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Summary: Robin is still Slade's apprentice and Slade is calling in someone to help him with his unruly apprentice. But who is she actually helping?

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Chapter 7: Loose ends

It had been a week since Robin had been rescued and Slade had disappeared. Batman had decided to go up to the watchtower to tell the rest of the justice league about Slade. Selena however stayed with the titans. Selena woke up before any one else and decided to go up on the roof and watch the sunrise. As soon as she sat down the door opened and Robin came up and sat down beside her.

"Shouldn't you be resting?"

"I'm off bed rest remember? What are you doing up here, Selena?"



"About strangling you if you ask me one more question."

"Come on Selena. Let me help."

She sighed and continued to look at the sunrise. After a few moments she spoke.

"I'm worried Robin. I mean have you even thought about how big of a threat Slade has become?"

"Of course I have. But I'm not going to worry myself into a coma about it. If I've learned anything from this experience its that worrying helps no one. What happens happens. Its just the way it is."

"I guess Batman has rubbed off on me."

"Selena, can I ask you something. Slade said something about you owing him. What did he mean?"

"Long story."

"We have time."

"It was a couple of years ago, I left Gotham for a little while to get away from you and Batman. So I came to Jump, I figured Jump was a smaller city they wouldn't have as good a security system as Gotham did. I broke into a museum one night and tripped a silent alarm. In a few minutes four police had me surrounded. I thought I was going to jail for sure. That was when I first saw him. He dropped down from the ceiling and took the police out before they even knew what was happening. He then turned to me. I asked him why he helped me he simply said 'You never know when you'll need a favor from a thief'. Then he disappeared."


"I can't believe he watched me that close though. I mean to know about me and Batman. I..."

"When did that happen? How did that happen?"

"About a month after you left, I came back to Gotham. And I saw him, he was taking down Killer Croc, that's when I realized how much he meant to me. I saved him form the Joker a couple months later and the rest is history. I dropped Catwoman right then and there. And never looked back, I love him with all my heart. He means the world to me."

"As long as you guys are happy."

Selena nodded then her communicator went off. She took it out of her belt and opened it. Batman's face appeared on the screen.

"Any luck?" Selena asked hopefully.

"No but I didn't expect to find him that soon. Anyway, I'll be down in about thirty minutes. It's time we let the other titans in on our secret."

"Are you sure?" Robin asked.

"They are your friends Robin. They deserve to know the truth." Batman said flatly.

"Ok we'll see you soon. Bye baby."

He smiled at Selena as the screen went blank. Robin sighed and stood then looked at Selena.

"Well we better wake the other titans up."

Selena nodded and walked downstairs with Robin. It took them about twenty-five minutes to get all the other Titans up. Most of the time was spent on Beast boy and they finally had to dump ice in the bed to get him up. Just after they got settled in the main room Batman walked through the door. Batman had never seen Robin look this nervous and he walked up and sat beside him. After a deep breath Robin spoke.

"Guys I... we think its about time you guys knew more about me and us for that matter. Batman you want to start?"

"Why not."

He reached up and pulled his cowl off and sat it beside him all the titans but Starfire and Raven gasped in shock.

"I was born Bruce Wayne in Gotham city. My father was the owner of Wayne Enterprises so needless to say I was in a wealthy family. When I was seven my family was murdered right in front of me, I was raised by our butler and close friend Alfred Pennyworth. I became Batman to ensure that what happened to me would never happened to anyone else. But sadly I failed."

He turned to look and Robin as if saying 'your turn'. Robin nodded and peeled the mask from his eyes and let it drop to the floor. This time everyone gasped. None of them had ever seen a clearer Sapphire blue in all their lives. After they got over the shock Robin spoke.

"I on the other hand was born pretty poor. I was born Richard Grayson. My mom, dad, my older brother, and I were trapeze artists in a circus. We were known as the Flying Grayson's. I was happy at the circus, I had everything a little boy could ever want until it all went wrong."

He stood and walked over to the window and looked out practically seeing that day playing through his mind.

"One day a man named Anthony Zucco came and threatened the owner of the circus because he wanted the circus to pay him protection money. The owner refused to pay him so Zucco decided to take matters into his own hands. We specialized in performing without a net so one wasn't used. In the middle of our act Zucco cut the ropes that held up the trapeze my parents and brother fell to their deaths."

He finally turned back around to face them.

"After that Bruce took me in. I became Robin shortly after that. Things went great there for a little while, but something was bound to go wrong. About a year and a half ago I was captured by a psychotic villain known as Two-face. Over the following week i was put under any torture Two-face could think of from whips to beatings to Russian roulette. Finally I was rescued by Bruce but after that things were never the same."

"I was worried. I never wanted something like this to happen to anyone let alone someone I considered my son. I thought I was doing the right thing, so I banned Dick from being Robin again. I blamed myself for what happened and swore I'd never endanger him again. He left soon after that to come to Jump he formed the Teen Titans and you know the rest."

Bruce finished and put his cowl back on as Robin retrieved his mask. Mask back on his face Robin turned to his mentor.

"Now there's only one last thing to clear up. Are you here to take me back?" Robin asked fearing what the answer might be. Before Batman could answer the other titans positioned themselves between him and Robin.

"You can not take friend Robin away."Star whispered.

"He's our leader." Cyborg continued.

"And our friend." BB finished.

"We won't lose him." Raven stated finally.

"Do you think I would be stupid enough to rid Jump city of one of its best heroes. No, Robin can stay in Jump. But I expect a call every week. I'll be using all the resources the Justice League has to find Slade but it doesn't mean he can't get to you. I expect to know if you find out anything. If I find out you aren't telling me something you will find yourself back in Gotham so fast it will make your head spin. Is that understood, Richard?"

"Yes, Bruce."

"Good, I'll expect a call next Friday. Alfred will look forward to talking to you too, I'm sure. Take care, Robin."

Robin nodded and watch as his mentor exited. Selena hugged him and walked out after him. Robin sighed and turned to his team.

"Breakfast, anyone?"

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