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The whole trip to the Orbital Elevator, Cortana grumbled about how dumb and useless humans were. "Retarded little jellybags……(unintelligible gibbering)……brain power waste……"

John was rubbing his temples, "you know this trip would be a lot easier if you had a nice tall glass of SHUT THE HELL UP!"

This, of course, provoked Cortana even more and streams of cusswords in all languages could be heard sputtering out of her mouth.

John was getting annoyed to the point of sticking his M6C up his nose. "What could help," he seethed, "you could try masturbating or exploding, I personally don't care which you choose." He groaned internally as Cortana proceeded to pull down her pants and thong. "You can't fucking be serious?" He mumbled. She was. Cortana pulled a tiny vibrator from her jacket pocket and flipped it on. A small whirring could be heard as it came to life. She wasted no time in sticking it fully into her tight, wet pussy. She moaned as she pushed it in and out while pinching her clitoris. John pulled the car over to the shoulder, "You masturbate with that tiny ass thing? A real dick would tear you in half."

Cortana, still horny, turned to him and said, "wanna try?" She had a gleam in her eye that John was slightly scared of. Still, he was a little turned on by the sight. Who wouldn't be? Nevertheless, he maintained his steady hatred of the freaky bitch.

"No." He said simply. Unfortunately, Cortana was not taking no for an answer. Quicker than a SPARTAN's reflexes, she jumped on top of him and ripped his shirt of. "Cortana! What the hell!" She didn't hear him. Running her hands along his chest she came down to his shorts. Not wasting any time she tore them off, along with his boxers. A small gasp escaped her lips as she looked up and down the length of his eight-inched dick. Before even he could react it was down her throat. John stopped struggling and decided to just enjoy the free blow job. After all, hookers nowadays can cost up to six thousand credits. Ridiculous I tell you!

Cortana swirled her tongue around his manhood, lubing it up for her hot, juicy special spot. She stopped sucking and sat over him, hovering above his meat, poised for a hard landing. John was starting to get annoyed, "Aren't you a lesbian?" She pretended not to hear. Instead she dropped her full weight onto him. Cortana screamed in pure joy at the feeling of John filling her up completely. Indeed, she thought, I am a lesbian. So what am I doing screwing John? Then she understood, bisexual. This thought made her feel better as she bounced on him.

John gritted his teeth. So Goddamn tight! She's as wide as a friggin' straw. Urgh. Not gonna hold out. Of course he didn't, she was tight. Cortana bounced thrice more and John exploded into her. A full pint of cum shot from his dick and filled her. She orgasmed, joining him in sheer bliss. She squirted buckets of her own cum out and onto the car seats. She fell back into her own seat and panted. John struggled to put on his clothes again and Cortana did the same. She sighed, "That was super hot."

For once, John agreed, "Yeah, tell me about it."

Cortana buckled her seatbelt. "Do you think that Miranda will do a…you know a threesome with us?"

"Doubt it."



John got the car back onto the Highway. "So…all this about being a lesbian…"

"Bisexual," Cortana corrected him. "And don't think you're gonna get any more action from me." She grinned, put in a good mood by the car seat quickie.

"Wouldn't dream of it. Oh, and I still hate you for trying to kill me."

"And I still think you're a pathetic jellybag."


John floored the gas and their car shot off at three hundred twenty kilometers per hour. They were now moving a little faster than the other cars on the highway. The Orbital Elevator in front of them began to rise. The car was climbing ever higher on the giant stalk. Up it went, traveling at mach 1.1. The huge steel-gray car shot up beyond the smog and from view. Its shadow disappeared soon after. John sighed, "Looks like we've got an hour to spare. What are we gonna do…" He saw the devilish look on Cortana's face. "Oh no…"

"Oh yes."

"Why, why, WHY!" John clawed at his face as Cortana pleasured herself on his manhood yet again. "What did I do to deserve this!?"

Cortana squeaked as she orgasmed, "You….uhhh….have a….big….AHHH!!" She screamed in ecstasy. She fell off him and back into her seat. Pulling on her bra she observed the Orbital Elevator descending through the pale orange smog. "John! The Elevator's back, lets go!" She squealed as John shot them off into the Elevator Main Entrance, at those speeds and with John swerving around other cars, Cortana found it difficult to squeeze on her thong. I'll just leave that behind. She opened her window and threw the thong out. It landed with a smack on another driver's windshield.

Cortana finished pulling on her jeans when John pulled up to the security gate. The guard scanned John's ID. "Master Chief…as in…the SPARTAN?" He asked in bewilderment.

"Yup." Was John's reply.

"S-Straight down the road, t-take a left at the Elevator boarding dock and you should find the p-platform just fine." The guard mumbled and stuttered at the presence of the SPARTAN. John ignored this and gunned the engine. They shot off along the road. It wasn't long before he saw a sign that read: "ELEVATOR BOARDING DOCK." John turned left onto the narrow path. It became instantly dark as they entered a tunnel. Small lights lining the walls flashed by. All that could be heard was the roar of the engine and the swish as lights went by. Seconds later, they emerged onto the platform, a kilometer across. Orange floodlights surrounded the circular loading platform. Pelicans rumbled overhead, some landing on the platform. Two sand colored Scorpion tanks rolled passed them. Their loud engines overtook all other noise. John pulled ahead of the scorpions and found a parking spot for military personnel near the middle of the platform. He turned off the engine and got out. The noise was deafening. Two Albatrosses landed next to them and four Warthogs rolled out of each, followed by twelve Orbital Drop Shock Troopers. "Cool." Was John's evaluation.

Cortana was getting out of the car when a loud whistling drew their attention to the Blast Doors above them, blocking off the rest of the stalk. An enormous thud and a sizzling could be heard. The blast doors shook, large fragments of burnt metal falling away. Marines yelled as they dodged the large fragmentation. Master Chief grabbed Cortana and jumped as hard as he could away from the car. As they flew away, John glanced back. A huge chunk of the Blast Doors obliterated the car. It sprayed shards of steel, cutting John's cheek. He hit the ground and rolled with Cortana. Once they stopped moving John left Cortana and looked up. A single banshee twirled swiftly through the air, firing its cannons. Pelicans exploded and Warthogs melted. Master Chief ran to an undamaged Albatross and climbed aboard. Rummaging through the gun rack, the Chief found what he was looking for. He shouldered the rocket launcher. Running back out he surveyed the damage that the single banshee had done. Metal lay in twisted, burnt heaps. Vehicles lay torched, their frames blasted straight off. Master Chief swirled around and pointed the rocket launcher directly upward. The banshee shot into view, it was a sleek purple, and the head reflected a greenish haze. It had almost an insectoid appearance. Not for long, thought Master Chief. He locked onto the banshee and fired. Twice. The twin rockets flew gracefully through the air. They arced and looped beautifully…until they impacted quite ungracefully upon the hull of the banshee. It exploded into an array of orange and blue flames. The multicolored fireball tumbled to the platform and hit it with full force. A wall of fire burst outward and tendrils of smoke climbed into the air. Master Chief looked around.

Marines climbed out from under cars and wreckage. Several of them nursed wounds that made even John wince. Orbital Drop Shock Troopers assisted the wounded.

A broad shouldered man strode out to the middle of the carnage and with a microphone, he announced, "Marines! This is Admiral Eckhart. Gather all undamaged equipment and evac from this platform now. We are taking two carrier's up instead. Longswords will ferry us up to the carriers. We're due on the New Athens at 2100 hours. Lets Go!" Marines jumped into action. Carrying the wounded on stretchers and piloting Shortswords, and Warthogs, Marines scrambled to and fro. Undamaged Pelicans lifted off. Albatrosses shot up into the air and Shortsword battle jets. Four Longswords hovered slowly downward. The Shortsword fighters flew up into the loading docks of the Longswords, along with the Albatrosses. The Longswords continued downward and landed with large booms on the platform. ODST and Marine personnel were hurrying into the passenger loading docks of the Longswords. Once all four were loaded to maximum occupancy, they took off again. It wasn't long before the ascending ships disappeared into the orange smog that filled the stalk.

John suddenly realized that he had left Cortana to shoot down the banshee. He whirled around and scanned the immediate area for her. He found her. She was being helped up by an ODST. She had a large gash in her left leg and her face suffered from first degree burns. She saw the Master Chief and smiled. He saw her mouth that she was fine. He sighed in relief. He walked over to her. Cortana waved the ODST off, telling him she was ok. She looked up, her head slightly tilted to the side. Her raven colored hair swayed in the wind created by the overhead ships. John grinned, if she wasn't such a sadistic bitch, she would be pretty hot. He took her hand and led her to a nearby Shortsword about to take off. She boarded first and he came in after her. The pilot barely caring who was on his ship, took off. The sudden jolt brought Cortana to her knees. John pulled her back up.

It was a short trip, the Shortswords moved at about Mach 1.6, a decent speed. Within minutes they were in the upper atmosphere. They reached a waiting Albatross. The pilot expertly brought the Shortsword to the Albatross' dock and the air lock hissed. They were now latched. Cortana was first through the small portal leading to the air lock. She floated through, followed by Master Chief, who enjoyed the brief look up her skirt. A minute later they were aboard the Albatross. Master Chief heard the pilots of the two vehicles conversing over the radio. The captain of the Albatross was asking, "Pilot, state your name and rank."

The pilot of the Shortsword answered, "Private First Class Jacob Caraballo, sir." For a moment Master Chief recognized the name, then he lost it. I'll bet he went to some pilot training with me or something.

The Albatross lumbered towards the New Athens. Longswords flew by like bullets. Two Covenant Seraph Fighters darted past, launching plasma torpedoes as they went. The numerous Shortswords escorting the much bulkier Longswords quickly dispatched them. Master Chief watched and sighed, wishing he could be in the fight. The one thing SPARTANS loved to do was to fight. Right now, that wasn't happening, so John had to just sit and wait. What was worse, he wasn't wearing his MJOLNIR armor that he was so comfortable with. John sighed, life sucks.

John stepped aboard the New Athens for the first time. It was the largest MAC platform currently in construction. It held three smaller-than-standard MAC guns, twelve floors, six were living quarters, and seven dock bays for battleships. It was still being put together, several areas of the platform were offline, and many residential units were still being built.

John stood upon a stone walkway, it led upward to the transport trams that ferried personnel to the rest of the platform, and downward to the left and right. John and Cortana took the walkway to the trams. Once they were inside the cozy compartment, the tram door closed. It started off at a leisurely pace and slowly picked speed up to one mile an hour. Cortana groaned, "This thing isn't going to make it to the bridge before we die."

John said nothing, enjoying the view of Earth from the tram windows. He looked down to examine the seats. They were all made of a green plush material. Strange. John bounced a couple of times, than noted that Cortana was watching him hungrily. He raised an eyebrow, "What are—

She was on him in seconds. Once again, John had to suffer through her using him as the perfect sex tool.

The tram came to a halt as Cortana snapped her bra back in place. She quickly pulled on her shirt as John pulled up his pants. They got off and watched several Marines get on. John and Cortana saw the marines sniffing the air and frowning through the glass doors. One marine looked at the puddle of Cortana and John's mixed ejaculation. The marine made a face like he was going to be sick, then the tram started off. None of the marines noticed John and Cortana laughing their asses off.

John stood at attention as Cortana stood nervously. Miranda Keyes walked slowly down the stairs. She looked at Master Chief and with a small smile, she said, "At ease soldier." Then she looked at Cortana. Cortana expected a smile, if not a small nod. But Miranda looked into Cortana's eyes. Cortana looked back…and saw cold, relentless fury. She saw pure hatred in her eyes.

Miranda stared into Cortana's eyes and willed Cortana to hear what she was thinking. You stupid horny bitch! You stole 500 million credits from our budget for this entire goddamn station! I heard your conversation with the Master Chief, you love me? Is that right you bitch? I hate you!

Cortana's eyes teared at the sight. She decided to be forward. "Miranda, I-I…I love you. And I—

"Enough! Cortana, that was out of line. You are subject to the full penalty of law, you are to—

"Please Miranda! I love you, you must understa—

"Cortana! I said ENOUGH! That is totally out of line! I have no feelings for you whatsoever, you are a criminal and a computer. I am a human! Try to understand this. Now, you owe us 500 million credits and you must be removed from that body imm—

"Please!" Cortana begged.

Miranda would not have it, she turned on her heel and began to leave. Glancing back at John, she winked and smiled. Cortana's heart stopped. She fell to the floor. Her vision was going dark. Miranda does not love me, and my whole world is Miranda. I've attempted murder, lied and stolen for her. I have gained nothing. I…want…to die.

Slowly and surely, she did.