Kim's voice, her once soothing kind voice, echoed through out the castle of ice. Mercy and Fist heard it faintly, hearing Ron's name several times followed by choked sobs. At this, the blond turned to the monkey man with worried eyes. Of course Monkey Fist wouldn't care if Ron was hurt; he was an 'imposter' after all.

Shego held onto the red head, her body shaking from the icy water dripping off of her and the freezing wind slapping what little skin was exposed. Kim, being in the green woman's arms, shook with sobs that had been confined since Mercy first came back, since she first realized she was in love with a villain.

Guilt, overwhelming horrible guilt, coursed through Kim's veins. She felt absolutely horrible! The guilt burned, it made her heart ache, and it made her wish she could go back in time. If only she had told Ron before. If only she realized Ron, her dearest friend, was in love with her. If only…

Mercy winced as she stood on the ground, the soil dirt ground, not just ice. She leaned against the wall, making sure her skin didn't touch the ice for it would cling to her.

Her head was pounding and the fact that Kim's agonizing grief filled cries echoed loudly didn't help. Monty, surprisingly, spoke some what quieter for he knew how sensitive her hearing was. They rested for a moment.

Monkey Fist was covered in more fur than clothes, making the cold seem like a bird pecking at him; a nuisance but nothing big. However, Mercy wore barely any clothes so the cold nipped viciously at her. She sneezed and shook her head, ignoring her limbs shake slightly.

He watched her but said nothing, simply pulled her from the wall and into his arms. The warmth of his body helped her and he, careful to avoid the wound, placed his hand on her hair. In that moment as he stroked her long messy hair, she felt content and sleepy.

The jewels glittered and swished back and forth with a blurred furry. They parted and stared at them, the direction it went, before looking at each other. Despite her feelings towards him, she was determined to save the world. She'd need Kim for that.

Attempting to turn and run, she managed to get away a few yards before feeling a hand grab her neck, slamming her into the wall. Actually, it was a lot gentler than it should have been. Monty pinned her to the wall, careful not to harm her even more. "You won't try that again, will you? Especially with your lack of balance and the ice." It was more of a statement than a question.

She said nothing, just slowly walked along with Fist. Every step closer made her shiver in fear. Every step closer made the sense of dread get heavier. What would happen if they opened the tomb without Kim there to help? Where was she anyway? Was she okay? Was she fighting Shego? Where was Ron?

Mercy bit her lip and helped push open a door; it was an ice covered room. It had to be Kachada's bed room, for on the bed lay a huge casket. It was covered with black ice. Everything around them from the floor to the dressers shined and sparkled, reflecting the people in there.

The jewels floated just inches away from the end of the casket. Mercy shivered but not from the cold; it was one thing to feel insignificant from entering a King's castle, it was another to know there was a dead corpse under all that ice. Monty smirked and walked forward.

He grabbed them and held it up in the air, a crazy smile on his face. A laugh erupted from his throat, "I shall finally rule the world with Monkey power! I shall be the Monkey King!" It echoed loudly, making her wince.

Mercy couldn't do anything. She couldn't fight him, for the ice would make her slip. She couldn't harm him for her head injury stopped her. She was basically weak. That's when she thought of something. If only for a moment, she needed to distract him.

He held the jewels over the opening on the top of the basket, ready to drop it. "Hey Monty!" She caught his attention.

When he turned to see what she wanted, their lips touched. She kissed him and allowed the shock to disappear from his body before wrapping his arms around her waist, to deepen the kiss. Sadly, when he had left go of the jewels, it slid into place.

The tomb was opening.

She pulled away, slightly disappointed at her attempts. At least she got a kiss out of the whole thing! But the way he stared at her with that passion, the need and hungry…she felt so embarrassed.

"Mercy?! What in the world?!" Kim cried out from the doorway. Both looked over and at least had the decency to blush; Shego and Kim had seen them kiss. Shego had a smirk on her face, as if she knew there was something between the two from the beginning while Kim looked shocked.

There was no time to answer, for the tomb's ice covered top cracked loudly as it slid to the right. It was slow and suspenseful. When the tomb's cover was off, when it fell to the ground and the ice around it shattered, they stared. Kim walked forward despite Shego's pathetic attempt to hold her back.

Mercy and Monty said nothing, just stood there and watched. From the spot they were at, they couldn't see anything; no body, no object, nothing. Kim bit her lip in a hesitant moment, stepping a few feet closer. Who knew what would appear!

Leaning over, placing her hands just a few centimeters away from the edges from the black tomb, she blinked. Her mouth slightly opened, as if to reassure everyone that it was okay. Whatever she saw in there made her think she was safe.

Suddenly a boney hand reached out, wearing a blue jeweled ring. It was covered in spider webs; both the hand and the ring. It grabbed Kim's wrist and she let out a strangled gasp and frightened cry combined. There was a sort of flashing glow around the tomb and the teenaged hero.

Kim's green eyes, the ones that haunted Shego in her dreams, stared at her with pain and fear. They slowly closed as her body slowly crumpled, forcing her to her knees. The hand that grabbed her wrist, that clung to it like Velcro, seemed to grow more skin and muscles instead of bone. Her whole body, as she hit the floor, seemed to disappear. It seemed to make her become nothing but a skeleton with skin.

Shego cried out of concern as she ran closer, sliding to her young love. She carefully held Kim as if she were a fragile China Doll. She surely looked like it! The woman stared with worry.

Mercy gasped as she watched the scene merely feet away. "Shego, watch out!" She exclaimed, somehow knowing that she didn't hear. The body rose from the tomb, a glow around it. It seemed to be looking down at the life she had just stolen.

Kim, resting her head on her love's lap, stared up at the rising dead body and gasped. She was alive still, barely actually, but she felt weak and tired. There was no way she could tell Shego to watch out.

Finally at the last second, as if Mercy's cries reached her at last, the green woman looked up. Surprise and fear covered her eyes as she stared up at the body. Picking up Kim quickly but carefully, she jumped back and dodged a weapon.

The light around the person faded slowly as it stepped out, floating almost as it touched the floor two feet down. It looked like an angel. It looked like a demon. It looked like…

"Mikira." Mercy breathed out in awe. The person looked at her with a snap, her eyes flaring brighter than the light around her. The glow around her faded altogether.

All four of the humans felt slightly uncomfortable, slightly scared and impressed to be in front of a woman who once ruled the world. A woman who once set war on the North just because of her love's stray heart. A woman who's heart turned as cold as the ice castle they stood in.

She stared at the blonde, making her shiver. The woman who was once called a Queen looked beautiful. Her hair was long enough to touch her waist, black as the night sky. It bounced gracefully as she stepped forward. Her eyes, those very eyes that stared a hole through Mercy, were an icy yet intriguing dark green. Perhaps it was her normal color; perhaps it was the affect of stealing Kim's energy.

She wore a dark green kimono dress, layers and layers of clothing at her feet. They were ripped at random parts, showing pale skin instead of bones; something you'd expect from a dead body. Although she looked skinny and thin, looked like a rag doll, she looked pretty. Despite the fact that she was a dead body of course.

It wasn't difficult to figure out that she had stolen Kim's energy, possibly her life if they didn't do something soon, to look alive and well once more.

Monty smiled sickly and walked forward, stepping in front of the woman's gaze. "Hello there! I am Lord Monty Fiske! I have traveled and searched for the three jewels that set you free! You are Mikira, correct?" His charming voice had a silk like tone on it. It made Mercy slightly jealous to hear him talk to someone else that way, besides her of course.

Mikira watched Mercy over Monty's shoulder. She spoke no words. She whispered nothing. She gave away no emotions. Instead, she slowly raised her left hand and opened her hand, showing her palm. Mercy felt slightly weak, as if that woman was attempting to draw her energy. There was no way she would be caught off guard like Kim though.

"Hello! I'm talking to you!" Ruffled, Monty growled and felt irritated, seeing what was happening. Mikira's gaze snapped to him with sharpness, making him shrink. She narrowed her eyes, the glow around her once again bright. Suddenly, Fist found himself thrown into the wall.

Shego and Mercy stepped back. It was clear that Mikira did not want to give power to anyone else; she wanted the girl's energy, their lives. "Why is she trying to do that?" Shego shouted from across the room, holding Kim tightly.

Mikira stepped closer, making Manor step back. Her back hit the wall. With sadness, she realized why. "Because she wants to be perfect; she wants to be better than Nina."

Mikira's eyes widened at the name. Suddenly there was an angelic voice laced with venom that echoed. "Don't say her name!" Mikira's mouth moved ever so slightly but her voice was loud, booming in fact.

Mercy felt herself grow weak rather rapidly. "Shego!" She cried out, her vision slightly blurry. "Where's Ron?!" Perhaps he and Monty would be able to work together and save them.

That thought of rescue, sadly, went away when silence replied to her. Looking over at Shego, she felt her hear tear in half to see the woman's sad face. She understood why Kim had shouted earlier. Ron was dead.

It felt like everything was hopeless. It felt like nothing could be done to save them, save the world. Mercy shook her head, refusing to believe Ronald as deceased. There was no way such a happy teen would just give up like…then again, he had been broken to find out about Kim and Shego.

If he really was dead, she hoped he found peace.

However, Monkey Fist seemed to believe different. He stood up with huge eyes, sensing something near. Ever since Stoppable had stolen the Mystical Monkey Powers, he had been able to sense the boy from near by. He sensed him now…he was walking over.

It took no words to communicate what he felt, what was happening. They all turned to the door, which was thrown open. There, floating just a few yards above the ice covered ground was Ron Stoppable. He looked normal and yet he was soaked with water. His eyes were a bright blue; the aura around him was glowing. It was just like Mikira.

The woman stopped and looked over. She spoke nothing, just stared. Ron, as if alive and well again, said clearly, "Leave my friends alone." Kim, who was hanging onto life by a string, gasped and looked up. Her eyes covered with tears.

Mikira's laugh was the opposite of her musical voice; it was cold, cruel, and harsh. "They will be mine! Kachada will be mine!"

The two glowing bodies suddenly attacked each other. It was a blur, a dark blue blur. Ron's voice could be heard faintly as he grunted while getting hit. It seemed that her weapons were spiritual.

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Ron stood behind Mikira with a smirk, knowing she was confused of his location. Calling upon his monkey powers, he raised his fist just as she spun around. The beautiful but deadly angel gasped soundlessly as she felt a sword like object stab her heart. They remained there, floating. A sword through her chest, the blood at the end dripping slowly. Ron turned towards Kim and Shego and stared silently, a stare full of grief instead of anger.

His voice seemed to echo around the room; sentence after sentence piled on top of each other. It was like everything he had said to her since he first met her. Finally he opened his mouth, silencing the other voices to whisper. "I love you Kim." Then the glow around him disappeared. His eyes, his once chocolate but now blue eyes, faded back to normal. They closed. As Mikira's body slowly fell to the ground, so did his.

Everyone remained silent. Everyone stared. Everyone couldn't believe it.

Monty walked over to the now tired Mercy. He held her close. Shego and Kim stayed quiet. They would have to take her to the hospital soon. The body of Mikira slowly became bones once more. Kim, however, remained as lifeless looking as before. The body of Ron simply lay there.
Mercy felt a tear, one of the any confined tears she had held for so long, slide down her cheek. "It's over…" She whispered brokenly yet relieved. "It's over…"

Okay, I know it's short and kind of cut but I'm exhausted and I just wanted to end this. The next story, that's if you all want me to make a sequel, will start with the funeral for Ron, the hospitalized Kim, and then the mob chasing Mercy.

Summary for new story: While Kim has to heal, fighting for her life; she must also fight her parents and nearly everyone who disapproves of Shego. Mercy, while trying to help her friend and express her love to Monty, must hide from the mob. And let's just say with Ron that things aren't always as they appear to be.