His eyes.

They were watching me.

I feel so naked

Naked and DIRTY.

I'm not safe here anymore.

Not anymore.

He's coming here.




This time he has company.

Help me.

Help us.

The patient is exhibiting extreme paranoia.

Something makes her feel unsafe.

Strange, strange girl.

Always talking about demons and God.

She has to learn no one will believe her.

Ha ha ha.

Sakura! Sakura! What's wrong?

He's coming. You have to stay away.

Go away. Go AWAY!

I'll help you. God will help you.


I will pray for you, Sakura. He will save you.

My precious Angel.

I will save you.

Those stupid mortals will die.

You're mine.



They will pay.

Pay for tearing us apart.

Pay for leaving you to rot.

My beautiful, beautiful Angel.

I will not let you suffer.

HE will pay the biggest price.

Losing you.

Hey teme! We're here! We're here!

I can see that dobe. Now SHUT UP.

Why are we here? What will I get out of this?

Yeah. What purpose do I serve here?

We're going to have FUN guys!

Go cause havoc. I don't care. I have a mission.

This isn't good guys. Those FILTHY demons are infiltrating.

W-Why would they w-want to?

It's obvious. He found her. It's no secret he's been looking.

Back to the task at hand guys. We have to protect her.

Yosh! We have a mission!

Yeah. Some mission. Fighting demons is always on the agenda

The angels prepare. The demons have come. The mortals are ignorant.

AN: I'm not dead. What a surprise! I got inspired. Oh yeah....I don't own Naruto. seriously you should know this already.