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Britney Allen's house, Crenshaw Heights

I strolled into the kitchen.

"Morning sweetie." Said mom

"Morning." I replied

"Looking forward to school?" She asked

"Yeah, the computers that we won are being delivered today." I said pouring some orange juice into a cup

"That's fantastic sweetie," She said "Anyway I have to go catch my flight to Maine."

"Have a safe journey." I said

"See you on friday." Said mom

"Bye." I said watching my mom walk out of the door pulling the suitcase behind her.

Crenshaw Heights High School

I walked in to school and went through my daily rountine of airport security

"Britney!" Called a voice

I spun around to find Kerrisha standing there.

"Hey!" I said walking over with a wide smile

"Hey girl," She looked at the computers being delivered "They are going to make a lot of difference to us."

"Yeah." I said

"Espically thanks to you." Said Leti coming up behind Kerrisha

"I didn't do anything." I admitted

"We were good," Said Camille "But I never listened and until you came along we had never won anything. You made me listen, you showed me and the team that we were as good as other teams, that we could compete with those fancy white people, plus you made a choice. You gave up being a Pacific Vista Pirate and you became a Crenshaw Heights Warrior. Thank you."

"Your welcome." I said smiling

"There is a new compettion coming up." Said Kerrisha

"Are we going to enter?" Asked Leti looking expectantly at Camille

She smiled. "Why the hell not?!"

"OKAY!" I said, really obnoxiously

"We so need to work on that." Said Leti a smile tugging the corners of her mouth.

"Plus your clothes," Said Camille "Sorry Britney, but you still look like a Barbie doll."

"What do you suggest?" I asked with a hint of suspicon in my voice

"Well," Said Kerrisha "There is no cheerleading pratice today, so how about we take her shopping?" She looked at Leti and Camille.

"Yeah." Chorused Leti and Camille

"Should I be worried?" I asked

"No, of course not." Said Leti, not at all convincing.

"Not until we dye your hair blue, anyway." Said Kerrisha

"Not funny!" I said laughing.

"Let's get to class." Said Camille

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"I can't wear that!" I exclaimed in horror

"Why not?" Asked Camille

"Because it's school and not a biker's bar."

"Girl," Said Leti "Listen to us, it's out the door with the old Britney and in the door with the new, hot, sexy Britney. Trust me, wait until Jesse sees you. That boy will not be able to breathe."

"O.K." I said giving in, but the butterflies in my stomach did not settle.

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