Counting sheep or drinking a warm glass of milk just didn't cut it tonight. I was so damn tired all I could think about was trying to sleep, but my mind focused on the events of a few hours ago. I call it the realization that demons are real. And who knows what would have happened if the Winchesters hadn't showed up. I had given them the comfort of my TV room for the night, not much pay for someone who just saved your life. At least it was something. So I don't know why I just don't feel safe, knowing tonight I would be in the hands of expert hunters.

Since sleep was useless, I thought a hot shower would calm my frayed nerves. When I turned the handles, the shower sputtered to life, sizzling like grease on a fire. At first, it is cold, but I know the shower will soon be filled with the vapors of warmth soon and steaming water.

After undressing quickly, I stepped inside and instantly warm. I close the shower door to keep the soothing heat from escaping. The water seems to have a calming effect, and I barely notice a shadow appear from the other side of the now completely fogged over glass."Shit." He startled, not expecting me to be in the room. "Sorry." I can tell be the tone of his voice that he is smiling. I turned to see Dean Winchester with a smile bigger than I had just predicted."Uh…Oh my… " I tried to speak and hide my body even though it was blurred by the shower door. I turn in the comfort that he will leave the way he came in, even though I felt a twitch in my loins.

He is quiet a moment, and I ignore what he is doing, hoping he didn't notice me shudder. I turned the hot water up a little to deflect my reaction. I closed my eyes, letting calm come to me. Then, a cold blast of air burst in and I felt a body pressed against my back. "You want me?" Dean asked in very seductive whisper, a bit more polite than I expected.

He had to notice my flinch at the sound of his voice. I know I should turn around and smack him, but I can't. I lean my head back against his shoulder. He smells of sweat and the faint trace of leather, making for it makes for quite the aphrodisiac. Desire and lust ran through my veins. I moved my ass exaggeratingly moving left and right.

His day old stubble scrapes against the back of my neck as his lips move down my spine. This wasn't how I envisioned my evening: In the shower- completely in the nude with a man who just wasted two demons in front of me."Enjoying yourself?" He said as his hand rested on my stomach and he nibbled at my ear.

"Mmm hmm."

He chuckled. I sense the level of sexual pheromones rising in the small space. Unconsciously, his hands rub circles on stomach; slowly move to my waist, and then my hips. I try to step closer to him, but my foot slips on the wet tiles and I fall backwards. Dean catches me easily.

His hands covered my breasts to keep me from falling complete and I could feel his erection between my legs, waiting to move inside of me. "You okay?" he asked."I think so. Sorry. I need to get one of those bath mats.""I'm not complaining."I smile and relax, though the situation seems laughable. Sweat trickles down my bare back, while the shower strikes the front of me. I turned to face him. He rubbed his hands up either side of my ribcage and his eyes cast down to admire my breast. His mouth gravitated towards my nipple and devours it.

"Fuck!" I moaned, realizing demon hunting was the least of his skills. I was so turned I felt more wetness below than the water pouring on my back. I briskly pulled his hips towards mine and began moving against him, teasing him with my grinding movements. His erection grows hard against me and I continued until he moaned.


My mouth twisted into a wicked grin and I found my voice. "Too much for you?" I return his earlier seductive tone.

He responded by pulling me against his mouth for a wet, frenzied, and melding kiss. When we pulled away, he is smiling. As my hands ventured down I moved to kneel before him. I look at the aroused cock before me with a smirk. I look up at him and he is filled by anticipation

"Yes… oh.. please," he pleaded. His voice throaty with desire.

I nodded once and took the time to admire the shaft before me. A good length with a thickness I had to admire. I slowly took his tip into my mouth, swirling my raspy tongue around his alert head. The large hood stretched inside my small mouth and I carefully moved on him.

Dean inhaled sharply at the intimate contact and held his breath as I devoured him completely and utterly. "Damn, you feel so hot on me. "

I give him ample saliva to move quickly and warmly on his throbbing shaft. Then, I began to rub my tongue back and forth, along the underside of his highly sensitive flesh. The pronounced veins throbbed against my tongue. I traced the vein pattern down to the base and back.

"Oh... Fuck... that's….uh…guh..!" he exclaimed in pleasure. He tiled his head back and I could see his Adam's apple gulp in excitement. So I increase my pressure, giving him more movement for as long as I can. Only stopping to take a breath and do more. I could tell he was concentrating on not thrusting repeatedly into my mouth, but he is reaching his limit. He's so close. He shuddered against my tongue, which I take as a sign to pull back and stand.

I turned my back to him, letting him know I was ready for him when I resumed pushing my ass against his shaft. Dean reached down to my hips, stopping my movements. I feel his well toned back muscles move forward and I know in the next second he would be inside of me. My opening twitched, wanting him.

He impaled himself between my legs. I can feel all his muscles working to move his cock inside of me. His arms lock around my waist and his head rest on my shoulder. I can hear his hot, heavy breathing, almost panting against my ear. We simultaneously gasp at the hot, wet connection. Dean began a fast, desperate pace that I met with my own power and speed, squeezing around his cock hard with every thrust.

"Harder, Dean!" I become more and more aroused as the repetitive motions and breathing become punctuated by grunts of determination with his increase in speed. He is pounding now, working hard to reach his goal.

He is drenched in sweat, which is washed away by the shower. My core is drenched in desire. I want to see him take me, to bask in the desire between us. He must have felt my shift since he unleashed his grip and allowed me to turn to him. He backs me towards the wall and grabs one of my knees to his hips. Soon he presses forward and his shaft has returned to my insides, pushing deeply.

I lifted my eyes to his naked chest, not concerned that it's blatantly obvious I'm checking him out. His bare torso is glistening and beads of water roll off his well-toned form.

"Up here." He says with a slight smugness. I quickly met his eyes and he looks at me with a smirk. "Like what you see."

"Sorry," I say softly as embarrassment registered on my cheek.

"Let me show you how much I like yours."

He began to pump with long, deep strokes and I had to latch around his necks to keep upright. My pussy clenched and shuddered with his jabs against my inner walls. "OH…FUCK!"

He laughed. He alternated his strokes in rapid successions of quick and deep, long ones. The pace slows, but the force intensifies. Then the same strength moves in quick, well aimed strokes. I am astounded by his strength and speed. And I loved watching as his body worked. His arms were beautifully muscular; his shoulders broad and defined, just like his chest. He was a marvel. And I delighted in the way my body responded to his. I am dripping with want.

"Too much for you?"

"No... Shit... keep … Don't stop…" I pant out, staring directly into Dean's eyes as our bodies pressed together. I let out groans and release a slick, wet sensation as he poured inside of me. His body slid tighter against mine.

"Good, cause I want more." He then let his hand glided to my hips to aim my movement direction, allowing more leverage to push deeper, harder, and faster. Our moans become indistinguishable as we bring each other to the peak.

"Damn…!" I panted as a climax took hold. My muscles gripped on him as cum moved from me, releasing over his hard instrument.

"Fuck, yes!" he exclaimed as he rode the last waves and began to grunt loudly, close to his own release. He moaned louder and I felt him speed into me, His body moving so fast our bodies slapped when we impacted. Finally he let go and finished with a shudder. He slowly withdrew and stood staring at me.

Dean leaned forward and enfolded his arms around me with his chin resting on my shoulder. And I can't help but my wrap around him and rub my hands down his muscular back. It felt like we didn't move for several minutes, basking in amazing sex.

"Do you feel better now?" His voice was kind.

"I didn't showers were this fun!"

He smarted. "You ready for bed now?"

I look up at him, realizing he was ready to continue with more activities in my bed. "Do you plan to make this an all night event?" I asked.

An unmistakable glint of mischief played in his gorgeous eyes. "Hell, yeah."