause eider way, he's gonna be fwoning. Danny could get his bike while he's gone 'cause I got the cwedt card, I lifted it this morning 'cause Sharkie needs a new 'wimming pool."

Danny slapped both his cheeks as he rolled over, then elbows to ground and eyes wide he dropped his head to his chest. "Darlin', where do you pick this stuff up?"

Vala's face went blank and innocent. "So, I should tell him?"

She got two yes and one no.

"It's settled - two to one. You three need to be very good, go to bed on time and don't act all knowing and snarky. He'll know something is up. Alright?"


After putting the children to bed, Daniel joined Vala in the kitchen. "They're awfully quiet tonight. You didn't tell them I was going off on some mission did you?" He gathered her in his arms and hugged her close not expecting an answer.

"Daniel," she began and was interrupted by the beep of his cell phone.

"It's Mitchell." He flipped the phone open and wandered into the dining room.

"Pfft," Vala turned back to loading the dishwasher. "That's all I need now." She slammed the machine door shut and hit the start button. The grinding noise startled her and turning she bit at her lip, then shrugged her shoulders and walked away.

He was on the phone a good five minutes before returning to the kitchen. "They're on their way," Daniel stopped the dishwasher cycle, shaking his head in frustration, "seems we hit a snag with the wording and we've got to start all over." He kissed her, rubbing her back as he held her close. "What did you do to the new dishwasher?"

Running her hands under his shirt, Vala shrugged again. "I suppose the same things wrong with this one that was wrong with the last one."

All he could do was nod and sigh, happy with the thought that he'd invested in GE. "I'm sorry, sweetheart, doesn't look like we're going to have much 'alone' time tonight."

"Well then - here you go…I'm pregnant."

It took a minute to sink in. He jumped back as if she had turned to molten lava. "Again!?"

"Yes, darling. It happens. Obviously you haven't lost your touch."

"I thought you said you were through?"

"You're not happy?"

"I'm ecstatic, I could go for a dozen, but you're the one who wanted to stop at three." He hugged her tight, kissed her eyes, both cheeks, then her mouth. "That's what the meeting in the yard was about?"

"Yes, I needed a little advice. You know. Tell him before or after sort of meeting."

"So it was unanimous?"

"Rose, who by the way thinks her real name is Darling, was a bit confused. She wants a winged fairy or a shark. But she had a good reason for me to tell you – which we won't discuss. Danny thinks I should tell you, too. Jake's a bit reluctant. He doesn't want you to worry."

Again, he kissed her and was interrupted by the door bell.

"That was fast." Vala pulled away with a frown.

"Yeah, they were just down the street." He kissed her nose and went to open the door.

Mitchell and Carolyn entered first, followed by Jack and Sam, then Teal'c and Ishta.

Vala came out of the kitchen, wiping her hands on a dish towel. "We'll the gangs all here, what'd you do, rent a bus?"

"Took an Air Force van from the mountain." Carolyn, who was nine months pregnant, hugged Vala then handed her a chocolate cake.

Both Sam and Jack hugged her next, and then Teal'c, as Ishta bowed with a shy smile. Ishta offered a bag of chips and dips.

Cam smacked a kiss right on Vala's mouth. "Yeah, seein' as how we leave early tomorrow we decided this was the only way any of us were gonna have time together for a few days. Since you opted to take a little time off, me, Teal'c and the General – the one that's not retired," Mitchell jerked a thumb at Sam, "are all taggin' along tomorrow." He headed for the fridge and put the beer in, followed by Jack, who stuffed his in beside Mitchell's.

"Where are all the kids?" Daniel led the group to sit around the large dining room table.

"My parents are in town to stay with Carolyn, just in case."

"Ours are with Ry'ac and Kar'yn, I will accompany Teal'c and the others." Ishta relaxed a bit and took the seat that Daniel offered, next to him.

Vala smiled at Sam. "I know where yours is."

"Yes, I never thought I'd be the type to send my child off to a military summer camp."

"Yeah, but the brat insisted. We must have argued for a month. You ever argue with a ten year old? I'm too old for this - I must be the oldest dad in the universe… no, I take that back, T holds that title." Jack smiled at Teal'c before going to retrieve one of the beers he'd just placed in the fridge.

Carolyn looked expectantly at Vala who nodded and smiled. "What's that all about?" Mitchell asked his wife.

"We're expecting." Vala beamed.

"Again! For cryin' out loud, Daniel, you trying to form your own future SG-1? Or god forbid, a six pack?" Jack handed Mitchell a beer and took a seat at the table.


A delighted elfin squeak had all the heads at the table turning to the hallway. Being the only girl in the 'family' of friends, and the youngest, she was apple of everyone's eye. At the moment she appeared not a soul at the table had a thought of the mission.

Rose bounded into the room, fairy princess nightgown floating around her. She didn't know where to alight first. Finally, she went to Ishta, who she saw the least, and placed her sleepy head on Ishta's arm. "Ithda, I miss you."

"I too, miss you little one."

Next she went to Teal'c. "Muskuls, did you bring me a present?"

"I did indeed." He reached into his vest and pulled out a glittering Hallmark fairy that had the name Rose across the base and handed it to her.

Rose, ignoring the ribbon writing at the bottom, grinned wide toothed, shoulders to her ears and moved on to Sam. "Auntie Sam, mommie has a 'lemma and it might be a bairy or a shark."

"Oh, that could be fun." Sam leaned and placed a kiss on Rose's bow mouth.

"Come here, squirt." Jack lifted her to his lap and hugged her. "Aren't you supposed to be asleep?"

"I can't sleep, Sharkie keeps wiggling around in the bed. Danny and Jake had a fight today." She leaned close and whispered, "a nuther one mommie don't know about… Jake says he's named after you and Danny says Jake is named after granddaddy Jacek."

"I'm sure it's me, Rose." Jack whispered back.

"My name is Darling, Uncle Jack." She placed a tiny hand on each of his cheeks and kissed him, hopping down and moving on to Carolyn.

"Oh. Sorry, Darling." Jack laughed and both Daniel and Vala rolled their eyes.

Placing her dark head against Carolyn's large belly, Rose smiled and listened intently. "Yup… it's a gurl. We can name her Rose, 'cause I'm not using that one anymore." Rose kissed Carolyn's tummy and went to hug Cam.


"What Darlin'?"

"Peas don't have no more boys. Mommie says they're all a bunch of hell onions."

Vala put a hand up in defense, "I was including mine as well, and Muscle's little Jaffa's, no insult intended."

Mitchell grinned. "None taken. Your right, they are all hell-onions!"

Rose walked right passed Vala and crawled into Daniel's lap. "We have a lot of work to do, sweetheart, I'll take you to bed."

"Daddy, Sharkie wan's a sleep alone tonight, can I sleep with you and mommie?"

"Sure, but we won't be sleeping much tonight… ah I mean… you know, we have to work. It'll be late before we come to bed." Daniel blushed as the others snickered around him.

"Whadeber." With a roll of her eyes and a soft sigh, Rose placed her head on his chest and fell asleep instantly.


A/N: Dedicated to Katie Bug, who had an imaginary shark best friend often referred to as 'Sharkie' and still to this day, at twenty six, has a fascination with sharks.