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So, here it goes. My latest Draco and Ginny story,

The Long Journey Home.

Ginevra Molly Weasley fell onto her back, letting out a large breath. She looked out at the sky; the weather that day had be nothing but perfect. A bright yellow sun shined boldly as it hovered over the green earth. The sky was the perfect shade of blue; tranquil and soft. The clouds that gently floated above were white, large, and fluffy; and so close it was as if she could reach up and grab them with both hands. A strong breeze blew the Scottish seaside, cooling the land from the suns rays. As she looked out into the never ending view before her, she felt as if it had hours since she fell onto her back there, taking in large breaths. In reality however, it had been mere seconds before she rolled onto her stomach, clutching her wand.

The Death Eater before her had his wand pointed at her, shouting a curse that had missed her by mere inches. She rolled again, getting a mouth full of harsh grass into her mouth in the process. She aimed her wand at him, and with out uttering a word, she shouted in her mind,


His wand immediately flew from his hands as he too fell back to the ground. Ginny wasted no time, and shot onto her feet, running towards the wand the Death Eater was currently trying to crawl to, while a groan escaped his lips. As she reached the long piece of wood, she kicked it away from him, and pointed her wand at him.

"ADVADA KADAVRA!" she screamed at him. Their eyes locked for a moment, before a green light came from out of her wand and hit him. He dropped her gaze first.

Ginny wiped red hair out of her face and took off running towards her friends and comrades. This was war. The final battle; and the good side was out numbered. She wasted no time in stupefying another Death Eater as she ran to Remus Lupin's side.

"Ginevra!" he screamed, as he sent a curse towards a few men coming his way. She nodded at him and stood behind him, looking around for other possible men to attack.

"Status?" she asked, while sending a disillusionment charm at a man three times as large as her.

"Same as before," he said through ragged breath.

"Three to one?" Ginny replied, turning slightly around to face him. Large drops of sweat cascaded down his face, as the wrinkles around his eyes creased, looking for more Death Eaters that were coming from the forest.

"It could get worse; too many of the Aurors are in Hogsmead fighting the Inferi and Dementors, not enough are covering Hogwarts. This is not looking good, Ginevra." She let out a sigh as she looked around her, keeping an eye out for men trying to catch her. "Have you seen her yet?" Ginny shook her head.

"No, she was chasing me for a while, but Percy intercepted."

"Your brother is here?" replied Remus, wiping bits of sweat that was trickling down his face. Ginny nodded.

"They began dueling and someone else came from behind me, I lost them after that." Ginny looked to her right saw a man clad in black running towards her. She sent a loud "Crucio" which had him falling to his knees. She kept her wand pointed at the masked man as she ran to him, putting a full body bind on him.

"Using Unforgivables I see," Remus called, she gave him a shrug.

"You told me too," she replied, looking over the hoards of people, looking for that one person.

"Ah, so I did," he responded calmly, as if they were sitting at tea and not fighting in a war.

Ginevra kept her eyes peeled, looking for that mass of black hair. She barely took notice of the carnage around her. The death, the hate, and the utter destruction of a place she once held dear. Fires were burning in near by brushes. Screams of terror could be heard from inside the Hogwarts castle, where she was sure Death Eaters were doing things she dared not think about. Ginny tried not to look at the grass, seeing all the bodies that lay there; some whole, some torn apart, some bleeding and some as if they were merely taking a nap under the perfect weather. Faces of people she knew and those she didn't blurred in her mind. They were all dead. And now was not the time to mourn for them.

Even with the noises around her, she could hear the loud blasts of spells and buildings falling from Hogsmead, where Inferi and Dementors were coming by the dozens to attack the community. She could feel them in the air, their stench mixed in with acrid taste of the air about her. It tasted of blood, of salty tears, of death, and of evil. Her skin felt clammy and the goose bumps had stayed there since the battle began... all those hours ago.

"Was it hours?" She had thought, "It couldn't have been, the sun was as high as it is now when we started." It had been just after breakfast at Number Twelve Grimmauld place when the owl from Hogwarts and Hogsmead had arrived. She had just finished her cup of chocolate milk when Remus had rushed in, and told her to get her wand. Ginny had frozen for a solid five seconds before she pushed her chair back and snatched it from its place on the counter. She took no robe, so her jeans and her old Hogwarts white button up had been her battle fatigues. She looked down at herself now, and saw a large slash on the side, where a Death Eater had used Sectumsempra causing her to stumble to the ground at the beginning of battle. Blood had since then seeped from her left side, reaching over to her right, making the shirt look pink.

She ran out to stop a Death Eater from coming upon an unsuspecting Tonks. The redhead took out her wand, and thinking loudly, "Impedimenta", making the Death Eater look as if he were going in slow motion. Tonks was too busy fighting another attacker to notice as Ginny used the Killing Curse on him.

"Crucio!" she heard from behind her, and quickly fell to the floor. The red beam of light flew past her head, and into the Hogwarts wall, leaving a black mark upon the aged bricks. She shot up, with her wand out to see who had sent the curse.

"Well, look at what we have here," said a cruel voice, a smile playing on their lips, "a weasel that lost its way."

Bellatrix Lestrange's eyes were dark, and yet sparkling with madness the young woman had never seen in all her 20 years. Though Ginny hated to admit it at a time like this, but Lestrange looked almost beautiful. The last time Ginny had set eyes on her was at the Department of Mysteries in her fourth year, almost 6 years ago. She had been gaunt, and pale, her skin looked as if it had been stretched over her bones. But now, standing before Ginny was a beauty. Her hair was thick and a deep jet black. Her eyes were wide, standing out from the pale skin around them. Her lips were full and a deep red. She wore new robes, with the Dark Mark stitched upon it.

"Nope," Ginny said, as she stepped around the older woman, who held her wand in dueling position. "I am exactly where I am supposed to be," Lestrange laughed.

"You've grown, haven't you little Weasel?" she said in a playful manner, Ginny merely shrugged. "You're a woman now. Can hold your own?"

"You've gotten more senile, haven't you, Lestrange?" Ginny replied relishing in the way her opponent's lips went tight. "I've always been able to hold my own. Unlike you, who trails after Voldemort's robes..."

"Cour cidment!" screamed Bellatrix.

"Protego!" Ginny said in her mind. The older woman's jinx bounced off Ginny and into the Hogwarts walls once more.

"Interesting," Bellatrix said, her brow rising. "You are well trained in Non-verbal spells. I am almost impressed," she finished off, with an air of arrogance Ginny had only ever heard from one other person.

"Just you wait," Ginny said, and with determination she turned on her heels and began running back the way she came.

Ginevra could hear Bellatrix screaming at her to stop, to turn around and face her like a man; but Ginny knew what she was doing. She had to get her alone, absolutely alone, where no one could find them. Where Ginny could turn around and face Bellatrix one on one. The way things were going, they would have soon been intercepted by another Death Eater trying to defend the Great Mistress' honor.

Ginny had to keep her following, as she dodged her way past people, spells, and fires. She missed hexes, curses, and jinxes by seconds as she ran her way around Hogwarts. Ginny could hear the screams of her attacker, as she sent hexes and curses. The redhead had thrown a few curses behind her, just to keep the up the fight with her. As she kept running, the people fighting became less and less, so that when she reached behind Hogwarts, it was empty.

Ginny ran into the forest, trying her best to put distance between Lestrage and herself, but keeping so that she could still hear her. As she went deeper into the thicket, the redhead heard screams. She stopped and listened, looking around she saw that a man clad in all black was carrying a young girl over his shoulder. He then took her around the waist and threw her to the ground, raising a cry from his captive. Ginny inched closer to them, not worrying if Bellatrix was behind her or not, she had to help her.

Adrenaline raced through her body as the masked man ripped the girl's outer Hogwarts robes off, laughing as the girl scratched and screamed at him to stop.

"Oh no girly," said the man almost three times as large as his prey. "This is going to be a wild ride," he chuckled a little as the blond girl screamed louder, fighting him off with her small fist. After that, Ginny ran at him, raising her wand.

"Levicorpus!" she screamed in her head as the man instantly flew into the air, dropping his wand in the process. He yelled, and began flailing about as he grabbed at the crying girl on the floor, who watched him with horrified amazement. Ginny with all her might, threw the man against a near by tree, almost smiling as she heard a crack as he fell to the ground. She then went over to the hysterical girl.

"Are you alright?" she asked quickly. The girl let out a scream as she said those words and pushed herself against the tree. "It's okay, I'm with the Order. Are you alright, did he hurt you?" she asked, looking at her pale face, her blue eyes shinning with tears.

"I'm okay," she breathed, bringing a shaking hand to her face. "Is he..."

"Not yet," Ginny said, turning her wand on him and saying the curse that would ensure he would never do that again. "What's your name?" she then asked her, her brown eyes met blue.

"Hyacintha Green," she said, wiping her eyes. Ginny jogged over to the fallen wand and handed it to the girl.

"Ginny Weasley," she said with a smile, as Hyacintha clutched onto the wand. Ginny turned her head to see trees being pushed aside, as heavy breathing hit her hears.

"C'mon out! I know you're in here little weasel!" came that snide voice again. Her heartbeat increased as she watched bushes being uprooted to clear a path for Bellatrix.

"Go deeper into the forest, hide. Don't let go of this wand till someone from the Order comes. Tell them what happened, and if any one who is not on the good side comes to you," Ginny looked to see a tree being uprooted and thrown out of her way, "kill them." Hyacintha only nodded and ran into the forest; Ginny then took off running, making a lot of noise so Lestrange had no problem in following her, and not the innocent girl.

Ginny felt a surge of magic rush past her ears and knew that the Death Eater was not far behind her. She dove off the path to the clearing beyond the trees. She ran and ran until she came to a small stone fence. She jumped it, landing on her feet in a run. She took a moment as she was running to see exactly where she was. Head stones flashed before her, names of wizards and witches who had long since died flashed before her as she reached the center of the cemetery.

As soon as she reached its center she was hit with a Cruciatus Curse, that sent her flying forward and onto the ground. She writhed in pain as the curse took its toll on her exhausted body. When it was over, she coughed into the grass, trying to take in large breathes to slow her heart beat. She sat up to see Bellatrix, her hand on a head stone, catching her breath as well.

"Aren't we a fast one?" she said in a ragged breath, her hand on her hip as if she had just run miles. Ginny still sat there, trying to catch her breath as well, noting that she had more stamina than the powerful witch before her. She had her youth over Bellatrix's magic, and that had to account for something. Had she not been hit with that curse, she most likely could have kept running.

Ginny quickly shot up and took a dueling stance before Great Mistress of the Death Eaters. Her dark brow quirked up as she looked at Ginny.

"So here we are, all that is left to duel," came Bellatrix with a smile.

In truth, Ginny had no idea why Bellatrix Lestrange was after her. The moment the two had set eyes on each other it became a hunt. The older woman had come after her full force; her wand pointed at her, every Unforgivable curse at her lips. Ginny had tried dueling her but someone had always gotten in their way. A Death Eater would attack the redhead from the side, while someone from the Order attacked Bellatrix. Since the woman wanted to fight, Ginny would give her one.

Yet the idea came to her mind as she stood before her, waiting for the older woman to catch her breath. The fact that Bellatrix Lestrange had killed many, much older and more experienced than herself. She had nearly killed Neville Longbottom's parents, had nearly killed her in the battle at the Department of Mysteries, killed Sirius Black, helped Lord Voldemort come back to power, and had killed many of her friends as the war waged on behind them. If Ginny killed her now, she would avenge the people who were most effected by her, including her fiancé Harry. She had caused him the most hurt and the most damage out of all people. The redhead watched as Lestrange took some hair out of her face, a smile playing across her cruel lips.

Ginny didn't know when it started or who said the first curse. All she knew was that suddenly she and the Great Mistress of the Dark Lord were dueling for their lives. They each sent curses at each other, some missing, and some hitting dead on. They dodged behind head stones, and fell onto stairs of the tombs. Blood was seeping from Ginny's nose as Bellatrix's eye was getting more swollen by the minute.

"Locomotor Mortis!"


The two screamed at the same time. As Ginny's spell bounced off her shielding charm, cracking a near by angel right down the middle. Ginny wiped the blood on her hand, smearing it on her already bloody jeans. She looked at her opponent, as she stood, her stance a little hunched as she tried to stay with the younger woman's energy.

"Caught your breath?" Ginny asked haughtily. Bellatrix smiled.

"Waiting for you to catch yours," she told her simply.

"Levicorpus!" Ginny said loudly, as the raven haired woman sent a blasting curse that threw the redhead off her feet and into a cross that dug into her back. Ginny moaned as she dislodged herself from the grave and stood to her full height. Bellatrix raised her wand...


"LANGLOCK!" Ginny screamed as Bellatrix's curse came flying at her, hitting her in the chest, and sending her wand flying out of her hands. Ginny fell onto the floor with a thud, and moaned slightly as her arm slammed against a vase full of flowers, smashing it. The broken shards of glass cut her arm, sending pieces of porcelain into her skin. She let out a hiss as she took a thick piece out of her fore arm, throwing it across the grass. She then looked around, to see her wand lying not too far from where she had landed. She crawled on her belly to her wand and stretched her bloody arm to grab it when a booted foot kicked it away from her. She cried out and looked up to see the bleeding face of Bellatrix, her eyes wide with anger.

She pointed her wand at Ginny and she knew that it was over. She had failed to rid the world of a heinous killer. Brown eyes locked with deep black as Ginny dared her to speak the curse, but nothing came. Ginny furrowed her brow and looked at the elder woman with her eyes wide, and her forehead creased with anger. It was then that the redhead realized that her curse had hit its target, and Bellatrix's tongue was now glued to the roof of her mouth. With the realization that she could not curse her, she lifted a leg and kicked Bellatrix in the stomach causing her to stumble back and drop her wand.

The redhead shot up and ran to the fallen wand, when a foot came out and tripped her, causing her to land chin first onto a the grave of Apollyon Pringle. She rolled onto her back to see Lestrange crawling to her wand. Ginny, not to far from her, sized her by the leg and dragged her back, receiving a boot to the face. The hot blood gushed from Ginny's nose but she didn't care. She just couldn't let Lestrange get to her wand. If they couldn't fight with wands, she would fight with fists.

As Lestrange reached her wand and gave herself the counter curse and turned around to curse her prey. Instead of finding a cowering Ginny, she found a very bold Ginevra who gave a hard punch to the face that sent her falling to the ground. She looked up and pointed her wand at the redhead.

"Adva..." Ginny kicked the wand out of her hand, and grabbed Bellatrix by her expensive robes and threw her over another head stone. She landed on her feet, and waited for Ginny as she walked around the graves.

She threw a punch at the redhead that hit her hard in the mouth. Ginny returned it by tackling her to the ground. The two rolled around, punching and scratching, pulling and kicking as their bodies ran into graves, vases, bushes and statues of old Wizards now past. Some how, Bellatrix ended up on top of Ginny sending her three blows to her stomach and then one to the face. With all her might, the redhead threw the older woman off, sending her head long into a large white tomb. She looked around her and saw what they had been fighting for: a long wooden stick laid a breath away from Ginny. She reached for it and grabbed it with a fist.

Ginny looked at Lestrange out of one eye and saw that they had ended up at the site of Albus Dumbledore's tomb. She watched as Lestrange pushed herself up, leaving red hand prints on the sacred place. Ginny's mouth went dry, she remembered why she hated Bellatrix Lestrange; it was now much more than just Harry's happiness, it was hers as well. She had helped the Dark Lord come back to power. It was because of her that Draco Malfoy was able to resist the Legilimency of Severus Snape, and caused the death of the greatest wizard of all time. Ginny got up and stumbled over to the black haired woman, grabbing her by the front of her robes threw her off Dumbledore's tomb.

"Get off his grave," she growled at her, watching as Bellatrix attempted to get up. "You don't deserve to look at his final resting place." Ginny's head was swimming; she could tell that she had lost too much blood. Her side was dripping blood on Dumbledore's pristine white tomb as she stood before Lestrange, her eyes coming in and out of focus.

"Let us finish this then," the Great Mistress said, giving Ginny a half grin. "You and I, to the death." she raised her fist in a battle stance and stood before a swaying Ginny. The two looked at each other through delirious eyes. Bellatrix no longer being the energized young woman was in pain beyond belief and so fatigued she thought she would lose with out much of a fight. Ginny had lost too much blood and her body wasn't used to this kind of physical assertion. The two were at an impasse.

"No," Ginny said, raising a wand at Bellatrix. Her eyes showed nothing but surprise as Ginny pointed her own wand at her. "I will finish this...ADVADA KADAVRA!" and with a scream, Bellatrix Lestrange fell to the floor.

Ginny soon followed. All her anger and strength went into that last killing curse. She heard nothing, only the soft breeze blow the near by trees and the cackling of the eternal flame that burned in the memory of Albus Dumbledore. She dropped the wand as her body collapsed underneath her. She fell onto the steps of the tomb, her head facing the blue sky above. She felt a sudden chill and like fire works, lights exploded all over the sky. Blue, Green, Red, Yellow and Orange sparks were sent into the air. Ginny knew what that meant.

Harry Potter had defeated Lord Voldemort.

And as Ginny fell into the darkness, she knew that when she woke up, all would be right with the world