Fear The Dark

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Summary: AU. Voldemort 'rescues' Harry, after he was abandoned by his parents and his little sister. Awakening to a pair of yellow, Jewelled, eyes in a strange place with the most feared Dark Wizard around, Harry wants answers. Non Slash in main Characters.

Rating: T/M

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-Powerful Curses – (Either strong caster or strong emotion)



Chapter 8: The Plan of a Prince.

Jane sat at the Gryffindor table, her mouth hanging open, staring at Dumbledore, who, in turn, was staring at the piece of parchment. Ginny gave Jane a little shove, shaking her out of her stupor. Dumbledore called out her name once more. Jane scowled at Ginny, who gave her a small smile, before cautiously following the other champions to the antechamber behind the head table.

As she entered, she noticed the other three champions situated around the fireplace at the far end of the room, but before she could continue towards them, Fleur Delacour looked up and asked, "Potter? What is it? Did zey send you with a message?"

Jane shook her head and was about to reply when the door burst open and Dumbledore entered, followed by a host of others including Moody, Bagman, Crouch, Snape, Karkaroff, and Madame Maxime. Ludo Bagman spoke before the others had a chance.

"Well, well, well," the large man said brightly. "As unlikely as it seems, may I be the first to present the fourth Triwizard champion!" He gestured grandly at Jane.

The room was immediately overcome with several shouted objections before Dumbledore regained control of the room.

"I understand your objections," he said calmly, looking at Madame Maxime and Karkaroff in turn. "And if you have an alternative solution, I would be delighted to hear it." He looked at them questioningly, but both remained silent. "I have spoken with Mr. Crouch, and I'm afraid the rules are clear: Jane's name came out of the goblet, and thus she is magically bound to compete in the tournament. There can be no other way."

"This is a joke, right?" Jane blurted. The rest of the room turned to her in astonishment. "That's ridiculous. I didn't put my name it the damn Goblet-" Fleur snorted but Jane ignored her. "And I don't want any part of the tournament, so," she shrugged, "problem solved."

"But of course she iz lying!" Protested Madame Maxime.

"If I really wanted to be in the Tournament, why would I be willing to leave?"

"I'm afraid it's irrelevant," Bagman broke in loudly. "No one knows the rulebook better than Barty, so if he says Jane has to compete, there's no way around it. She'll just have to do the best she can."

"Wait, even if I didn't put my own name in?"

Crouch seemed to stutter for a moment before adopting a sheepish expression.

"I'm sorry to say that has never been an issue before. The age limit was only imposed this year, as you know, and to be chosen as a champion is such an honour that, well," he trailed apologetically. "It's never come up before."

"So what you're saying is that the goblet can force anybody, anywhere into a magically binding contract to compete in the Triwizard tournament, no matter what?" Jane asked incredulously. "What would happen if someone put Dumbledore's name in it and it came out? He'd be forced to compete too?"

"Don't be ridiculous," Crouch snapped. "You entered into the contract when you signed your name on that parchment."

"Let me see that," Jane said, holding her hand out to Dumbledore. The headmaster handed her the parchment and she examined it incredulously.

"This isn't my writing," she exclaimed. "Nothing like my handwriting! If I could go and get one of my books, I'll show you!"

"Zis iz obviously a trick! She will most likely be taking one of 'er friends books!" (A/N: Right, I'm no good at accents so I'm stopping.) Protested Madam Maxime, making sure she was blocking the exit.

"Let me see that," Moody said suddenly, grabbing the parchment from Jane. "I can prove who's writing it is. I always carry around my students assignments if I have them so it doesn't take as long to mark." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box, which he placed on the floor and enlarged. "-Accio Potter's DADA essay-"

The scroll hopped from the box and into Moody's waiting hand, where he quickly flicked it open and put the scrap to it where it… matched perfectly. Jane couldn't understand it. That honestly wasn't her writing, yet her essay clearly showed that it was.

"I swear it's not my writing. Someone's framing me!" Jane protested.

"But of course the child is lying. She obviously wants the pity and guilt of her Professors to keep her in the Tournament! Though, how she got in is a mystery." snapped Karkaroff, his eyes glaring at Jane.

"It would take an incredibly powerful confudus charm to make the Goblet of Fire forget the only threes schools competed in the Tournament," said Moody, before adding, "My guess is that who ever it was, wasn't doing Potter any favours."

"As refreshing as your paranoia is, Auror," Karkaroff spat the last work mockingly. "It does absolutely nothing to help us solve this problem. Though, your knowledge on this subject is suspiciously large."

"It was my job once, as you have reminded me, to think as Dark Wizards do. I would have thought you would have remembered that."

"Wouldn't it be simpler if I just said that I wasn't competing? I never wanted to in the first place!" cut in Jane, before Karkaroff was able to reply.

"You foolish girl," snapped Snape, inputting for the first time since he arrived in the antechamber. "Haven't you been listening to anything? You must compete as the entering of the name into the Goblet is a magically binding contract and the breaking of one would result in one of the three options – Removal of your magic, removal of your soul, or Death."

Snape smirked as he saw Jane go slightly pale.

"While that is true," said Crouch. "Because the contract is with those either underage or still students, the contract is not as serious. Ms Potter will still have to compete."

The room was once again overcome with protests and objections before Dumbledore was able to restore order.

"As I said before," he said calmly. "If anyone has an alternative, I'd be delighted to hear it. If not, I'm afraid we have little choice but to let Jane compete, even if she herself would rather not." He looked at Jane apologetically.


"Well, that was certainly… unexpected," Chortled Blaise as they returned to the common room.

"Hmm," answered Harry, thoughtfully. "Yes, I suppose. But somehow, I have the feeling it was meant to happen."

Blaise turned to Harry. "How so?"

"Well, I'm not sure. But I do have a plan to use this for my advantage…"

They sat in silence for a few moments, before Blaise turned to him, his wand raised in the air and a privacy charm cast around them. "I was wondering when the Serpents would be having their first meeting? It's been around two months since you formed us."

Harry sighed. "I know. I just… I just didn't know what to do. My father has always been portrayed in my mind as a true leader and I worry that I wont live up to his expectations." He unconsciously took the Slytherin locket from under his robes and began stroking it softly, staring into the fire. A sense of calm began to emit from it and once again he was all right. "But I will have to try my hardest."

Blaise, while staring into the fire, could see Harry from the corner of his eyes. He subtly glanced at Harry's eyes for a moment and was certain he saw something in them. Looking down he saw Harry holding, but for the life of him, he couldn't see what.

"What are you holding?"

Glancing back at his eyes, Blaise saw them flash crimson for a moment before returning to the their original startling Avada Kedavra green.

"Nothing," he snapped, letting go of the locket and standing up. "There'll be a meeting tomorrow. I'll alert you the time and place via the mark. Good night, Blaise."

And with that, he stalked upstairs, leaving a startled Blaise behind.


Harry entered the Forbidden Forest and made his way through the trees until he reached the clearing that he had found earlier to be the best place for their meeting point until they could find a more protected place. Harry flicked his wrist and was dressed in his best duelling robes, his silver mask held in his hand. Closing his eyes, he concentrated on sending a mental message to all of the Chaos Marks and soon, they began to appear one by one.

Once everyone was there, Harry began.

"My friends, it is regretful that we have not yet had the chance to test our skills and allow me train you all. But fortunately, we have found this great space. I have already placed the necessary wards to keep our presence from being detected, our spells traced and our conversations private. But first, place stand to the side, we'll need more room to practise."

The students gathered to one side as Harry closed his eyes, stretched out his arms and opened his palms, concentrating heavily on his magic. They jumped slightly as at least a hundred trees uprooted and shot off further into the forest. Harry smirked as he heard their awed whispered, glad they didn't notice his wand hidden up his sleeve – although he was talented in wandless magic, he wasn't nearly as powerful as to be able to uproot a hundred trees at once. He was glad they thought him powerful, as only power could command in a war.

"Now that the clearing is big enough, I'll inform you of what I wish to teach you. But first, I have to re-educate your perception of my father and why the war started.

"A thousand years ago, in the time of the Founders, Salazar Slytherin discovered something completely by accident. He discovered that there were three sides to the wizarding world – those with an affinity to neutral magic, those with a light magic affinity and those with a dark magic affinity. Those with a neutral were able to control both Light and Dark magic with relative control, though could never be more powerful than one with an affinity to one particular side.

"After delving further into it, Slytherin discovered that the affinity was carried through the blood and that the affinity of the blood, defined the users skill in that area of magic. Although, before Godric Gryffindor branded magic he could not control as 'Dark', Slytherin named it as magic of nature, as it was closer to the, what he believe was the true nature of magic.

"Though after the break up of the Founders, Gryffindor termed all earthbound magic that he could not control as 'Dark' and the magic he could, as 'Light'.

"We, my father and I, that is, fight for the survival of Earthbound or 'Dark' magic. You may have heard that he cares only if your blood is pure, but that is not his main concern. His main priority is for the survival of Dark Magic and power and the most obvious way to keep it alive is by having long lines of dark old Pureblood family's."

After his long explanation, Harry looked at the faces of his Serpents and smirked – not only was it obvious that they did not know this information, but that they were now bathing in a new light of understanding. Morag MacDougal, an incredibly quiet, yet talented, Ravenclaw student spoke up.

"But, if You-Know-Who only wanted to keep the Dar – sorry – Earthbound magic alive by continuing the survival of the Dark Bloodlines, why didn't he try a Political approach? It would have been far easier, and there would have been less bloodshed. I know that both sides lost many in the First War."

Many agreed with him, but Draco countered him. "Do you not think we tried?" He snapped. "We've had people working in the Ministry for many years trying to stop the War and gain more rights for our people. My father for one, is a one of the leading people in the Ministry for our cause."

"Well, if that is the case," began Wayne Hopkins, the only Hufflepuff there. "Then why have you brought together wizards and witches from both Dark and Light sided bloodlines?"

Harry smirked. "Just because I said that the earthbound magic was stronger, doesn't make it the strongest magic there is. There are two sides to anything – Good and Bad, Black and White, Life and Death, Yin and Yang – correct? So, in the elements, the partner of Earth is Air as on an elemental compass they are opposite. Light wizards are more successful at Runes and Wards and protection because the Air's elemental weapon is the Dagger, which must be protected by runes to stay strong." He looked at the baffled faces, chuckled and added. "If that makes any sense at all to you…"

The Ravenclaw Kevin Entwhistle was the first to get it. "So the magic in the Light Bloodlines, and consequently the Light Wizards, are more successful at Protection, which includes Runes and Warding?"

Harry grinned. "Exactly!"

"Then," he began slowly, as if afraid of the answer that was to come. "What about a Vampire's bloodline? What type of magic does it have a claim to?"

There were a few gasps and a bit of shuffling, with a few whispering under their breath before Harry quieted them down and calmly answered, "I wasn't aware that there was a vampire currently being taught at Hogwarts. Before I answer your question, I need to ask one of my own. How is it that you have a wizards magic within you?"

"My mother was a vampire and my father a wizard, and while my mother was already mated with another vampire, she lusted after this wizard. They had an affair, but after my father found out she was a vampire, he tried to kill her. He wasn't successful, thankfully. My mother returned to our clan, but was rejected by everyone but her mate. She gave birth to me some months later and then was killed during a hunt two years afterwards. My mother's mate, who I have always known as my true father, brought me up, but the rest of the clan always rejected me. When I received my Hogwarts letter, my father did everything to stop me from being disowned from the Entwhistle clan and I am stuck on the brink of being removed from the clan."

Harry pondered on this for a moment, staring at Kevin Entwhistle, while the others looked at him in shock. "Do you know anything of your birth father? A name, perhaps?" Kevin shook his head.

"All I know is that he was an incredibly powerful wizard and was part of the First War."

"You will need a Lineage Potion. It is incredibly difficult to brew and many of the ingredients are Ministry regulated, but I will make it for you. On second thought, I will brew it for everyone in the Serpents to find any special traits that you're family may posses. That way we can work on bringing out those powers to make you stronger. Now," He clapped his hands together. "Enough with the explanations, today we will be boosting your basic arsenal of spells. For starters, -Protego-," A blue shield quickly emerged from his outstretched hand. "Is the basic shield charm. I want you to pair off with someone roughly the same magical ability and cast practise the charm with the other partner casting low level jinxes and curses. Then move higher and higher in power. I will be moving through you all and correcting your stances, pronunciation and power."

As everyone paired off, Harry moved to Draco and Blaise, his mood more normal than the day before around Blaise. "I hope that you won't call Kevin Entwhistle, or anyone for that matter, a 'Dirty half breed' in my presence again. If you haven't forgotten, I happen to be a Half Blood. You may be my second in command, but that wont stop me from cursing you silly." He smirked.

Draco chuckled uncertainly. "Of course."

Blaise took this moment to throw a curse at Draco, who only just managed to send up a shield strong enough to absorb it. Draco smirked and quickly sent back a curse from behind the shield. As the two began to trade spells from behind their shields, Harry began to wind his way through the other pairs, correcting anything that was wrong with their spell casting. The main problem was their stances – they stood as if they were under inspection from a teacher, not as though they were actually fighting another wizard.

"Listen up, everyone here has the potential to be great duellists, but your stances are incredibly poor. How do you expect to be in control of a battle situation if your stance is off?" Harry moved to his duelling stance. "Watch me. You should stand to the side, with your wand arm out, easy on your leading foot so you can easily dodge a spell, and your other arm by, or near your face. That way, if you have a second wand, it can quickly come in with another curse and you'll minimise your target. Practise it. You will see a great improvement if you do."

At the end of the session, Harry gathered the Serpents around him. "This was a great first session. I'm pleased with all of you. You will see a lot of improvement in your ability from that particular stance. I shall contact you for the next session. In the coming weeks we will study non-verbal spells, before moving to combative spells and other such things. I must warn you that we will be practising dark magic, and that because of those of you with light magic in their bloodlines, we will be doing it sparingly at first." There were a few small groans. "Unless, that is, you wish to suffer from a Dark Magic Addiction. We shall meet here on Saturday morning at five o'clock, and practise till six. After that, you may do as you wish for the rest of the day."

Harry smiled as the Serpents began to leave, wishing him a goodbye as they left. Draco and Blaise remained behind for a moment, before leaving Harry as well.

As soon as they were out of sight, Harry took out his father's locket, and began stroking it lightly with the back of his finger. Holding it in his hand for a few moments, Harry began trying to find a way to open it. He had decided the last night as he lay to sleep that he was old enough to see what was inside. After trying to pry it open fruitlessly, Harry began trying to open it with his magic, but with no avail. Then it hit him. He had forgotten that Slytherin had owned the locket before it was his fathers – though how, he'd no idea.

"/Open,/" he commanded. The locket clicked and swung open, and his eyes grew wide.

A portrait of a younger version of his father lay imbedded inside the locket, dark locks framing his cold, aristocratic, face. Intense green eyes bore into him with a calculating air.

"Who are you?" He snapped, his arms folding over his chest.

Harry could not say a thing; he had not seen anything remotely like his father since that day. And yet, when faced with a past version of him, he could not say a thing.


"H… Harry Seiko, sir,"

He felt as if his father's cold eyes could have pierced his soul. "Seiko? I know that name. How is it you opened this locket? Who is your father, boy?"

Harry could have laughed if it had not been for the almost evil incarnate twenty-something wizard inside the locket glaring at him. "My father, sir, is Lord Voldemort."

Shock crossed the portrait's face for an instant before changing back to its glaring façade. "Lord Voldemort." Hissed the portrait. "Lord Voldemort would never have a son. What makes you special?"

"I am Voldemort's son!" Snapped Harry, the hurt evident in his voice. "And his Heir! I'm the Dark Prince!"

"'Dark Prince' or not, you are not Lord Voldemort's heir. I am Lord Voldemort. He is my past, present and future and there is no room for an Heir in my future."

Harry's eyes flashed red. "/I am Lord Voldemort's son and Heir, and whether you like it or not that mean's I am your son and yes I know who you are. But you have no dictation of your future self if he wishes to father an Heir./"

Snapping the locket shut, Harry threw the locket through the clearing in a fit of rage and stormed off back up to Hogwarts.


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