For the next few days, Ichabod went through books about the history of the Headless Horseman, trying to piece together the nightmare that he had. Just when his search seemed to turn up nothing; in one of the books, Ichabod came across a rather interesting piece-of-information:

According to rumor, the mother of the Horseman, a citizen of Sleepy Hollow named Rowena, had given birth to the being on the night of a full moon. It is said, if the victims of The Horseman were to form a circle on a full moon then he would, once again, become entirely human but still remain the immortal monster that we fear.

Ichabod closed the book, now knowing what the circle would do if completely formed. That still didn't explain why these victims had been chosen to form the circle. The Killian family were good people and would not harm a soul, which is perhaps why Ichabod thought of them as friends. Young, of course, was innocent as well and there was no reason why of all the Horseman's victims that had been decapitated that night, that he should choose to take the head of Ichabod's adoptive...

Ichabod suddenly felt the blood drain from his face, and had he not been sitting, he would have collapsed in a faint. It was beginning to make sense to him: The Killians were his friends, and Young was his son by adoption.

Quickly gathering his coat, Ichabod left the house and went straight towards the home of The Doctor, banging loudly on his door. It didn't take long for the exhausted Doctor to answer, holding a lit candle in his hand.

"Mr. Crane," The Doctor yawned. "it's far past midnight. What are you doing here?"

"You never gave me the names of those victims." Ichabod said, attempting to keep his voice leveled.

"They were citizens, Mr. Crane. I had assumed you didn't need to know anymore-"

"What were their names?" Ichabod shouted.

The Doctor seemed startled, but recovered quickly. "Master Lockes, and his wife, Jane." He said.

Ichabod's chest tightened, his breath grew short. He had been acquainted with the Lockes, and just like The Killains, they had been his only friends when he first arrived in Sleepy Hollow.

"What have I done?" Ichabod whispered.

"Mr. Crane, what's wrong?" The Doctor asked.

"I shouldn't have returned...He doesn't want Sleepy Hollow, Doctor...He wants what I love."