A Fierce Deity's lament

Guardian of Time
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Epilogue - Looking Back, Looking Forward


Half man, half god, all spirit, I wander
The eternal bounds of all space and time
Once I was hero, once but a villain
Yet now I accept the fate which is mine...

Time cannot hold me, space an illusion
I travel the worlds that call to my heart
I live in none, but exist in many
To protect them all, I must play my part.

Power! I strike, with the force of darkness.
Courage! From no battles do I run.
Wisdom! To search the worlds forever more -
Their guardian eternally, the fierce one...

Sometimes, in my quest through eternity,
I dare to dream, to dream and to think...
What is my future? The path and the fate,
For one who once bore the proud name of Link...


A/N: Thank you all for reading this story. I can only hope you've enjoyed it. See you next time!
Watch this space for Part 3 of FD - The Continuing Saga - 'Mindtrap'...