Note: My first attempt at sex fic was a challenge. More random encounters may be written later if anyone wants them. This is my attempt at the slap and tickle stuff, so I hope you smut lovers have a good time.


It had been one of those days-the kind that makes you understand how the word postal came into being. All I wanted was a beer. The sweat pouring from me covered me in a bead sheath of wetness. My white blouse clung to me uncomfortably. It was sheer desperation that made me stop at a place called the "Malibu". It looked more like the "Shit house" to me, but the overly large air conditioner poised in the front window was too much of a temptation. I looked like hell- make-up melted, hair falling from my bun, strands wet and clinging to my face, and my clothes drenched sweat wet. But, who the hell goes to the Malibu. No one that I would know or want to see again.

The door cracked open to reveal exactly what I expected- a worn out bartender, two old geezers, and a….Holy Crap!!!!!!!. This beautiful Adonis turned as I entered, flashing a smile that matched his mischievous green eyes. He nodded a polite hello in recognition of my stare. Damn it! I look like total shit. I had to make a mental note to kick my own ass later. I thought of leaving, but a cool blast tingled my skin. Drawn to the icy breeze, I stood facing the sweetest air conditioner in the universe. The shivers shot down my spine in happiness. Now, it was time for the beer.

We'll this is lucky, the bartender is actually in front of me. Best service I have ever seen. "I'd like a Beer". He stared blankly as if I had just spoke Martian. "A beer…" My hands make the up down signal for beer as I desperately wanted a freaking beer. "A BEER!" But, he only stared like a man waiting to stick another quarter in backroom peep show.

It was then I realized the bartender, the geezers, and hotty had all started staring. The hotty looked at me with a smirk and tilted his head. Did he just raise his eyebrows at me? He broke his graze playfully. His hands made twirling motions above his chest. What the hell does that mean? His hand rubbed away a chuckle on his lips. As his hand fell away, he mouthed the work "Nipples"

It was then I realized my white, wet with sweat shirt was allowing a public viewing of my air-conditioned induced rock hard nipples. Blushing, I turned back towards the wind blast. I heard boot steps move towards me. Balling my fist, I was ready for any pervert. A soft touch tapped my shoulder. I was horrified to turn around.

"Here" A smooth silky voice melted in my ear and set another type of chill in my spine. Didn't do much for my nipples except make them stay perky and ready. I turned my head to hide the evidence and expected the worse.

My eyes met the warmest amazing green eyes staring at me kindly. His arm outstretched with his long-sleeve green shirt. The t-shirt he still wore was tight and revealed his rippling muscles.

"I think you might need this more than me!" He laughed. "And that hand motion didn't help our thought any." He flashed a brilliant smile.

"Thanks" I mumbled as I spotted the bathroom a few feet from me. Bolting into the ladies room was the easiest escape I had ever made. WHEW. Shit that boy was hot. At least I can wash my face, so I don't look like Tammy Faye Baker at a cry fest. The splash of warm water soothed my embarrassment. Changing into the sexy man's shirt, I dried off with my own. The smell of him lingered into my awaiting senses. I left a tremble between my thighs. I pushed the notion out of my mind. The best thing now was at least I looked somewhat human. I would pay to look like a sex goddess right now. But as I said, it was one of those days.

When I finally gathered enough courage to exit, the view still had not changed. Dripping with power and sexuality, his hands now offered a beer. "One of those days he asked?"

"How can you tell!" I joked.

His laugh was joyous and playful. "Me too."

"Thanks for the shirt!"

"Looks better on you." His green eyes glistened with the slightest undertone of honey flecks. The sound of his voice registered in my loins again. Damn, it had been a long time since I felt a man inside of me.

His lips curled in a smirk. He leaned in to whisper something to me. This is not going to be a good idea with my current mode of thinking.

"Do, I bother you?" he mouthed

A hasty "No" blurted from me. Too hasty.

"Oh" His hand cupped over his mouth as if he were telling me some guarded secret. His mouth drew close enough for his hot breath to warm my ear. Oh shit, he was about to cause my body to have an awkward moment. His lips grazed my ear lobe when he spoke. "How about now?" My pelvis responded with a wither. I know he noticed it. His mouth closed over my ear lobe and nibbled gently. His hand had found my quivering thigh. "Do, I bother you now?"

I couldn't respond. My body was already three steps ahead of my brain.

"Come on. Let's leave" he whispered.

My arm had already accepted the invitation. My mind was screaming for me to stop. What did I know about this guy anyway? "Wait… I don't even know who you are."

"Dean" he said before his lips found mine. His gentle brushes on my lips were maddening. I didn't care if he was a serial killer, if his body could match what those eyes and lips could do. I wouldn't mind dying. He was a rough and ready man, but his eyes and lips showed the tenderness he was capable of.

My lips tingled with his lip's embrace. All the while, we traveled to the location he had in mind. My mind focused only on his lips. I hadn't noticed we had made it to a motel room. He was shutting the door and slamming my body against it before I noticed.

I can feel his tongue touching my lips, forcing them to let his tongue inside my mouth. Exploring it with harshness and longing. His hands grabbed at my hips as his pelvis ground into mine. The bulge within rubbed the front of my jeans. The sensation soaked my panties with a new wetness. His mouth did not change its manipulation. He ground into my front again, pulling my right leg upon his thigh for a deeper dry hump.

A moan sprang forth from me and filled his mouth. He stopped long enough to laugh. He gazed at me with the fire sparking in those green eyes.

"I think I need that shirt back." He didn't wait for my response, but ripped the buttons off of his own shirt. I gasped from the force of his effort, but my gasp was quickly stolen by his mouth clamping onto my erect nipple. He sucked harshly, leaving a redden area over my breast before his teeth began tugging on them. My pelvis shook between his as he tortured my sensitive nipple. But, he didn't stop at one. He quickly found the other and gave it the same rough treatment. Our bodies covered with slight perspiration. I moaned uncontrollably.

His rough calloused hands slipped upon my back pulling my breast closer and farther in his mouth. The cream in my jeans was about to spill. He hadn't even made his way to my eager pussy and I was turning into a puddle.

He laughed again, pleased with the sensations he was causing within me. He popped open my jeans and I prepared for the moment he would find my sweet spot within. But, he used his position to pull me harshly to the floor. I arched my ass to allow him to get my clinging jeans from my body.

"Oh, Fuck me now.. Please" He smiled and seemed to enjoy the need he had created within me. He touched my panties with his rough hands, tracing the lace pattern with his finger. His animalistic pull ripped them off of me. My ass jarred and he pulled it upon the unexposed bulge in his pants.

He body pressed its clothed weight upon me. I wanted him naked- naked and in me. I was about to speak, but his mouth covered mine again. The after taste of the beer still lingered on his mouth, but candy sweetness was also there.

His lips journeyed down my neck as his pelvis still teased the flesh between my legs. My groans were savage with the desire I had for him.

He looked up into my eyes, flashing the same mischievousness with an intensity that I had never seen before. He laughed again as my lip quivered and he began tracing it with his fingertip. Nibbling at his rough fingertip, I drew his finger inside the warm of my mouth.

"Oh Dirty, girl!"

He moaned and shifted his bulge into my crotch again. My mouth found new incentive to lick at his finger. I began sucking his digit gently causing another moan from him. I slid my tongue up the side of his finger. He groaned and pulled his hand from my mouth.

He yanked his t-shirt off before he pulled me to my knees and spread my thighs. His hand found my clit and started rubbing. He scooted his face under me. He pulled my swollen nub into his mouth. His hands parting my folds to give him easy access. His finger crooked and plunged in me. He found my sweet spot easily and his finger twitched over it rapidly. His mouth pulling my clit to his teeth, providing the same redness he had given my nipples.

The lump in his jeans is calling me. I crawled down as he explored my insides with his finger and flicked my clit with his rough tongue.

I bucked as a small orgasm spread through me. He laughed again, but went back to his work. One hand providing a pulse inside me as the other gripped my ass. He hand rubbed my ass cheek before it spanked me. My hands were fumbling with his jeans like a kid on their birthday. He laughed again, providing a humming buzz to my nub. He arched his hips to let me remove his jeans. Fear leaped into me at the size of my undertaking. A thick long shaft waited the pleasures of my mouth. I closed my eyes and slide his manhood as far as I could within my warm mouth. My hands wrapped around the base. I alternated the rhythm of my mouth and hands, pumping him as I rubbed my tongue up to the tip. His pelvis pumped and I almost gagged on the depths of him. I didn't fight him, but allowed him to pump in my mouth. My hands found his balls and rubbed them. His pumping increased. I began sucking harder and his mouth matched his pump. My mouth, with his mouth and finger worked into a rhythm.

My leg shuttered as his finger almost brought me over the end. He begins a faster rhythm demanding more of my mouth and giving more inside of me. I tighten and release. My mouth latched onto him without the ability to move anymore. My orgasm so deep I gasped for breath. His pump still pushed into my mouth.

Quickly, he flips me and doesn't wait for my release to end. His shaft parts me deep and slams against my pelvis with ferocity. I scream in pleasure. He pumps in a maddening rhythm. My hips thrust to meet him. He grabs them to spread me more and pull more of himself into me. His hammering shaking my body, with each flick becoming more feverish. His cock provides a painful and pleasurable ache within me. The pain pulls me close to my next orgasm as his face begins to flush. The struggle to hold on was evident on his face. His pump became faster almost blinding and I spilled over the edge. My body shook as he grabbed and pulled my hips to hold still for him. I screamed like a wild animal fulfilled. His shaft still pounding, my body struggled into another wave of release. My next wave tightened so much it was difficult for him to pump, but he pushed his strength into his next thrust burying deep inside me his own release. I shuttered around him. Both of us sweating and panting in efforts. His body pressed me with his full weight again. My mouth opened with moans escaping. He stole them as he pressed his lips over mine once again. Both of us used our lips to thanks each other for the pleasure. He stopped for a moment and laughed.

"Guess, I owe you another shirt."