Fear The Dark

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Summary: AU. Voldemort 'rescues' Harry, after he was abandoned by his parents and his little sister. Awakening to a pair of yellow, Jewelled, eyes in a strange place with the most feared Dark Wizard around, Harry wants answers. Non Slash.

A/N: I would just like to say that this story may look like Kinda-Mayvelle's but it is not. It is just similar to her story's beginning.



-Powerful Curses – (Either strong caster or strong emotion)



Chapter 1: Along came a Spider

Five year old Harry Potter watched from the stairs as his mother and father played with his little sister, Jane Potter, the 'Prophesized Child' on her birthday, which by coincidence was also Harry's.

Harry didn't blame her; after all, it wasn't his fault that it was foretold that she would be the one to rid this world of the one called Voldemort. The one who could remove Darkness's grip from the world as we know it.

But then Jane was still only a baby in Harry's eyes and thus had no control over what happened. No, Harry blamed the adults. Harry knew the Prophesy and so did they. It was their fault it was Jane. Hadn't Dumbledore had said that it could have been one of the twin Longbottom's, Neville and Lisa.


Dumbledore walked into the Potter's living room and sat down to tell them the grave news.

"I have some terrible news about little Jane. Not hours ago, a prophecy was made concerning Jane and Voldemort. Voldemort has heard a part of this prophecy and my sources say that he is about to go after Jane and try to kill her. You will have to go into hiding." Dumbledore stated, his eyes void of his usual twinkle.

"What's the prophesy, Albus?" Asked Lily, softly squeezing the one year old Jane to her bosom.

Dumbledore sighed. "The Chosen with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches...born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies...and the Dark Lord will mark The Chosen as his equal, but The Chosen will have power the Dark Lord knows not...born with power that no-one can claim…born with ability that nothing can hold…born with strength that can not be seized…and The Chosen will make a choice…serve the light…claim the darkness…the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies..."

"But what does this mean?" James asked, his face full of concern.

"It means that Jane will have to fight Voldemort in the end or that Jane will join Voldemort.." Dumbledore sighed again.

"But it said born as the seventh month dies. That could mean Frank and Alice's twins Neville and Lisa. They were born the day before. Couldn't it?" Lily was getting frantic, she didn't want her only daughter to fight Voldemort. No one had even been close at killing Voldemort. And she certainly didn't want her baby to join Voldemort's forces either.

"Yes, but Voldemort believes it only concerns Jane because he believes she to be more powerful because she does not have to share that power with a twin. I'm sorry."

--------------------End Of Flashback------------------

Harry's eye's narrowed as 'father' threw Jane up in the air before catching her and watching her giggle before throwing her up again. They knew Harry loved that, but yet they did it to her as they ignored him.

Harry had done everything to get their attention, he had even created a small fireball in his hand with accidental magic but they still ignored him, saying things like "Yeah, very nice Harry." With out looking at what he'd done. Or "Not right now." And then completely ignoring him for Jane.

And so Harry sat on the stairs, watching as they played with the Prophesized Child, opening presents and eating cake. He sighed and made his way up the stairs to his room, a room that hadn't had a mothers love in since before the Prophesized was born, but was Harry's sanctuary.

'I wish they loved me again,' thought Harry as he jumped onto his bed and drifted into the same uncomfortable sleep he'd had for a year now.

Harry woke up to a scream that echoed through the house and rushed to the stairs to see his 'parents' create a magical shield before taking his sister into the safe-room and taking their emergency portkey.

He heard someone swear as another voice sounded throughout the house, which Harry didn't catch because of his crying, ricocheting in his ears. Harry felt a hand around the collar of his clothes and drag him away.

Harry looked up to where the person had just dropped him and his eyes met with piercing red ones.

"Well, well, well. It looks as if young Mr Potter here has been left behind." The man began to laugh and the people around him laughed as well. "We'll soon see to that."

The man raised his wand but stopped when he heard a whisper passing behind him. He spun around and glared at the woman who had just spoken.

"What did you say?" He growled. The woman gulped.

"I-I j-j-just said t-that he l-l-l-looks a little like y-y-you, s-sir." She stuttered as the man trained his wand on her heart and growled before turning back to Harry.

Harry took his moment and stole the man's wand, jumping into the corner and threw a simple hex at the man, who laughed and threw up a small shield wandlessly, making his curse dissolve in it.

"The kid had guts," he laughed and waved his hand, summoning back his wand. Voldemort looked curiously at Harry before waving his wand and casting a spell. A green jet of light hit Harry hit Harry in the chest, leaving the copy of an empty shell, void of life as to not rouse suspicion with his Death Eaters.


James, Lily and Jane landed with a thump in Headmaster Dumbledore's Office at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

"James, Lily, what happened? Where is Harry?" asked Dumbledore as he stood from his chair to help the couple up.

"Voldemort attacked. We didn't know where Harry was." Said a distort Lily, but everyone in the room knew it was a lie and knew that Harry would most likely be dead by now.

James picked up the discarded portkey and whispered –Portus- and disappeared.

Moments later, he returned, crying and unsuccessful as he whispered two words. "He's dead."


/Nagini, would you kindly check on our new guest?/ Voldemort asked the snake that was currently lying in front of the fire.

/Of course, master./ the snake answered as she slithered her way from her master.

She slid her way down the hall and away from her masters living quarters to the room where she knew the human boy was asleep. Once inside the room, she made her way onto the bed and flicked her tongue at him.

The boy woke and looked into the yellow, jewel shaped eyes of Nagini and screamed as he jumped off the bed.

/GO AWAY!/ he screamed as he backed into the corner.

/Another speaker?/ Nagini asked as Voldemort entered the room. /Master, the boy is a speaker!/

Voldemort turned to the boy and asked. /A speaker you say, Do you speak Mr Potter?/

Harry nodded. /How can I understand the snake?/

/You are a Parselmouth, Mr Potter./ "It means you can speak and understand snake language." Voldemort answered truthfully as he switched from Parseltongue to English.

"Are you one as well?"

Voldemort nodded. "I am. And I am sorry that Nagini here startled you."

Harry looked down at Nagini and whisper 'Its ok' to her in Parseltongue before looking back at the man before him.

"Tell me, Mr Potter, do you know who I am?" Harry nodded his head slowly. "Do you know that it takes a lot of courage that most wizards do not have to take my own wand and try to use it against me?" Harry nodded his head again. Voldemort's eyes clouded over for a second before bringing back the clear, piercing red ones that had petrified so many people. "It looks as if I underestimated you. I suggest you get some rest and I will see you in the morning. /Nagini, will you keep the boy company tonight?/"

/Of course, Master./ Nagini answered and watched her master walk out of the room before turning back to Harry. /Master thinks highly of you./

Harry sighed and dropped himself back onto the bed, quickly falling into a light sleep.

Harry awoke the next morning and got up, trying to remember where he was. He looked down, expecting to find his normal red and gold lion pyjamas and was shocked to see that they were made in a black and green material with silver buttons and lining. He began to panic as he remembered where he was and who he was with.

Nagini glided across the room to where Harry was panicking and began to calm him down.

/Its ok. Master will not hurt you. He has helped you this far, he will help you more. Why would he heal you just to kill you?/

Harry calmed down slightly and looked at Nagini. /Why me though?/

/It is not my place to say./ Harry nodded and looked around the room and noticed a change of clothes on a chair that had not been in the room before now.

He walked over to the clothes and noticed a note on top of them.

Once in these clothes, ask Nagini to take you to my personal Study.

Harry after quickly changing and having a small bit of difficulty with the Dragon-Hide Boots, (After all, he was only five.) asked Nagini to take him to the Study. After being navigated to the Study, Harry held his breath knocked on the huge doors and walked inside.

He looked around at the Study and had to admit, for a Bad Guy, he certainly had a nice taste in interior design. He looked around and noticed the huge quantity of books stuffed in the shelves that seemed to go up forever, surrounding the desk in the middle of the room. Harry wondered further in to the room and thought, 'If this is his personal study, how big must the library be?'

"Yes, my study does have a lot of books." Said a voice that seemed to echo through his mind. The voice chuckled as Harry tried to work out where it was coming from. "Sit down Mr Potter." Harry watched as two chairs materialized in front of a fire he didn't spot before and sat down as asked.

"Excuse me sir, but, well, where are you?" Harry asked as he looked around the room.

"Right in front of you, of course." Harry's head snapped back to the chair in front of him to find Voldemort sitting there. Harry's mouth dropped and Voldemort laughed. "It has come to my attention that your parents have left you." Voldemort watched to see what reaction this would bring.

The emerald eyes of Harry's that were once full of joy and happiness turned cold. "I have no parents." He whispered.

'Already hating his parents,' thought Voldemort. 'This could work to my advantage after all.'

"You may stay here, Mr Potter. I do not wish you harm, but you may indeed stay here, since you are not with family. Its clear to me you have true power, that you have potential and I wish to teach you how to wield it."

It was true. He did not have his family and it looked as if he would be on the streets if he refused or even worse, dead. He would stay with Voldemort. He didn't know how, but he knew that Voldemort truly wanted him to teach him. He might even one day be as powerful as Voldemort himself. Then they would regret leaving him behind.

Voldemort watched these thoughts pass through Harry's head before snapping his fingers bringing a small house elf to his side.

"Tinks, take Mr Potter to the room we discussed earlier." Voldemort said, not taking his eyes off Harry.

"Yes sir, Mr Master, sir. Come Mr Potter, sir, Tinks will shows yous the room. Come, come with Tinks." Tinks said, practically jumping up and down with excitement.

Harry stood and followed the house-elf Tinks out of the room and back up the corridor to where Harry had stayed. Tinks led Harry to the room opposite Harry's(was it his now that he was living here?).

There was nothing in the room except two stones spaced apart from each other the size of a door, with an odd symbol on each one glowing slightly.

"Tinks?" asked Harry as Tinks was examining the stones carefully.

"Yes Mister Potter, sir?" asked Tinks, not taking her large blue tennis ball sized eyes off the stones.

"Are you sure we've come to the right room?"

"Of course, sir. Tinks did not get it wrong, sir. Sir just needs to see and walk, sir."

Harry looked at Tinks for a second, thinking if he should trust her. Sighing, he took three steps forwards through the stones, transporting himself to The Room that Voldemort had been talking about.

Harry looked around this new room. It wasn't even much of a room. It was more of a space. It was just grey. 'Where am I?' He thought.

White writing flew past his face and stopped a little further off.

'Where am I?'

Did this place write down his thoughts? 'Hello, my name is Harry.'

Another jet of white writing.

'Hello, my name is Harry.'

"Yes, it does that," said Voldemort, stepping into the room as well. "This is The Room of Time. If you've ever heard of the Room of Requirement, it works like that. Think of something you want."

'I want a magical sword.' Harry thought, watching as his hand was thrust out and a sword materialized into it. "Wow."

"Amazing, isn't it. Salazar Slytherin created this room when he built this house. It never ceases to amaze me. A very nice sword that is. Slytherin only wants the best for one of his own."

Harry frowned and thought 'What do you mean, one of his own?' the writing materialized and sped to where Voldemort was standing.

"I mean, Mr Potter, a Parselmouth. I inherited this house once I was of age. What I mean is that I became the only living heir of Salazar Slytherin and so, came to own this house. There were others, many in fact to have one owner, but they died, so this came to me. I of course added new wards and protection runes to the manor." Voldemort stated, to himself more than Harry. "Now, I asked you to stay, because you have nowhere else. I asked you if I could train you, because you have power most people can only dream of. I asked you to come to this room, because this is where I shall train you as you have now become my apprentice. I now give you homework before we begin. You will go back to your room with the books I give you and you will study the art of wandless magic. Now go."

Voldemort waved his hand and seven books appeared in front of him as well as a few scrolls an ink pot and an eagle feather quill.


End of Chapter One: Along Came the Spider.

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