Marpenoth 28 1369 DR, Year of the Gauntlet

In a blinding flash of light, Bowie Butterball, Olive Ruskettle, Artemis Entreri, and Rouric Balderk found themselves standing in a thick grassy area, surrounded by dozens trees.

"Since when did Calimport grow all of these trees and grass?" asked Rouric as he scanned the area.

"This is not Calimport," Entreri said with a hiss. He glared at Olive, who was closely examining the area around them.

"Storm's teleportation spell should have worked," she said, looking at the assassin as she crossed her arms. "The only thing I can think of is that Mystra, or some other god, intervened and sent us here for a reason."

Entreri shook his head. "Maybe we should have traveled with Florin Falconhand," he muttered as he walked away.

Ignoring the female halfling's assessment and the assassin's comment, Bowie closed his eyes, humming a short ballad as he released a Lore spell.

When the spell was complete, he opened his eyes and said with a worried expression on his face," We're somewhere in the middle of the Western Heartlands."

Rouric was about to ask where they were in the Heartlands, when an echo of screams, followed by roars filled their ears.

"Most likely we're in the Forest of Wyrms," Artemis Entreri said, drawing Charon's Claw as thundering footsteps came towards him.

For Doro and Jill

Author's Notes:

I admit that I have quite of explaining to do. So before you begin your discussion on "What should be done with this Blackstaff" I'll try and clear the air.

For those who thought the fight scenes were too quick, remember there are a group of 7 characters going up against gargoyles and a couple of beholders (not to mention all of those characters possess powerful magical items...its like Undermountain all over again).

First, I know the whole, Val/Fey and Roland/Willow seemed kind of quick and spur of the moment, but remember they're all pretty young and naive (especially the two male Harpers) In all retrospect, the character of Val was based off of a character my friend Tom played, and let me just say that Val Cycloveer (Tom's character) had plenty of love interests since the age of twelve. As far as Val's animosity towards Tessaril...when I personally learned that Azoun was notorious for sleeping around, I wasn't mad or appalled, but I was surprised to find that no one seemed too traumatized by it. Rest assured that Val (and Roland for that matter) have all the respect in the world for Cormyr and it's king...they just like being rebellious and sharing their feelings.

Next there's the whole thing about Artemis Entreri being a Harper. Yes he is a member, though he more and likely won't be given a full blown ceremony like others. His "induction" was actually similar to Olive's when she was given the pin by Finder Wyrvenspur. Although it may seem that Entreri would be unfitting to be a Harper, I'll just say that after reading his entry in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting, I believe that he has all the makings of a Harper, save the fact that he doesn't like playing musical instruments. This doesn't mean that he'll end up being a good guy, or that Bowie will try and turn him good. That decision is left up to Artemis Entreri. I'm also leaving the tension between him and Storm up in the air…This is kind of going with that whole Drizzt and Artemis being equal again, but compared to Drizzt's meeting with Alustriel, Entreri's meeting with the Bard of Shadowdale was much much different.

Also, for those who might be upset about Bowie's remark that he would "piss" on Regis Rumblebelly, I'll try and do what I can to defend myself. Part of Bowie's statement was to humor the assassin (which it most certainly did) but Bowie meant what he said. When I write fan fiction, I never try and have my characters be stronger or have an edge over infamous Realms characters unless it's for a good reason, nor do I try and belittle famous heroes of the Forgotten Realms (except for characters like Mirt the Moneylender and Vangerdahast...they're just too fun to pick on sometimes). If anyone thinks that Bowie is along the lines of a Mary Sue, then that wasn't my intent. Bowie Butterball bleeds like everyone else and has his obsessions like any other man. He will admit that his revenge for Manshoon is a driving force in his life, but that being a Harper and a teacher has also given him new meaning...which is part of the reason Bowie invited Entreri to join the Harpers. If Bowie was the perfect example of a Harper, he wouldn't have invited Entreri into the organization, nor defied the authority like his pupils Roland and Val. I will say that the actions of bringing an "evil" character like Artemis Entreri into the Harpers will come back and bite Bowie on the ass, as well as the actions of his fellow students.

So yes in a fight, Bowie would whoop Regis, but that doesn't mean I'll ever write such a scene.