Summary: Kigo. MF/OC. Ron/Kim. After several years of a mysterious absence, an old friend of Kim's reappears. Although this friend knows Ron is crushing on Kim, she suspects Kim is crushing on a villainous they face. To make things worse, besides the weird school she returns to, she finds herself falling for a villain as well! Ron goes through crazy things to get Kim's love in return while Shego steals her heart. Summary will be revised in time, story is better than it sounds.

"KP!" A blond haired boy shouted as he saw his dearest friend skid across the ground and into a wall. A slightly older woman with long black hair laughed as her once glowing green hands turned back into black gloves.

"Sorry Princess, but looks like we win!" She shouted as she jumped onto a rope ladder attached to a helicopter.

Ron ran over to the orange red haired cheerleader, helping her stand. "Are you okay? That was low, even for Shego! Uh…what did she do anyway?"

Kim Possible stood and brushed the dirt off her pants with an annoyed sneer. "She…was making fun of me…you…us."

"Us?" The young Stoppable echoed mindlessly.

"Uh, yeah, us…she said we were going out and…stuff like that." Kim's gaze shifted to the hole in the roof, the one Shego had escaped from. Ron felt his face heat up and smiled, mistaking his friend's shifty gaze to be embarrassment as well.

"Ah, don't worry about her. We'll be seeing her in a few days anyway! Right Rufus?" At that, a hairless pink mole rat jumped out of its master's pocket, nodding its head vigorously.

"We need to study for that test anyway." Kim said absentmindedly as they walked off. As they traveled to Beuno Nacho, she found herself replaying the fight in her mind. It was the same as always, blocking kicks and dodging the plasma glowing hands. But this time she was distracted…why? It was the outfit. Shego's outfit caught her eye. But that made no sense to her; why would she gape over an old outfit she's seen a thousand times before? The black and green jumpsuit hugged every curve…was that why?

"KP, Earth to Kim, are you alive in there? Hello?" Ron waved his hand in front of the teen for the twentieth time. Just as she snapped out of her thoughts, a faintly familiar voice rang out from behind.

"Kim? Kimmie-Kim Possible?"

The pair of friends turned and blinked. The girl who had called out wore black sunglasses, a knee length purple skirt with black skulls, dark violet long sleeved shirt and military boots. Her dirty blond hair was fluffy and draped on her exposed shoulders gracefully, her gloved hands resting on her hips. From what they could see, scars ran under her clothes and on her bare skin.

"Yes, who wants to know?" Kim questioned, slightly suspicious. "How do you know my nickname? The only person who calls me that is…"

The seventeen year old girl smiled widely, "Kimmie-Kim!"

Kim gasped, "Messy-Mercy?!"

Ron blinked in pure confusion as the two teenagers hugged and laughed. "Kim, it's been so long! How are you? Gawd, you're hair is still as orange as a sunset like always!" The mysterious stranger exclaimed, messing up her friend's hair.

Kim laughed and beamed, tossing her easy manageable hair back. "Mercy, you look as pale as snow! You haven't changed! Where did you go for so long? Oh so much has changed!"

"Uh, yeah, I hate to stop this emotional reunion but uh…how can I say this nicely…who the heck is she?!" Ron shouted finally, getting both girls attention.

"Ronald? Wow you have grown since pre-school! You don't remember me do you? No matter, you always did have a bad memory…oh wait, that was me." The girl chuckled, pushing up her sunglasses. "It's me, Mercy Manor."

A minute passed slowly, ticking loudly, before Ron finally snapped his fingers, "Oh yeah! You're the one who used to kick my building blocks down!"

A blush crept on Mercy's face. "I'm sorry about that. How are you two? Gawd, this place hasn't changed!"

Kim smiled brightly, "Where have you been? Are you staying here? Where do you live? How are your parents? You might have grown but you're fashion hasn't."

Mercy giggled and draped an arm around Ron and Kim's shoulders, "I will answer everything but first, come and let's go into Beuno Nacho…the summer heats getting to me."

A few minutes after ordering and sitting at a booth, Mercy adjusted her sunglasses and smiled at them. "Are you two going out?" She bluntly asked, making Kim's sugary beverage shoot out through her nose.

"N-No! We're just f-friends!" She coughed while covering her mouth and nose.

Ron blushed and looked a little disappointed although the red head failed to notice. "Yeah, we're just friends still. So where've you been Mercy?"

"You just disappeared off the face of the Earth." Possible added.

Shrugging casually, she tossed her blond hair behind her shoulder and sipped her drink. "Oh here and there. Actually my parents had moved to Russia…then Egypt…then Germany. I think they wanted to travel the world just fun. I tried to contact you both but…I was a child back then and knew nothing other than your names."

"Oh, so you're parents are back?" Kim questioned as their food arrived. The blond haired boy shoved nachos in his mouth while the girls gracefully ate salad.

Although her eyes were hidden, it was clear by the sorrow in her voice what had happened. "My parents stayed in Germany I fear. I am living with my aunt and uncle now."

As always, Ron failed to take a hint. "Why'd your parents stay in Germany and let you come here?" Kim nudged him in the side.

Mercy smiled weakly, "Ah, still oblivious I see. They are dead…killed by some mob. I felt it would be safer if I returned here. So how is school? What's the gossip? Did your mother have that baby sister you wanted Kim?"

This earned an annoyed roll of the eyes, "No. She had the tweebs; Jim and Tim."

Mercy tilted her head, "Kim, Jim, Tim…weird. What about you Ronald?"

Ron shrugged, "I'm still an only child, thank goodness! Oh but meet Rufus!" At this, he thrusted the naked mole rat in her face. She jumped at such a sudden view of the animal.

"Rufus? Huh, cute." She smiled. Rufus looked at her and then smiled, giving thumbs up.

The sun slowly set as they talked on and on about their lives. It had amazed Mercy that Kim was a hero. "It amazes me that you still dress so dark."

Mercy laughed, "Yes well you're still as bright as ever. A cheerleader none the less, right?"

Ron piped up, "I'm the mascot!"


"You'll see at the next game." Kim said, rolling her eyes once more.

Mercy nodded. "I see. I must be gone before my aunt and uncle worry. How about we head out to the Pizza place tomorrow around…noon?"

As she left, Ron glanced at his secret crush. "That was weird."

"What was? The fact that you still have no manners?"

"No. That she just arrived out of nowhere and…what was with the glasses?"

Kim frowned as they walked home. "Ron you heard what she said; her parents had traveled around the world and died so she came back here. I feel sorry for her but at least we're still friends. And she's always been dark, she likes sunglasses…maybe it was a fashion statement back in Germany or something."

As the pair fought about it, the street lights kicked on. There in the shadows stood a slightly green woman, chuckling. "Soon Cupcake you'll be mine." She whispered as she walked away.