Short, extremely short oneshot drabble cause I was bored. Hope you enjoy...XD

"Ne, Fujiko, why do you like cacti so much?"

The question Kikumaru had asked caught Fuji completely off guard. "Saa..." was his only response.

But, deep down, he knew the real reason.

A cactus is an unusual plant. A unique one, but strange. On the inside, it's a soft, mushy sort of thing. Something like cake, or a teddy bear. It has a sweet personality on the inside.

But on the outside, however, things completely change.

The needles. The sharp, pointy, and possibly deadly needles. To Fuji, it was like the cactus was trying to reject something. It was like a message, telling everyone to stay away from it.

Stay away from it, or people would get hurt.

To Fuji, a cactus was like a person trying to hide underneath a mask. A cactus was like a person trying to pretend, to isolate itself from everyone.

To isolate itself, however, meant that it had to hurt people.

How could such a beautiful cactus be so deadly?

The reason why Fuji liked cacti?

It reminded him of a certain person. A person that he felt was hiding underneath a mask.

So...who exactly was that person? I'm not telling. You guess for yourself XD. You have brains you know...PSHIYUKZA