Chapter II: Dive to the Heart: The Angel Awakens

Reyna woke up to find herself in what seemed like dim water. She moved her foot, and a flock of doves suddenly flew of in a spectacular light, revealing her place on a strange platform. It resembled a girl with black hair and lots of woodland animals around here.

"That's Snow White, one of the princesses of heart. Dad and Mom used to tell me about them..."

A strange voice spoke in her head. "You need not choose a weapon. Your destiny is already set." it said. The ground seemed to quake. Then the whole platform shattered. She found herself falling through darkness. She noticed that she wasn't falling at a great speed. More like slowly descending. She saw a glimmer of light that seemed to come from behind her. "Are those wings on my back?" she whispered to herself.

Tyson awoke on the same platform. He got up and looked around when three platforms appeared with a sword, staff, and shield. A voice spoke in his head, saying, "Power sleeps within you. If you give it form, it will give you strength. Choose well." He approached the platform with the sword and took it.

The voice said, "The power of the warrior. Invincible courage. A sword of terrible destruction. Is this the form you choose?"

He nodded and the sword disappeared from his hand. "Your path is set. Now what will you give in exchange?"

He approached the platform with the staff and grabbed it.

"The power of the mystic. Inner strength. A staff of wonder and ruin. Is this what you give up?"

He again nodded, and the staff vanished. Suddenly, the platform shattered and he fell into darkness.

Namé awoke on the same platform as well. She saw the three platforms appear with a sword, staff, and shield.

The voice spoke again, saying, "Power sleeps within you. If you give it form, it will give you strength. Choose well." She went to the platform with the staff and took it.

The voice said, "The power of the mystic. Inner strength. A staff of wonder and ruin. Is this the form you choose?"

Shee nodded and the staff disappeared from her hand. "Your path is set. Now what will you give in exchange?"

She approached the platform with the sword and grabbed it.

"The power of the warrior. Invincible courage. A sword of terrible destruction. Is this what you give up?"

She again nodded, and the sword vanished. The platform began to quake and shattered into pieces, throwing her into the darkness.

Kai awoke on the same platform, but it seemed different somehow. The vividness and color of the picture that the others had seen was drained and dull, as if devoid of life. Then the voice spoke to him.

"The weapon you have chosen in your heart cannot be found here. Begone," it said. The platform grew dark and then shattered. He plunged into the darkness, but didn't feel afraid. It just felt right somehowe.

Reyna found herself on another platform, this one of a girl with blond hair with carriages and the like around her, like a big ball.

The voice told her, "You must be the light that conquers the darkness." Out of the ground popped Shadow Heartless.

She shouted back to the voice, "But I don't have a weapon!" The Heartless moved closer.

"You have the greatest weapon of all," it said. Then the Heartless leaped at her. She closed her eyes and clenched her teeth. But they never got to her. The moment they leaped at her, a white light shone from her heart and dissipated them all. Then the light grew brighter and brighter...

And she found herself on yet another platform. This one was the best one of all. (Yeah, I think it looks by far the coolest. ) It had a girl with fair blond hair holding a rose with thorns around her. A white circle appeared on the platform. She walked into it and felt renewed. She also felt like she gained something. She stepped out of it and steps appeared to another platform. She hurried up them, hoping to find some answers...

Tyson found himself on the Cinderella platform, and after looking around, he heard the voice speaking to him again.

"You have gained the power to fight. You must use this power to protect yourself and others."

He nodded in acknowledgement and stepped forward. Suddenly shadows on the platform began to move and take form. Three shadows emerged and began to inch closer.

"There will be times you have to fight. Keep your light burning strong."

They suddenly attacked. Tyson dodged the swipe of the first one and rolled to the side as the other two came by. He swung his sword around and slashed through two of them, causing them to fade away. The third launched itself into the air at him. He jumped up and swiped his sword upword, cutting it in two. Darkness began to spread and envelop the platform, and he was dragged into it.

He found himself on the Aurora platform, and after healing himself in the white circle, followed the steps to the final platform.

Namé appeared on the Cinderella platform, and heard the voice speak.

"You have great inner power. Magic is strong in you."

Shadow Heartless appeared and came at her.

"There will be times you have to fight. Keep your light burning strong."

She took a jump back as they leaped at her. She raised her staff and felt a strange power course through her as she said, "Spell Impact!"

She slammed her staff down, sending off a shockwave of magic that destroyed the Heartless. Darkness overtook her and she was pulled downward.

She awoke on the Aurora platform, and saw the white circle. When she entered it, she suddenly felt that strange power again, and gained more magic abilities, namely Fire, Blizzard, and Thunder.

Kai awoke on the Cinderella platform, but the voice gave no instructions. The Heartless appeared but didn't strike. They just sat there. Kai walked up and touched one. It convulsed and began to form into a sword.

"Soul Eater," said the voice. The darkness swelled up and swallowed him. He found himself on the Aurora platform. A red circle appeared. He walked into it and felt strengthened, yet weighed down. Stairs appeared to the next platform appeared. He ran up them, in hopes of discovering more about this new power.

Reyna made it to the last platform. It showed a woman with brown hair in a yellow dress, with a monstrous creature behind her and silverware all around.


"Just remember, no matter how great the darkness may seem, your light can never be blotted out," the voice said. She saw sdakness form and surge upward. It changed into a giant Heartless. It had a body like a mermaid but was blue and hideous. Its hands were claw like fins, its horn projected from its head, and its hideous face in a leering grin.

"Just remember," said the voice.

Then it attacked. As it floated in the air, it tried to hit her with its large tail. She dodged and jumped in for an attack, her hand glowed with a soft light. When she looked, she was holding an energy whip of pure light. She attacked with the whip, lashing at its tail. It roared in pain, and swung its tail at her. She ducked down as it flew over her. The Heartless raised its claws and brought them down on the platform. Reyna struck its hand, then jumped on its arm and climbed up it until she got near the hollow part of its body where its heart should have been. She gathered all her light energy into one attack and struck her whip at its heart cavity. The creature screamed in pain and withered away. Then light came and swallowed everything. Before she woke, she heard the voice say," You hold the mightiest weapon of all..."

Tyson reached the Belle platform and heard the voice say, "The closer you get to the light, the greater your shadow becomes."

He looked back to see his shadow stretch, then suddenly emerged from the ground and morph shape. In a few moments it had changed to form a Darkside Heartless. He pulled out his sword and attacked its arm. It brought its fist down on the platform with a crash and created a dark pool out if which Shadow Heatless came forth. Tyson slashed at Darkside's arm while avoiding the attacks of the other Heartless. He managed to jump on its arm and run up to its head where he bashed it repeatedly. It reared up and began to fire dark energy that homed in on Tyson. He jumped out of the way and stabbed his sword into its head and pulled his sword right down the middle of it. The creature sank to the ground and dissipated, but left behind a pool of darkness which spread throughout the whole platform. It began to envelope Tyson when he heard the voice say,"Keyblade Master, Angel of Heart, destinies intertwined. Seal the great darkness. Look to the light...." Then everything went black.

Namé made it to the last platform where her shadow became a Darkside Heartless. It brought down its fist to the platform. Namé dodged the attack and raised her staff.

"Fire!" she called. A ball of fire formed at the end of her staff and shot at its head. It connected, causing it to stumble back. She didn't see when it brought across its other hand and swiped at her, knocking her across the platform. She was dazed from the impact when it brought its fist down at her. She rolled out of the way and cast a blizzard spell at its hand, freezing it into a block of ice. She brought her staff down on it using Spell Impact. Its hand broke off, but it merely reformed. Darkside summoned dark energy spheres at her that came flying at her.

"Thunder!" she said, calling thunderbolts that struck them and destroyed them. She ran over to Darkside cavity and hit it using Spell Impact. It groaned and crashed to the ground, its darkness enveloping her.

Kai reached the final platform. The voice still would not speak. But someone else did. "Hello, Kai," said the voice. Out of the shadows stepped a figure in a black cloak with a strange pendant that had a very familiar seal on it. He also had a large crystal of that dark stone. "My name is Amnael."

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