Title: Angel's Delirium
Author: Destroyed Perfection

Rating: M

Summary[Explicit. Dark. Religious. I am Sin. And you are the salve of my madness.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or any of the characters. I'm only twisting them like pretzel dough to make a cruel little fairytale.

A/N: Well, I'm going to try to complete a multi chapter fic. This is an experiment of sorts since I'm using my seldom seen D-poetry style. I'll let you guess what the D stands for, and no it isn't dark. So I hope you enjoy the show kiddies. Please Read and Review. Thank you.

I am Sin.




Deliciously wicked SIN.

I have an ANGEL, who is the salve of my madness.

A beautiful angel.

That is trapped in a CAGE.

A cage in the mortal world.

I will set my angel FREE.

My lovely angel.

I'm coming for you.


Heavenly Father,

I thank you for my health.

I thank you for my family.

I thank you for my friends.

I thank you for my intelligence.


I ask you for FORGIVENESS of my sins.

I ask for HEALING of my mind.

I ask for LIGHT on this treacherous path.

I ask for PROTECTION of my soul.

In the name of your beloved son

Jesus Christ,


And thus the tale begins. Of the Demon watching over the Angel.
A/N: Hmm….not very spectacular….-.-U Well, I guess it's pretty obvious who's who in the little story. Hehehe. Wait til I get to multiple characters in one chapter I bet that'll confuse the living daylights outta you. I will try harder. I will use my crazy youthfulness. If I can't write the next chapter better, I will blink 200 times. If I cannot blink 200 times I will…..nah. Too Troublesome. Bah. Why am I even writing this? No one's reading it, I bet.