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What Would You Have Me Do?

By: StillThereForMe

Part 3/4

"Holy crap…" Chad breathed in shock as he entered Ryan's suite and looked around from the doorway. "I don't believe it…"

"What?" Ryan giggled as he closed the door behind them.

"Dude, I think your suite, is the size of my house…" Chad informed still staring in shock at the size of the room.

"I highly doubt that…" Ryan patted Chad's back as he moved towards the mini-fridge in the living room section of his suite. "Unless your house is really small…"

"No, I'm serious…" The darker boy protested as he took a few steps forward in the room, still gazing in disbelief at the enormity of the apartment. "This is at least as big as my first floor."

"Well…I did say I love coming here, right?" The blond smiled. "Oh, and you can take off your shoes right there by the entrance."

"Huh?" Chad looked down and noticed that Ryan had already removed his sometime within entering. "Oh…sorry."

"No problem." Ryan smiled before reaching in and pulling something out of the fridge. "Iced tea?"

"…why is it blue?" Chad raised an eyebrow at the drink as he untied his cleats and took off his socks as well for good measure.

"Imported from London," Ryan shrugged as he closed the door to the fridge and stood. "Sharpay only drinks it if it's imported at Lava Springs, so the staff ends up giving me whatever she orders too. You should see the size of her room. It's probably bigger than your house…I have no idea what she needs with so much space, but that's Shar."

"I think I can live a long and happy life without ever setting foot inside Sharpay's room." Chad chuckled, causing Ryan to smile too as he went to sit on the couch. "So, uh…where's the bathroom?"

"Oh, right! Sorry…" The blond quickly apologized and stood again, placing his drink on a coaster on the small table next to the couch. He started towards the hallway and motioned for Chad to follow him. "This way…"

The dark boy followed the Drama King down the spotless and frighteningly clean hallway, with paintings of flowers and seascapes hanging on the light green walls. Chad's head shook with a smile as he observed the expensive accessories that dotted the suite, until he stopped in his tracks at the doorway of one room. His mouth dropped open and his eyebrows rose in disbelief.

"What in the world is this?" Chad demanded, throwing a hand out to gesture to the room before him.

It was very large room, but was also almost completely empty, with a tall glass windowed door leading out to a balcony overlooking the green golf course at the other end. Bigger paintings of important-looking people were mounted on the higher walls, and a crystal chandelier hung from the center of the ceiling. The floor was smooth and Chad was sure if he looked over far enough, he would be able to see his reflection in the shine. It was a very nice (although scarily empty) room, but Chad had no idea what the hell it could be for.

"Hm?" Ryan asked turning and walking over to see what Chad was staring at. "What are you talking about?"

"This room!" Chad nearly yelled, throwing his arms in the direction of the room, as if the reason for his confusion should be obvious.

"…what about it?" Ryan raised an eyebrow, puzzled over what the other boy's problem was.

"Why is it here?" The darker boy tried to expand on his question.

"…because the people who built the building wanted it to be?" The blond shrugged as he guessed the answer Chad wanted.

"No! I mean…" Chad pulled off his baseball cap in frustration, crumpling it in his hand as he searched his brain for better wording. "…what is it for!?"

"Oh!" The paler boy's face brightened as he finally caught on to what the other was asking. "Oh, that's what you meant. It's a dining room."

Chad stared blankly at Ryan, now more confused than before. "…a dining room?"

Ryan, however, nodded brightly with a smile. "Yup."

"…then why isn't there at least a table or a chair or something in there?" Chad sputtered, motioning once again to the empty room that made no sense to him.

"Well, I never really eat in here. I normally eat by the pool or in the lounge or something, so I had them take all of that stuff out." Ryan explained simply.

"You had them take all the dining room stuff out…?" Chad repeated slowly.

"Yeah," Ryan nodded with a smile again.

"SO WHAT'S THE ROOM FOR?" Chad shouted in frustration, and then quickly shut his mouth with a blush when he realized how loud he'd been. "…sorry…"

Ryan, however, just laughed at the other boy's reaction. The basketball player was so quickly frustrated, and Ryan had to admire how easily the boy could show his emotions—even if he didn't mean to. Plus, the blond inwardly admitted, annoying the other boy was fun, and he looked very cute when he was frustrated. He was definitely sure now that the more time he was spending with Chad, the more he liked the jock. And he supposed that meant he had to thank Troy and Sharpay for forcing them to spend time together via ditching them. He was sure he probably would've never really looked at the darker boy if his sister hadn't blown him off…and the more Ryan watched him, the more sure he was that Chad was also really enjoying the time they were spending together.

"Here, let me show you…" Ryan walked into the room and pulled Chad by the wrist behind him.

Chad jumped at the feeling of the pale hand wrapping around his arm. For a second he could swear he felt Ryan tracing some pattern on his skin, but as suddenly as the ticklish touches began, they ended. And for some reason, he was disappointed at that. Chad allowed the blond to tug him over the polished floor to the far right side of the room, in an almost daze from all the strange feelings building up in his stomach.

"And…here!" Ryan suddenly announced, dropping the other's wrist and quickly grabbed something off the tiny table in the corner.

"Here…what?" Chad raised an eyebrow, since there was nothing in front of him at the moment other than a wall.

Ryan smirked in the other boy's direction—a look that frightened Chad. "Watch," he told Chad before reaching out in front of them and pushing in some fancy design on the wall. Chad nearly had a heart attack as suddenly the wall before him split in half and moved to either side of the room, revealing a long row of mirrors in place of the wall. "Pretty cool, huh?"

"Yeah…mirrors…" Chad mumbled as he nodded senselessly, still having no idea what the room was for. "…because that explains so much…"

Ryan chuckled at the other's reaction. "It's a dance studio. Me and Sharpay use it to choreograph routines for the talent show and competitions…well, before she ditched me for Troy. And my mom and I used it for yoga too when it rained, before they added that room to the spa building. But it's mostly been a dance rehearsal room." The blond held up his hand to show Chad the remote he was holding, before pressing a button on it. "Listen."

The darker boy nodded as he heard music suddenly start blasting from speakers that he couldn't see. It wasn't the real showtuney stuff he'd expect from the blond, but Chad was becoming less shocked over the many surprises Ryan kept revealing to him. The music didn't really sound like anything Chad would listen to, but it wasn't that bad either.

"Cool…" Chad grinned and looked at the proud drama king. "You know you have way too much money, right?"

"Probably," Ryan grinned in return, setting the remote back on the table.

The darker boy laughed in response, shoving his hands into his dark gray pants. "So…this is where we'll be practicing tomorrow?"

Chad's choice of words did not escape the blond's notice. Feeling bold, Ryan smirked triumphantly and slowly walked closer to the jock who once again appeared nervous and stiff.

"Actually, I know about this rehearsal room downstairs that's bigger, and it has a piano in it too for Kelsi to use." Ryan informed casually, eyes never leaving the other's face. "But…does that mean you're saying yes?"

"Yes to what…?" Chad whispered his reply, face blushing and extremely confused over what was going on.

Ryan had that look on his face again, which Chad's mind slowly processed to mean that the blond was flirting again…or so he thought. He really couldn't know for sure…and he didn't want to embarrass himself. And he wasn't totally sure how he felt about the blond boy anyway. Plus, Ryan being as close to him as he was made it hard for Chad to think straight. Chad backed away slightly from the slender boy in front of him.

"Dancing in the talent show." Ryan replied simply, smirking wider when the other stepped back. He followed the other boy's steps to close in the space between them again. "You said 'we'."

"Well, I meant—you know I really didn't—I mean I'm not sure…" Chad stuttered before he back himself into the wall, and Ryan placed a hand next to the dark boy's head, as if to announce that he'd won the space battle. "I still don't know if I'm dancing in the show. I mean, I really don't think I'm that good a dancer, and definitely not in front of people or anything. You guys would probably have a better chance of winning without me."

"Oh come on, it'll be fun. I bet you're not half as bad you think." Ryan winked at the other before grabbing his wrist and pulling him towards the center of the room. "Let's try it right now, just you and me."

Chad grinned nervously, watching the blond dance around a little in front of him. "You're serious?"

"Yeah," Ryan answered as he spun around, making sure to put an extra swing in his hips when he saw Chad's staring at him. "I promise I won't laugh. Just try, I know you'll do better than you think."

"I don't know…" The darker boy answered, shaking his head and turning it to the side, but his eyes still watching the dancer in front of him (especially focused on the slender legs in the tight white pants). The blond was incredibly talented, and it really made Chad wonder what else that body could do. The tight-fitting clothes only emphasized that fact. How quickly he could change positions, move his feet and still make it on beat, spin and jump and come up with this (as far as the darker boy could tell) right on the spot. He wouldn't deny that he definitely enjoyed watching the slender boy dance—but that by no means meant that he was any more motivated or confident about dancing himself. "Why do you think I'll do so well?" Chad challenged, thinking the question would prove his point and leave the other without an answer.

The blond smiled evilly, as he'd been waiting for Chad to ask that for a while. "Because I was watching you during the game…" Ryan explained, danced over towards the jock, enjoying the other watching him so attentively. He reached out again, this time for both of Chad's wrists, and pulled himself a lot closer than he needed up against the taller boy, and spoke softly into his ear. "You seemed pretty flexible. With a little practice, I think you could do some very cool and complicated steps…" Ryan stepped back and spun them both around, finishing with his back pressed up against Chad's front and their arms crossed in front of him. He turned his head slightly so the darker boy could hear him speak clearly. "I could imagine you doing a lot of stuff while we were playing…"

Chad felt like his heart was about to jump out of his chest, and he could barely breathe because Ryan was so close. And he knew that Ryan was well aware of how he was feeling, because the dancer then rolled his body which forced Chad to do the same, and for a second, the jock thought that he was going to go insane. He let go of the blond's hands, and moved his own down to grip the other's hips, shakily because he was having trouble keeping them under control.

"Just to make sure—you are flirting with me right now, right?" Chad breathed onto the paler boy's neck.

Ryan inwardly sighed in relief. That explained why he wasn't getting the response he was hoping for from the jock. Ah, the poor boy had so much to learn…The blond giggled and shook his head slightly.

The drama king turned his head slightly to look at the other's face, and brought his hands down on top of Chad's. "…a little." He teased, repeating his words from earlier.

"Oh thank God!" Chad let out the breath he'd been holding and immediately attacked the pale neck in front of him with his mouth.

Ryan grinned "someone's eager—oh!" He cut himself off with a groan as Chad—who was quickly memorizing every curve in his body which Ryan had been teasing him with all day—ran a hand over the growing bulge in his white pants.

"Ha, finally got you by surprise…" Chad chuckled into the drama king's ear, continuing to rub that sensitive spot and making the Drama King gasp and whine in perfect pitch. Although it was probably cliché to say, Chad couldn't think of a more beautiful or erotic sound on Earth. He regretted every single time he'd just walked by the ticket booth for one of Darbus's stupid musicals in the past. Ryan Evans had an absolutely amazing voice, even when he wasn't saying anything specific. If the boy snored, the sound would still probably mesmerize thousands. When the male diva started to thrust his hips into the dark hand, Chad decided to imitate the move behind him, and was pleased to hear Ryan groan louder in reply to it. As a reward, the jock started sucking and nipping at the blond's throat, right under his chin. "God, I love your voice…" He mumbled into the thespian's neck, and brought his free hand up to rub the paler boy's chest through his white shirt.

Ryan began making sobbing sounds, and his movements started to look less and less graceful, and more like jerking movements. He was in total shock, his mind in a complete daze. He had no idea Chad would be able to "step up to the plate" (so to speak) so easily and quickly. If the blond didn't know better, he'd swear that Chad had done this with a boy before. The jock's actions were rough and felt somewhat unsure and inexperienced, but his instincts of where and how to touch were right on target. He was driving Ryan mad, to the point that the drama king nearly didn't know which way was up—and Ryan had done this before! He didn't know if it was the callused, skilled hands made strong by years of basketball and athletics, or that damn husky, cocky voice that made Ryan force himself to remember to try and get Chad to try singing after he got him to agree to the dancing—but something about this jock had the manwhore Drama King, Ryan Evans, on the verge of tears from the pleasure he was being given by Chad Danforth.

"Ch-Chad…" Ryan managed to gasp out, reaching his pale hands down to weakly grip the darker boy's wrists, though didn't force them to start or stop doing anything.

If Chad Danforth had been having any second thoughts or the tiniest desires to go back with Taylor, they were utterly demolished at the soft sound of Ryan calling out his name.

"Yeah, Ryan?" The darker boy nearly laughed against the pale boy's cheek, he was grinning so widely. He didn't know what he was doing exactly, but whatever it was he had the proud Drama King gasping and thrusting out his hips, so it was working. He paused for a moment to throw off his stupid baseball jacket that was starting to annoy him, before bringing his hands right back down to the male dancer's hips, dragging one down slightly lower to rub on Ryan's thigh. "How am doing on this dancing so far?" Chad teased, nipping at the blond's ear.

But that one moment was enough for Ryan to get a grip on his senses and realize he was getting upstaged by a jock. And that was just not acceptable. Not in anything. Time for the tables to turn.

Ryan twirled around to face Chad so quickly the darker boy nearly fell over in surprise. The blond's face was red and warm from blushing, and wet from his eyes tearing. He was panting heavily and had to grip Chad's shoulders not to fall over. But his blue eyes still had that signature look which excited and scared the jock at the same time—the one that had been driving the basketball player crazy all day.

"Not so well, you're skipping ahead of the routine. That's not a smart thing to do when you're dancing." Ryan whispered in Chad's ear with a smirk. "You'll screw up very easily…"

"What…?" The darker boy asked confused and worried, but body still thrumming in the excitement he was sure would be coming, judging by the look in Ryan's eyes.

"This is supposed to be first," the drama king informed before capturing Chad's lips in the most mind-blowing kiss the athlete had ever experienced in all the long years he'd been alive. Ryan's hand went to rest behind Chad's neck, and his tongue aggressively thrust into the other's mouth, and in the best possible way, the darker boy felt like Ryan was sucking his soul out through that sinful mouth—and Chad was loving every moment of it. When Ryan started pulling away, Chad tried followed that mouth and ended up pecking the blond's ear because he hadn't wanted their kiss to end. Ryan giggled at the other boy's reaction, feeling much more prideful when he noticed that Chad was the one now out of breath instead. The pale teen wrapped an arm around the darker one's waist, before gracefully leaned in and whispered "then comes this…" and quickly thrust his hips forward against the other's.

"Fuck!" Chad yelled, gripping onto the leaner boy tightly, as if his life depended on it, and as close to him as physically possible (and maybe a little more).

If grinding against Ryan's back had felt good, going against his front was indescribable. He was in heaven, paradise, his mind had turned off the speaking word part of his brain and the rest of the world did not exist outside his and Ryan's bodies. No Troy, no Sharpay, no Taylor, no team no anybody—just him and the boy who was moaning his name. Chad didn't restart the thinking part of his mind again until he noticed the blond pushing him back to try and get his attention.

Gripping tightly on Ryan's upper arms, Chad forced himself to focus on the drama king's words as he leaned in to whisper to him again.

"Now, didn't you say something about using my private shower? Or else these clothes are never going to be clean again…" Ryan reminded with a teasing tone.

"I am not fucking leaving this room unless you're going with me—dirty clothes or not, I really don't care." Chad grinned slightly evilly himself, a new look for him which Ryan liked.

"Are you asking me to join you?" Ryan smirked, raising an eyebrow.

Chad's eyes widened in surprise, apparently not having caught on to the suggestion earlier. "No…but now I am! Which way is your bathroom?" He asked excitedly.

"Down the hall, but why—what are you doing??" The blond cried out suddenly as he was lifted.

"Carrying you." Chad smiled widely.

"I'm not a girl!" Ryan protested despite how much he enjoyed the darker boy's arms around him.

"Mind if I double-check?" Chad grinned perversely, to which Ryan swatted the back of his head playfully.

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