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Summary: Robin is still Slade's apprentice and Slade call in someone to help him with his unruly apprentice. But who is she actually helping?

Chapter 1

She sat in the main room waiting patiently for Slade to make his appearance. She had received a call saying he required her assistance. And though she was a patient person by nature, he was pushing it. She had been sitting in this chair for the past hour and was on the edge of exploding. A creak from the door hinges told someone was coming. She looked up to see Slade walking in with his hands behind his back.

"Well it's about time," she snapped. "I've been here almost an hour."

"Sorry to inconvenience you, my dear. I was dealing with my unruly apprentice," Slade purred in his monotone voice.

"You found one then?" she asked.

"Yes, a great fighter. Would you like to meet him?"

"Of course."

He walked over to an intercom box and pushed a button then spoke into it.

"Apprentice, come to the main room there is someone you should meet."

They sat there in silence until another creak announced the boy's appearance. She looked him over and recognized him immediately. He was taller but it was definitely him. Robin. The dark shade of the Slade outfit made his ivory skin stand out even more. Seeing him here, like that, she lost all restraint. Her laughter echoed around the room causing Slade and Robin to look at her. Robin's eyes widen in recognition then narrowed in hatred.

"Catwoman." He snarled.

"Oh, this is rich. Robin, the boy wonder. Batman's protege. Reduced to a crime lord's servant boy. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Robin's face was contorted with rage and he looked ready to knock Catwoman's head off. Slade stepped in between the two of them before things got out of hand.

"Easy, you two. I didn't bring you here so you two could fight, Catwoman."

"Then you shouldn't have invited me at all, Slade. What did you call me here for anyway?"

"I require your help with my apprentice. He required a little help with his stealth."

"My stealth is just fine." Robin growled.

"Not for me it isn't."

"Umm, If you two don't mind. Can I say something? I'm not teaching this boy anything, he and his Bat mentor has caused me nothing but trouble. Why would I teach him anything?" Catwoman said in a purr-like voice.

"Because you own me. Or do you forget that accident two years ago."

"Fine. Just keep that bird's wing's clipped."

"Very well, Robin show her to her room."

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