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When Harry awoke, he found himself locked away in a cell. At first he though himself in Azkaban, but he threw that thought away when he realised it was a human standing outside his cell. The next train of thought was he could be in a muggle prison, but that thought was also tossed when the guard outside his cell entered it, and smacked him on the back of the head with a club. The screams from the cell next to his were the last things he heard before he fell unconscious.


Being sedated everyday for a week can really take its toll on a human. Cornelius had had to get the guard even whack the boy on the back of the head as well as being sedated every three hours. But the boy's blood was haywire, and there was nothing he could do to correct that. But, the plus side to this was he had to create a substance harder than Adamantium.

"Careful with his head when… oh never mind. Just dump him on the table, and lets get this done."

Harry was placed very unceremoniously onto the table

It was a mixture of Uru, Promethium and Adamantium, with a touch of liquid diamond. He hadn't yet named it, but a name can come with time. The important fact was that it was stronger then Adamantium and could support the boy's blood. That was the main problem, getting it bonded to the boy's bones. He would have to create enough to coat his equipment before increasing, before bonding it to the kid's bones.

That would take at most a week, and he had really hoped he could do the bonding before the skill implanting, but it looked like he had no choice in the matter.

Hopefully, the hourly whacks on the noggin should have sufficiently got most of the old information out of the head, ready for the new.

Wheeling the kid to the Re-education centre, he noticed that the kid was beginning to wake and he smirked. This was going to be painful. Normally, they injected the specimen with a heavy dose of morphine, but Cornelius hadn't yet coated the needles, and he really couldn't be bothered to just squirt it down his throat.

The Re-education centre was just a big television with flashing images of moves, techniques, skills, languages, information and other things that would be useful for an assassin. But it also had calming sound to lower the blood pressure so not to cause the victim… ahem, subject, panic, otherwise the information would not be absorbed. It was crucial that the subject was awake.

The giant TV switched on and an incredibly beautiful woman came on in a tight and small nurse's uniform. She giggled and jumped up and down, introducing the Re-education centre and what would be happening.

Oh, and the subject had to be turned on.

Cornelius laughed and turned away; glad he didn't have to switch to the other video.


After Ron had talked to Fred and George, they had led him to their training ground in the forest outside of the Burrow. It seemed that they both had weird powers as well, but theirs differed from his in more ways than one. They could control electricity, one of those muggle things, but apparently they had gone into the main town to see what electricity really was, and found out it was like lightening.

After that day, they had worked everyday in their training ground to control it and now had a medium level of control over it. They began teaching Ron what they did to control it, starting with what exactly what his power was.

Ron trained hard for three days solid, just to work out how to have a minimum control over his power. But it was worth it. His power – it was incredible. He could control fire!

On the fourth day, Ron found he could cover his whole body like a cocoon, it even protected him from the Twins shock waves. It was that day that Ginny had followed them.

She had followed them because everyday, at the same time, Ron left, closely followed by the Twins and they came back, all battered and bruised everyday. Ginny needed to know what was going on.

Ron gathered the flames around him and preparing to battle Fred and George as training when Ginny screamed.

Immediately, Ron's flames extinguished and he rushed after the quickly retreating Ginny. But it was too late; she had brought a broom. Ginny shot through the trees at an amazing speed for a Cleensweep 7. She had reached the house before Ron had even managed to get a quarter of the way.


Ron trudged out of his room, dragging his trunk with all of his belongings shrunk by Fred and George and down the stairs to the fireplace, where he flooed to the apartment above Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes.


It had been almost a month since Harry had entered into Doctor Cornelius' expert care. Harry had been through the Re-education centre, and had absorbed everything expertly. Cornelius could remember the exact words the boy had said.

"…Roundhouse kick… pounce… pump-action Winchester model 1897 shotgun… Audi R8… dry weight 1560-kg… duodenal glands… Zygomatic arch is formed by the Zygomatic process of temporal bone…Je m'appelle Jaguar"

And during that month, the machines had been updated and Harry's entire body had been toned up a bit through generating micro-tears in his muscles via a machine to increase his muscle mass.

Cornelius had even managed to complete the bonding process with minor injuries to himself. That in itself was a success. Usually, it took two months to complete everything, including training, but of course, this one didn't need training, it was already in his head.

So, with nothing left to do, Harry was tossed back in his cell, arm cuffed behind his back with Adamantium shackles, waiting for his first assignment.


'Where am I?'

As if reading his thoughts, Doctor Cornelius stepped into his cell and answered. "Neverland, of course."

"Mpf… pain…" his voice was hoarse and sore.

"Yes, you will feel a lot of pain, you've gone through a lot in the past month – what with the bonding and all."


Cornelius nodded. "Yes, Jaguar."


"That is your name, remember."

"M…name… Harry…" Was his name even Harry anyway?

"No, your name is Jaguar, you are the perfect weapon. With Adamanteus X bonded to you bones you are the strongest yet. Your healing factor is even stronger than Wolverine's, and your blood, well; your blood is truly amazing! Your mutation is wonderful!"

"…Weapon…? Adamanteus…? … Healing…? … Mutation…?"

"Yes, yes, yes, and yes. I take it you didn't know much about mutants before you came here. Well, once the information has settled down a bit, you'll understand."


"Well, the Adamanteus X will feel… for lack of a better word, weird, for a while, but once you get used to it, it's be fine. I must say, you really are perfect."

'Jaguar' nodded. "…Jaguar…"

Cornelius smirked and nodded. "Good. Now, what are you?"

"… Perfect…weapon…?"

Cornelius nodded. "And what are you not to do?"

"…Join…mutants…?" The information was starting to settle, and his voice was finally beginning to come back.

"Great! Right, it is now 03.19; your first assignment will begin at exactly 04.45. But first, we must get you under our complete control."

Cornelius snapped his fingers and two brutes came in and carried him away.


Jaguar was set down into an Adamantium chair and bolted in around the neck, legs and arms. He growled as he was pushed forward slightly and waited for the pain to come. It came as just a little twitch at first before growing into an agonising pain, drilling into his spinal cord.

Jaguar let out an enormous roar and wrestled against his bond.

A sudden 'snikt' sounded. A gurgling verbalised, like the sound of someone being stabbed in the gut.

Jaguar broke free of the bonds, and pounced on the Doctor Cornelius, pushing him into the corner of the room. He began to stutter.

"Y-y-you should be t-t-thanking me! I-I-I created you! Y-you w-would be nothing without me."

Jaguar leaned into Cornelius, pushing his Adamanteus X claws further into him, and whispered into his ear. "I would rather turn on my Creator, than be controlled by him."

With his free hand, Jaguar slashed through Cornelius' neck and wrenched upwards with the claws still in the dying man's gut.

"See you in hell, Creator." He said as Jaguar let the limp body fall to the floor and, pulling the metal rod from the base of his head, left the room silently.


Wheeling out of Cerebro, Xavier called upon his trusted X-Men. Once they were all assembled, he began. "I believe we have a mutant in need of our help. Well, to be precise, three. At least level three. Maybe a little higher, but anyway, they are in need of our help."

"Professor, where exactly are they?" asked Jean Grey, Xavier's number one student/teacher.

"England, London to be precise. I'll send you the co-ordinates when you're in the X-Jet."

The group nodded, and headed to the Jet.

Once on board, the co-ordinates where programmed into the Jet and they were away.


"Sigh," Ron was bored.

There was nothing to do around here. The twins had shut the shop for the rest of the day, giving the staff a day of, which meant he had nothing to do. He couldn't go train because he had nowhere to go, and he couldn't write to Harry or Hermione because Dumbledore had told him not to write to Harry to let him grieve, and he didn't know where Hermione was at the moment. Probably off gliding on snow on wood!

Ron shook his head with laughter. What was it called, skiing?

The doorbell to the muggle world rang (The Twins had bought the property on the other side of their shop in the muggle world and knocked down the wall separating them) and Ron went to answer.

"Yes? Can I help you?" asked Ron as he opened the door. He almost keeled over laughing as three people in front of him, dressed in form-fitting leather suits, with the letter X in a circle as an emblem, but luckily, he contained himself.

There were two women, one white, one black and one white man. The white woman with a deep red shade of hair stepped forward.

"Hello," she said with a America accent. "I'm Jean Grey."