This Fic is in response to the awesome thing that happened in Inverloch, page 753. Inverloch of course belongs to Sarah Ellerton… here we go. R&R please!

"Please just say yes". He whispered softly and she was amazed by how vulnerable and helpless he sounded.

She realized then that he didn't want her to be a thief; he just wanted to be with her. This was such a startling revelation for her that she was caught speechless for a moment and she stood there simply thinking. Never had she been desired by someone else, someone who didn't care a thing about her elven heritage, someone who she really honestly felt the same way about. And really she did feel that way about Varden. She'd been toying with the idea of a life with him ever since she had woken up from near death with his hand against her cheek. And there it was again, his hand pulling her towards him, his eyes pleading with hers. She knew had to give him an answer so she said the first thing that made sense in her confused and quickly beating heart.


His hand slid to her shoulder and she found her other arm sneaking over his. He had his beautiful green eyes fixed on hers; they were shining like it was Christmas and his birthday at the same time. She couldn't imagine how her eyes looked to him…she didn't even really care. All she knew was that his hand was pulling her closer and she wasn't objecting.

Their lips met and there was a rush through her body that just about made her forget her name. It didn't matter that she was elven and he was not. Nor did she care that they were standing on a roof clearly visible to everyone who already looked down on her for being severed. She wasn't thinking about having to tell Neirenn that she wouldn't have a traveling companion tomorrow morning. All that mattered was Varden. Her and Varden. Varden's lips against hers. His arms around her. His promise to stay with her.

They both broke off their kiss at the same time and Lei'ella couldn't help but wonder what in creation she was doing. She opened one eye and found that both of his were closed so she squeezed his arm a little. His eyes opened almost sleepily and grinned at her. She opened her mouth to speak but absolutely nothing came out. She had planned an entire speech to make to him should this ever happen but now she couldn't even remember a bit of it. Instead she closed her eyes and leaned her forehead against his so that their noses were touching and whispered it again.


"Lei?" He murmured back. "I'd like to be more than just your thieving partner, you know.

"I kind of guessed," she laughed.

He laughed too, a low husky sound and then drew her in and kissed her again. She forgot to think again for a good long while.