Author's Note: There is finally an update. I've had most of the chapter done for awhile now but just had to put the final touches on it. Now that work has calmed down and I've gotten my vacation(which I am currently on) updates should be much more frequent.

The sound of cabinets opening and closing repeatedly caused the wrestler to stir the following morning. His body started to protest as it was forced to stretch, it being stiff from spending the night on the couch. A hand rose to wipe the sleep away from his eyes while trying to figure out who was in his kitchen. There was the rare yet familiar smell of sugar cookies mixed with lilies lingering in the air. A groan escaped his lips as he forced himself off the couch. The opening menu for Pulp Fiction gleamed on the television. The clock below read nine forty in the morning. Who the hell would be up so early in the morning? Slowly, he made his way to the kitchen.

Ruby locks had been pulled back into a ponytail to either protect the food from her hair or to protect her hair from the food. He leaned against the door frame, a little smile on his face. Slowly things came back to the wrestler. He had gone to Wisconsin to visit for a couple of days and returned with some company. Though the kitchen was unfamiliar to her she worked like she had grown up in it. On the table was a bag belonging to the convenience store down the road. He concluded she walked. As quietly as he could he took a couple of steps into the kitchen, not wanting to ruin his surprise attack. "You could have taken my car..."

The surprise caused her body to jump, startling her. The egg that was between her slender fingers slipped through, breaking on the ground. He couldn't hold back a laugh, causing her to turn around. "Scott Anthony Levy!" His body contorted a bit in a cringe as his full name rang through his ears. "Didn't anyone ever teach you not to startle a cook? I could have had a knife in my hand." His browns widened a bit. Silently he moved to the counter to grab a rag to clean up the broken egg. As he knelt down, her legs moved over his back to retrieve an egg. "Sorry GiGi." The eggshell slightly broke against the lip of the bowl and joined the flour, cinnamon, and milk. "It's all good." A grin was on her lips as she stared down at him. "You gotta move, you're in my way." His shoulder lightly came in contact with her leg. "Excuse me, I'm trying to be nice and clean up the mess you made." Kneeling down her fingers went to snatch the rag away from him. His free hand reached forward, fingers gently closing over her delicate wrist. For a moment their gazes were locked in silence.

The carnal lust that was inside him began whispering desires. His mental will power pushed the desires away. Giselle wasn't one of those ring rats who's legs would spread on command. Even though it was never spoken, she had always demanded respect for being a woman and not some play thing. It was going to be a long two months if he couldn't remember that. "I've got it Gi. Go back to making your...uh...what are you making?" His voice broke through her memory like a knife slicing an apple. His eyes had held that look before, causing the memory of that night to form pictures in her mind. "Pancakes, blueberry muffins, bacon, sausage, eggs..." The contact with her skin was broken as a finger rose to lightly press against her lips. "It's just the two of us, no need to make enough to feed the whole roster." Laughter from both parties filled the kitchen. "Alright, just pancakes and sausage then. I can't help it! I'm just so used to..." Her words were cut off by his finger again. "Just shut up and cook. I'm hungry." A mock look of hurt came over her face as she rose, laughing.

Scott had been kind enough to set the patio table by the pool. Breakfast had been quite the treat as it was usually a trip through Burger King's drive thru or nothing for him. A nice silence had surrounded them while they ate, Giselle taking in the plain backyard. It was large, too large for just the patio set and pool. Already her mind was calculating what gardens could go where. Then it dawned on her she was thinking beyond her limits. Two months certainly was not long enough to do the things her mind was planning. "Why did you bring me here?" The words had slipped from between her petals before she could even realize what she was saying. Scott looked over at her, taken aback from hr question. Neither spoke for a moment. "Gis, I know you. If you had stayed in Shorewood you would keep going back to the cafe day after day even though you're miserable there. Here there isn't that temptation. Here is your vacation and when you get sick of being lazy you can reopen your practice." Her head shook. "Yeah, I'll just pick all that money from the money tree growing over there." Her finger pointed to the apple tree far back in the yard. The two laughed, their conversation shifting to what she wanted to do while on vacation, aside from traveling with TNA of course, which was his idea.

After Scott cleared the table the two retreated to the kitchen so Scott could load the dishwasher. It was then Scott revealed his master plan to get those at TNA to like her. It wasn't that she was an unlikeable person, she was. She had met a number of TNA's stars when Scott was with other promotions and she got along with them quite well. He had compiled a list of everyone's favorite sweets and wanted her to make them. In reality, he just wanted an excuse to make her bake so he could taste everything. His face fell at her refusal, causing a pout to form on his lips. As hard as she tried, her laughter could not be held back. An indigent look came over his face at her laughter, causing her to laugh more. "Scott, you're pathetic sometimes." Laughter came from the both of them this time. Hands supported his weight against the counter top for a moment before he pushed himself away from it. Quickly his arms scooped her up, then tossed her over his shoulder. Limbs flailed in vain as it was nearly impossible for her to escape his grasp. Her high pitched shriek filled the silent back yard as her back hit the water of the pool. Scott stood at the edge laughing, at least until Giselle used the edge to pull herself out, intent on giving a him a hug so he would have to suffer a similar wet fate. The rest of the day was calm in comparison to their morning. After they were showered and dressed the two friends once again nestled into the large, movies playing for the rest of the day.