Guardian of Time - Preview

Guardian of Time
From darkness comes the power of light...
Sequel to The Hero's Many Faces

Prologue - Where The Mind Roams


He looked out over the ruins of the castle. How had he gotten here, where he had fought Ganondorf the first time - twelve years ago by his timescale, but only five to anyone else.

This wasn't the world he lived in.
This was the world of the past, of the seven sages and...

Link became aware that he was being watched. He span round...
"It's good to see you again!"
For a second, he paused, speechless. "Sheik? Zelda?!"
"Of course."
"But why are you still dressed like that? Ganondorf's gone. There's no danger to hide from, anymore."
"I could easily ask you the same question, fierce one."
Link looked at himself in surprise. The armour, the clothing... he twitched at a lock of his hair, and noticed its silver colour. He could imagine what his reflection looked like. "Oh. Yes. But despite this, I'm not... I mean, I don't feel like..."

Sheik walked up to Link. "It is hard to take the form of another, without becoming that person. You and I both know that. We've both hidden behind masks, one way or another...
"Masks are only tools, a means to an end and not the end itself. Perhaps all they can ever do is bring out the face underneath, the face in your mind that only comes out in darkness..."
"You're speaking in riddles. I don't understand."
"One day, soon, you will. There are things afoot, both here, and the world that you have been calling home. Link! Understand this, even if you can't understand what I said before. Destiny has still not finished playing its games with you. You are not just the hero of time... You are its guardian."

He jolted awake, brushing blond hair from his eyes. What did that mean? The guardian of time?

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