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"Shippou," Hinata said, catching her husband's attention as he flipped his cell phone closed. "Was that Kagome-san?"

"Yes," Shippou leaned over and dropped a kiss on his Mate's lips. "Put the children to sleep?"

"What are the chances that they'll actually sleep?" Hinata sighed, "They have more energy than you on sugar,"

"Young healthy kitsune are usually like that," Shippou smiled smugly and wrapped his arms around her small shoulders. " I know I caused more than my share of trouble for Kagome when I was a child."

"How is Kagome-san?"

"She's doing well. Maia's been showing no signs of chakra so Momma's gonna see if she can train her in the Holy Arts." Shippou sighed into Hinata's hair, his illusionary human facade absent in the safety of their private home. His red hair contrasted brilliantly with her pitch black, reflecting their personalities as well. In the years since they had been married Hinata had been his balance, his conscience, his better side. It made him marvel daily how he had managed to go for so long without her in his life.

After they had left for Tokyo Hinata's father, Hiashi, had awoken and demanded to know the whereabouts of his eldest daughter. He had been calmly told by Kagome first – and then Tsunade and Kakashi and several other people – that Hinata was now far beyond his reach and out of his jurisdiction. But would a Hyuuga take that as fact? Of course not. It had taken a visit from Sesshoumaru's Mate and some carefully implanted thoughts to finally get the Hyuuga off his daughter's trail. Hanabi had been instated as the Hyuuga heir and all was well and good.

Now they lived happily in the fringes of Tokyo with their two children – twins, Shippou would boast proudly. Shippou still ran his many companies but he was home every evening for dinner. He often took Hinata to visit the Higurashi Shrine and its caretakers, Souta having taken over after Kagome had married. Hinata and the Higurashi matriarch had bonded at once as if they had been old friends. This made Hinata's transition from Hidden Village life to Tokyo easier, a relief for Shippou, who had been very worried.

But now all was well. Hinata had never been suited for Ninja life after all.

"So what did Kagome-san want?" Hinata asked, trying to distract Shippou from kissing her fingers.

"Wants us to come and visit," Shippou mumbled, determined not to be drawn away from his goal.


"Soon," he laid a kiss on her palm and closed her fingers over it, grinning boyishly down at her. Hinata felt her insides melt. The promise in his green eyes was more than enough seduction for her.

"Oh. Alright then," she said, nodding. Shippou's grin widened and he scooped her up into his arms.

"Momma can wait until tomorrow," He said decisively. "This looks to be a matter of greater importance,"