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The events at the Quidditch World Cup were all over the papers the next day, with pictures of the Dark Mark hanging in the air on black and white photo, but the atmosphere clamed down after Harry, Ron, Fred, George, Bill and Charlie went out for a game of three on three quidditch.

Neither Mr Weasley or Percy was at home much over the following week. Both left the house each morning before the rest of the family got up, and returned well after dinner each night. Percy, right now, was being told off by Mrs Weasley for saying that he shouldn't have made a public statement and that it was his fault that the Ministry was receiving Howlers.

"If dad hadn't said anything, old Rita would just have said it was disgraceful that nobody from the Ministry had commented," Said Bill, who was playing wizard chess with Ron. "Rita Skeeter never makes anyone look good. Remember, she interviewed all the Gringotts' curse breakers once, and called me 'a long-haired pillock'?"

"Well it is a bit long, dear," said Mrs Weasley gently. "If you'd just let me…"

"No, mum!"

Harry chuckled at this little scene as he polished his Firebolt with his broomstick servicing kit Hermione had given him last year for his birthday. Harry watched the rain lash at the windows as Fred and George came down the stairs, talking in whispers, their heads bent over a piece of parchment. Harry looked around, watching everyone do their own thing – Ron playing chess with Bill; Charlie darning a fireproof balaclava; Ginny sitting on the rug in front of the fire, mending a herbology book; Percy scribbling something down on a large scroll of parchment; and Hermione immersed in the new DADA book, The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 4.

Harry's eyes lingered on Hermione, watching her turn the page every few minutes with interest. She looks cute when she's concentrating. Though Harry without realising it. Hermione looked up and Harry looked away, blushing slightly, and accidentally sending fire from his eyes in to the fireplace, causing the flames to grow higher for a few seconds. Everyone turned to stare at the fire.

Harry claimed that he wasn't feeling very well, and headed up to the room he shared with Ron. He went straight for his trunk, dropping his broom servicing kit and broom beside it and rummaging through it, looking for the lead box. After almost five minutes of fumbling through the trunk, he found it and threw it open, taking out the rock and cutting a bit off with the cutting charm before he got too sick from the effects. He replaced the lead box in his trunk, and closed it before taking the necklace and the rock and sticking them together with his wand. He put the necklace back on and laid down on his bed, shutting his eyes and pulling the covers over his head.

After a few minutes, Harry heard the telltale sign of coming in. He felt the bed dip as someone sat down on it and Harry poked his head from above the covers. It was Hermione. Harry tore his eyes away, not bearing to look into hers.

"Are you alright?" She asked, concern in her eyes. Harry nodded. "You know, we were a bit frightened when you smashed Malfoy into that tree at the World Cup." Harry nodded again, looking for something to keep his concentration on. "What's happening with you, Harry?"

"I cant tell you. Not yet."

His eyes flicked to Hermione and she looked betrayed. "Why not? You can trust us with anything. We're your friends."

"Your minds aren't guarded. Talk to Dumbledore about it."

Hermione left, tears in her eyes, threatening to burst.


The last day of holidays came all too soon for the residents of the Burrow to return to Hogwarts. Heavy rain was still splattering against the window as he got dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt; they would change into their school robes on the Hogwarts Express. Dumbledore had made a surprise visit before they left, telling Hermione, Ron and even Ginny, that they would be having privet lessons with him every other day starting the first official day of Hogwarts.

They boarded the train after an uncomfortable ride in three muggle taxies, in which, Ron almost threw up over Hermione and himself, but managed to stick his head out the window and chuck outside the car in time and a few cryptic clues about some rules being changed. The Gryffindor trio and Ginny found an empty compartment near the back of the train and sat down for the long ride. Harry fell asleep a few minutes after they had exited the station, and dreamt of flying around the sky, free as a bird.

Once he awoke, he heard hushed voices. Ron and Hermione's to be precise. He opened one eye slightly and looked around the compartment, noticing the sun was just setting – he didn't see Ginny and presumed that she'd gone to look for some friends.

Harry focused on the conversation and heard they were talking about him. "-wasn't sleeping very well last night. He was thrashing around in the covers, sweat all over him, clutching his scar." Said Ron.

Hermione sighed. "He's been so different lately." Ron agreed. "What do you thinks going on in his head?"

"I've no idea. I don't think anyone has – cept him of course."

Harry stirred and they changed topic. "So, what do you think these privet lessons from Dumbledore are?" Ron shrugged. "Harry said something last night. He said, 'your mind's aren't guarded.' What do you suppose that means?"

"No idea, I-"

Harry didn't hear the rest, as a sudden screeching noise sounded through his ears. The deafening noise pierced his head, making him clutch his ears, trying to block it out. It was if the noise was calling him. Harry let out a gasp as the noise began to cause him pain and he rolled off the seat. Hermione and Ron shot up, trying to help him, asking him what was wrong.

Harry jumped to his feet, still clutching his ears, and jumped through the window of their compartment, plummeting down through the air as the train rode across a stone bridge. Harry heard Hermione's shriek of horror as he crashed into the small river below, but Harry just ignored it, flicking his hand towards the train and creating a force field around it, stopping them from following.

Ron tried to jump out the window after Harry, but was flung back against the compartment door by a force field and watched as the glass repair itself. Hermione let out a sob as Ron got up off the floor and rubbed his head.

"Come on, we need to find a Professor." He said softly.


Harry swam down the river as fast as he could, before jumping out and running the across the rest of Scotland to the very edge of a cliff, overlooking a small bay. Harry walked back several paces, took a deep breath and blasted over the cliff. Landing on the verge of the bay, he kept running, sprinting so fast that stayed above the water instead of sinking down into its murky depth. But Harry didn't have time to enjoy this amazing feat, his ears were still burning with pain.

Harry closed his eyes and tried to put up his Occlumency shields up, in hopes that it would quieten the noise and in the split second that he did, caught his foot in the water. The Kryptonian teen tripped and flew a couple of feet before landing flat on his face in the water, slowly sinking. He tried to move, but found his body unable to as the water that was in his wake piled down on top of him.

As Harry was pulled down by some unknown force, the ringing continued, annoying the hell out of him, and he began swimming as hard as he could upwards, putting every last molecule of strength and speed he could into getting out. The Boy-Who-Lived shot out of the water and kept going.

Harry was amazed. He'd always dreamed of flying and now he was. Putting a little burst of speed into his flight, Harry continued on towards the ringing, which was now calling to him, pulling him towards it.


"And you think they were meant for you?" Asked 'Lana'/Isobel, her eyes glaring, changing colour every few seconds. "They were left for nobody. The god of this temple hid them for his return."

Harry broke through the roof of the temple and smashed down in front of Isobel. He flicked his hand towards the ceiling and the pieces mended themselves. Isobel held out her arms to both sides, summoning a sword that removed itself from a statue on her left, and a small blade from the statue and flew into her other hand. She shouted in Latin, crossing the two blades together, and they both shimmered purple energy before going back to it original colour.

Moving back slightly, Harry caught the blade that was thrown at Clark by the tip, he turned around, and sent it back towards the now jumping Isobel. Isobel batted the knife away with her sword and, swinging the sword at Clark, missed and hit the wall instead. Harry superspeeded towards a statue and took a scythe and a sword from it, throwing the scythe to Clark Harry superspeeded back and blocked the attack that was meant for Clark's head.

Clark switched the knife to his left hand and caught the scythe with his right, blocking an attack from Isobel as he did. Isobel did a round house kick, aimed for Harry's head, casting a spell on her foot as she did. Harry dodged the kick and caught her leg, dragging her towards him and causing her to fall over. Isobel quickly countered her fall by kicking out of Harry's grip with the magicked foot and landing crouched on the floor.

The witch then kicked up off the floor, smashing her enchanted foot into Clark's jaw and spinning backwards as if she was flying. Harry superspeeded behind her and pushed her backwards forcefully, right into Clark, who stood there waiting. He grabbed her and felt the stone press against himself. He ripped off her pocket and grabbed the stone as it fell from it.

Clark grabbed the stone at the same time as Isobel and a great flash of light sent them both flying into opposite ends of the room. Harry jumped up to catch Clark as flew through the air and into the next chamber. Clark got up and nodded to Harry, who superspeeded to where the stone was lying in the red cloth and, picking up the cloth found it was empty except from a small steel snake, with gleaming red jewelled eyes, segmented with smaller of the jewels of the same kind. Harry growled angrily and punched the wall and watched as it crumbled away. Clark superspeeded over to him and told him to go back. Harry nodded, put the snake in his pocket and began to run back to Hogwarts, jumping every few meters to see if he could get the flying thing again.

Harry frowned and jumped again, focusing on that feeling he'd had when he was flying and smirked as he shot into the air and off to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.


Hermione was in tears by the time they'd finally got off the Hogwarts Express. She and Ron ran up towards the carriages urging the horseless carriage on. They shot off at an amazing speed, as if it knew that they were in a hurry and, instead of stopping that few meters from the main entrance, took them right in front.

Ron and Hermione ran into the Castle and into the Great Hall, looking for Professor Dumbledore – he'd know what to do. They ran up to the head table and told him what happened. The rest of the professors reacted first, shouting their outrage at what had happened. Dumbledore frowned before casting a memory charm on the five professors that where already seated at the table, erasing only that conversation.

Dumbledore then marched off towards his office, Ron and Hermione in toe. Once they reached it, Dumbledore sat down, completely undisturbed about the situation and asked them to explain in detail what really happened. After they were done, Dumbledore leaned back and let out an agreeing 'hmmm.'

"I suppose the only thing we can do is wait and see what happens." Said Dumbledore in an unusually calm voice as he stood up from his chair. "The feast will be starting soon."

Dumbledore left and Ron and Hermione looked at each other sceptically before following him down to the Great Hall.


"So!" Said Dumbledore, smiling around at them all. "Now that we are all fed and watered, I must once more ask for your attention, while I give out a few notices.

"Mr Filch, the caretaker, has asked me to tell you that the list of objects forbidden inside the castle has this year, extended to include screaming yo-yos, fanged Frisbees and ever-bashing boomerangs. The full list comprises some four hundred and thirty-seven items, I believe, and can be viewed in Mr Filch's office, if anybody wants to check."

The corner of Dumbledore's mouth twitched.

"As ever, I would like to remind you that the forbidden forest is exactly that – forbidden, as is the village of Hogsmeade to those under third year. It is also my painful duty to inform you that the inter-house Quidditch Cup will not take place this year."

People began to speak their anger at this, mainly people in the Quidditch teams, but also those incredibly fascinated with it.

"This is due to an event that will be starting in October, and continuing for throughout the school year, taking up much of the teachers time and energy – but I am sure you will enjoy it immensely. I have great pleasure in announcing that this year at Hogwarts -"

But at that moment, there was a deafening rumble of thunder, and the doors of the Great Hall banged open. A man stood in the doorway, leaning upon a long staff, shrouded in a black travelling cloak. Every head in the Great Hall swivelled towards the stranger, suddenly brightly illuminated by a fork of lightening that flashed across the ceiling. He lowered his hood, shook out a long mane of grizzled, dark grey hair and began walking up towards the teachers table.

A dull clunk echoed through the Hall on his every other step. He reached the end of the top table, turned right and limped heavily towards Dumbledore. (A/N: If you want a description of what Moody looks like, go read Chapter 12, pg 163 of GoF.)

The stranger reached Dumbledore, stretching out his hand, and Dumbledore shook it, muttering words too quiet for anyone to here. Dumbledore turned to the crowd.

"May I introduce our new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher," said Dumbledore brightly, into the silence. "Professor-"

The doors burst open in a much more dramatic form and a flash of lightening followed this new stranger as he strode boldly into the middle of the Hall, his long leather trench coat billowing behind him in a manor only professor Snape managed to pull off.

"Sorry I'm late," The figure said, his face covered in darkness. "Had a bad fall."

The figure swished his hand in front of his face as he strode in between the Hufflepuff and Gryffindor tables, facing the top table. Another flash of lightening and the figure revealed himself. It was Harry.

Harry pulled out a chair and sat back into it, leaning back and motioning for Dumbledore to continue. Dumbledore smiled before continuing.

"As I was saying, Professor Moody!" there was a short round of applause, only Hagrid and Dumbledore putting any effort into it. "And, as I was saying before that," he continued as Moody sat down, ignoring the jug of pumpkin juice and pulling out a hip-flask. "We are to have the honour of hosting a very exciting event over the coming months, an event that has not been held in over a century. It is my very great pleasure to inform you that the Triwizard Tournament will be taking place at Hogwarts this year."

"You're JOKING!" Said Fred Weasley loudly.

The tension that had filled the hall ever since Harry and Moody's arrivals suddenly broke and nearly everyone laughed.

Dumbledore smiled. "No, Mr Weasley, I am not joking, but I do know a good one about a had, a troll and a leprechaun…" after an angry glare from McGonagall he quickly stopped. "But now's not the time for that. Anyway, where was I? Ah yes, the Triwizard Tournament. For those of you who don't know, the Triwizard Tournament is…"

As Dumbledore began to explain what the tournament was, Harry leaned forward in his chair, listening to every word, especially the part about the death toll. This sounds interesting, thought Harry, shame that its seventeen's and over only.

"The delegations from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang will be arriving in October, and remaining with us for the greater part of the year. I know that you will all extend every courtesy to our foreign guests while they are with us, and will give your whole-hearted support to the Hogwarts Champion, when he or she is selected. And now, it is late, and I know how important to you all to be alert and rested as you enter lessons tomorrow morning. Bedtime! Chop, chop!"

As Harry got ready to leave for the Gryffindor Common Room, Ron, Hermione, Fred and George approached him.

"Nice gear, Harry," said Fred, grinning. "Don't suppose with your new badass look you'll be entering the Tournament?"

Harry laughed. "Oh, Merlin, no!" The twins and Ron looked shocked, not expecting this.

"What if somebody had found a way to hoodwink the impartial judge?" asked George, trying to seduce Harry to the idea of entering.

Harry looked at him. "You wont be able to."

"And how would you know?" asked Ron, wanting to know how Harry knew so much about the Tournament.

"If you've read the really old copy of Magical Games and Sport I found in an old junk shop, you would know too. The impartial judge is a goblet. The Goblet of Fire to be exact. No way to hoodwink it, unless you use an exceptionally powerful Confundus Charm to get past the age line that Dumbledore'll draw, or even make it think that there's extra schools competing. But I don't suppose a couple of sixth years could pull that off, do you?"

Fred and George looked thoughtful for a moment, before snickering and walking off, planning their mischievous plan. A sudden clunk alerted them to Moody's presence behind them. He grunted and told them to get to their common room, his magical eye firmly stuck on Harry.

Harry growled, for a second. Moody's presence felt… fake, like it was him but not him. Even though Harry had never met the man before, he had started feeling people's presences ever since he was in Smallville. Harry glared, but nodded and headed off to the Common Room.


Once Harry got back to the common room, he took out the small steel snake and Harry smiled. The Kryptonian teen waved his hand over the snake and asked his magic to animate it.

The snake began to wriggle as he made a small enlarging on it. The snake hissed a hello before curling around his forearm.


The next day was gloomy and dark, rain pouring down the windows of the Great Hall as Harry walked in, still in the leather trench coat from yesterday, but this time, with leather trousers with flames lapping the sides and a black, open-collar shirt.

Harry strolled into the Hall and sat down in the seat closest to the main doors so he could make a quick exit if need be. Harry scouted around the hall as Hedwig flew down from the rafters and landed on Harry's shoulder, nibbling at a piece of bacon he offered her. McGonagall marched up to him, a stern look on her face and the timetables in her hand.

"Mr Potter," She said, stopping in front of him.

"Professor McGonagall," Harry greeted.

"Last time I check, Mr Potter, your attire was not part of the school dress code."

"I believe it is," He said, standing up and flicking his wand at his outfit, transfiguring them into the normal school uniform. "I merely transfigured them into these," He changed them back. "I don't believe that is against the rules, is it?"

McGonagall gave an angry huff, gave him his time table and stalked off to hand out the other schedules. Hermione gave him an angry look before taking off towards her first lesson – Herbology.


After Herbology, in which Harry worked by himself as Hermione wasn't talking to him for acting to rude and not telling her what had happened, and Ron being dragged along with her with a mouthed 'Sorry, mate,' was Care of Magical Creatures.

Harry stared at the strange creatures that Hagrid had named Blast-Ended Skrewts in incredulity. The little things looked like half slug, half something or other. Harry picked one up as a Gryffindor girl, Lavender Brown squealed, jumping backwards. Harry studied it carefully, watching as the tiny creature crawled over his hand and then suddenly sending a jet of fire from its rump with a small phut. Harry put the thing back in its crate.

"Only just hatched, so you'll be able to raise them yourselves! Thought we'd make it a bit of a project of it." Said Hagrid proudly.

"And why would we want to raise them?" said a cold voice, a voice that came from one Draco Malfoy. The Slytherins had arrived. "I mean, what do they do? What is the point of them?"

Hagrid opened his mouth, apparently think hard; there was a few seconds pause, in which Harry took the chance to defend his friend. "You know, Draco, I ask myself the same question about you sometimes."

The Gryffindors all laughed at this, and even Hagrid had to try and stop himself from a grin cracking onto his face. Malfoy glared and stepped forwards threateningly. Hagrid broke them up.


After Care of Magical Creatures, Harry and Ron had double Divination, which was a bore as usual, and a run in with Malfoy, in which he was turned into a ferret by Moody, with Hermione scoffing down her food and rushing to the library.