Chapter I: The Invasion

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"Hey, Reyna! What's takin' so long?" Tyson asked.

"Coming!" yelled Reyna from the top of the steps. She finished brushing her deep red hair which came to her mid-back. Her bright green eyes showed the excitement she had all day. She ran down the stairs and was promptly stopped by her parents.

"Reyna, we trust you to be responsible today." her mother, who was named Kairi, told her.

"Mom, everything's going to be fine." she replied.

"She'll be okay, dear," her dad, whose name was Sora, replied. She ran to the door where her friends Namé, Kai, and Tyson stood.

Tyson was the older son of Roxas and Namine (yeah I made them separate from Sora and Kairi, I didn't like that they just merged and disappeared). He had short, spiky blond hair that was a shade or two darker than his sisters with deep, ocean blue eyes. He was only a moth older than Rena. His younger sister was Namé, Reyna's best friend. Namé had light blond hair that came a bit below her shoulders and had light blue eyes. She was usually more quiet and thoughtful than her headstrong brother, though she could spaz out on certain occasions. She was thirteen, a year younger than her brother.

Then there was Kai. He was Riku's only son, and had a lot of his father's personality. Kai had long silver hair in the front like Riku's (in KH2), but his hair in the back was short. Riku had named his son in fondness of Kairi. He was five months older than Tyson, and had strong feelings for Reyna.

Namé played with her hair while her eyes danced about the room and Tyson kept shaking his head while eyes constantly shifted to his watch. Kai stood their with his arms crossed, looking very impatient.

Reyna started running to the front door when her parents and little brother Sota came in.

"Have a good time, Princess," her dad told her.

"Bye, sis!" said her little brother.

"I will. Love you all!" she replied. She and her friends walked outside.

"This is so cool!" Namé said, "I can't believe our parents are letting us camp out at the beach on our play island!" She jumped up and down and squealed with delight.

"Let's get going then!" Renya replied. They walked to the shore and got in their boats. After paddling for a while, they came to the island where they were going to camp. She and her friends played their often, as did her dad and his friends when they were young.

"Tyson and I will set up the tents. Namé, get the bags and stuff organized." Kai said.

"I'm going to take a walk," said Reyna.

Namé teasingly stuck her tongue at Reyna. "You always try to get out of work!" she said.

Reyna giggled. "Better get going! Those bags won't organize themselves you know."

Namé sighed and shooed her off. She laughed and strolled off across the beach when she caught sight of a hole at the bottom of a tree. She walked towards it and stooped in. It was quiet, almost eerily quiet. She noticed drawings on the walls, some of her dad and friends. She sat down and yawned. Before she knew it, she fell asleep.

A black cloaked figure stood in the chapel of a large, dark castle. As he looked into a mirror lying on a large pedestal, he chuckled softly to himself. "The Angel of Heart, a mere child? Hahaha, now no one will stand in my way! With the new Organization at my disposal, I shall bring all the worlds to darkness, and bring back my city from the depths of darkness. A new age is rising! The age of Amnael!"
Reyna awoke with a strange feeling. She quickly turned and thought she saw a black clocked figure, with a black glowing crystal of some sort, leave the Secret Place. She realized that she had lost track of the time. She quickly sprang up and ran from the Secret Place.

"Reyna! Reyna! Where are you?" she heard Namé call. She ran towards Namé when a large tremor shook the island. She looked up and saw a dark sphere in the sky, which she thought was causing the storm. She ran up to her friends who all looked worried.

"We have to leave! The storm is getting very powerful," Tyson said.

"No, being in the water in a storm like this would be more dangerous," Kai said, "I think it would be better to find shelter."

"There's a cave right up there," Reyna said.

They all ran towards the secret place, but stopped short. There in front of them stood a figure in a black cloak, with a black shard around his neck.

"The shadow falls, and the power of light fades. The dark power of Kronos Seal shall bring forth the darkness, and all shall fade into nothingness. The great master will return, and his kingdom, the fallen empire, shall rise once again."

"Who are you?" barked Tyson.

"I am a mere token of my master's power. My master wishes that I stop you here and now. But first, the Keyhole..."

"He's disappeared!" said Namé.

"He's in the Secret Place. Come on!" said Reyna.

They ran through the small opening and came into the cave in time to see the stranger lift the shard and say, "Power of the Kronos Stone, shatter the Keyblade's power! Open the Keyhole, release the Darkness!" A strange seal appeared over the Keyhole and with a large, cracking sound broke the seal of the Keyhole and opened it. Darkness poured forth from it.

"Run!" yelled Kai. They all ran out onto the beach, but the stranger materialized in front of them.

"Oh, no. You can't be allowed to escape. You perish here and now!" he said. Two swords materialized in his hands and he leaped at them. Out of no where a blinding light appeared. Everything seemed to melt away...

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