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It was Christmas Eve, Malfoy and Ginny were attending a party thrown by the Frobisher's at their country home in Oulston, in the north of England. Their home was large and beautiful, with many old family paintings and richly furnished. There was a large fire roaring in the sitting room; little house elves running around with trays and refilling guest's drinks. An unknown source was filling the house with old holiday music, which the young woman hummed to her self softly. It was another rich home, and if Ginny had seen one, she had seen them all. Even though the young woman did enjoy the company of the Forbirsher's and a few of the other people who were in attendance, her mind was more agreeably engaged.

She sat in one of large white chairs, watching as the others conversed amongst themselves. Malfoy was in the corner, talking to two men she had never met, a large glass of brandy in his hand. He turned and looked at her, the slightest of smiles coming from the corners of his mouth. She raised her glass slightly, giving him a slight smile as well, turning her eyes away.

The gathering held no real interest to her, so she smiled at those who smiled at her, and chatted with those who came and sat with her. The young woman sat in a far corner, a glass of whiskey on the rocks in her hand. She didn't sit with the women, as many of them were married and talked of nothing but redoing the foyer and the best way to keep the word "heir" coming out of their husband's mouths. As for sitting with the men, it was out of the question; she wasn't allowed. Sitting in the corner and watching them is what Ginny did best, that and thinking about Harry.

Being with Malfoy after having kissed Harry for the first time in years was horrible for Ginny. Though he was debonair, rich, and at moments sincere with her, he paled in comparison. Harry had told her she was the love of his life, and Ginny relished in the thought of him one day belonging to her again. They hadn't seen each other since then, but he had owled a few times, letting her know of how he missed her. Ginny looked at them each night before she went to bed, holding them close and had read them so often she remembered each and every one of his words. He loved her, and she was going to do everything in her power to get him back.

"Enjoying yourself?" Ginny looked up to see a brown haired man standing before her. She didn't smile or even respond to him, but turned her head, taking a long sip from her glass. He pulled up a chair and sat in front of her, a glass of wine held loosely in his hands. The man had brown eyes and a sharp, slightly hooked nose, he reminded Ginny of Professor Snape, but with a lighter demeanor. "You seem to be the life of the party, over here alone in the corner."

"Is there a reason you are here?" she asked, still not looking at him.

"Just came to see why such an appealing woman would be sitting all alone when Malfoy is off talking business with his mates."

"What is it to you?" she snapped, finally looking at him.

"Nothing much, but I find it interesting that after being on a tight leash all these years, you leave him and actually came back." He took a sip of his wine, giving her another smile, "had it been me, I would have kept running."

"Well, had it been you, I would have." He gave a little chuckle, tapping her knee with his knuckles. She gave him a disgruntled look before shifting her knees out of his grasp.

"An attitude and an adorable smile, I am glad you haven't changed a bit." She gave him a questioning look, "ah, don't tell me you've forgotten our little conversation two Christmas's ago, Faye."

"I try to," She said, trying her best to seem interested but distant at the same time. Ginny looked at him with a raised brow, as he moved closer to her.

"Let me remind you of it, it was here, at Henry and Muriel's annual Christmas Eve party. We sat together the whole night laughing, drinking, and talking about everything. I asked you why you were with someone like Malfoy, and you told me that it wasn't exactly your choice, had you the option, you'd be far away from him as possible." She didn't respond to him, only watched as he took another sip of his wine, placing it on a tray carried by a house elf. "Refreshed your memory."

"I can see why I have chosen to forget it," Ginny replied angrily, biting her lip at the thought, would she have revealed so much to a stranger. They had met once over a two years ago, had more been shared than he let on. "Trying to spark some interest?"

"As a matter of fact yes," he smiled at her, "I am sure you have come to your senses by now. Faye, I can treat you far better than…"

"Than whom?" They both looked up to see Malfoy standing over them, taking a sip from his brandy glass and placing it on a table. Ginny immediately stood up, and stood behind him, making sure not to touch him.

"Nothing, mate," The brown haired man said standing as well and giving them both a charming smile.

"If that is the case then you can go and refill Faye's glass," Malfoy said, taking her glass and thrusting it into the other man's hands. "Thank you." There was finality and a bit of a growl as he finished, a scowl on his face. The other simply smiled slightly and turned his back walking away from the two.

There was an awkward silence between the two as they stood there, Ginny still facing his back. He didn't say anything, as he picked up his brandy glass again and finished it. Ginny fidgeted with the end of her black dress, feeling a blush creep up her neck and to her face. She didn't know what to say or how to react. Should she be sorry, even though she had technically done nothing wrong? Should she start saying things about him, even though she didn't even know his name, but Malfoy didn't know that. So, she stood quietly, just watching as he breathed in and out quickly.


"Let us say goodbye, I don't want to be here anymore." He walked quickly and began telling everyone goodbye, Ginny not far behind. She hugged and air kissed as Malfoy shook hands and told the men he would be seeing them tomorrow. They made their way to the front doors, a house elf presenting them with their robes and gloves. Putting them on in silence they walked out of the house and down the steps, walking past the wards to the apparition spot. Grabbing her waist, he took out his wand and apparated the two back to the office at the club. He let go of her, and silence ensued.

"I see once again that Simon Prince has captured your attention." He began, his back facing her as he placed his robes on a coat rack.

"That wasn't the case," She said simply, not bothering to take off any of her belongings.

"It seemed like it from where I was standing," the blond retorted, standing in front of his desk. "So what was the case then?"

"I was sitting, he came and began to speak, and then you came." He raised a brow at her, "are you implying it was something more."

"I'm implying nothing," He replied, "The last time he came into contact you two had gotten very close and sloshed. I can only imagine that you two wanted to pick up from where you left off." She furrowed her brow.

"Don't be ridiculous. Once again, you allow your paranoia to run away with you." She crossed her arms over her chest as he stood there watching her.

"I have every right to be paranoid after what happened last time and what I heard."

"And what exactly did happen last time," She asked, trying to get more information out of him, "because according to you, I practically ran off with him."

"You told him private information," He said sternly, "information that could get us both into trouble, do you want that?" she didn't reply, "I know you were angry at me then, and you had every right to be, but giving us away, it would have cost us everything, Weasley!"

"Oh, now we are back to Weasley!" she cried, rolling her eyes as she did so. "So let me get this straight, because once again you leave me at a loss. I told Prince a few things while I was sloshed, things I can't even remember saying. And that put us into jeopardy? I've lived a long time with secrets Malfoy, and one slip almost two years ago is causing us trouble?"

"So now we are back to Malfoy?" he countered, she didn't respond to that. "Well, then you made it seem as if being with him would have been better than being with… being here." He looked at her with his deep sliver eyes, "You did leave, so I assume that you still feel that way, despite your claims."

Ginny looked at him for a moment, watching as his posture stayed the same, but something in his eyes changed. For an instant, he looked pleading, as if asking where she was all over again. "That is what this is about, isn't it? Me leaving." He didn't say anything, only put his arms across his chest as well. "Well…"

She looked at him and for a fleeting second, she saw worry in his eyes and as soon as it came it was gone. He stood there cold and proud, his sharp features making him look menacing.

"Where were you?" he snapped. "You've avoided the question for almost two months now, and I want to know. I want to know now."

"Now?" she barked. "Oh that's right, you have a right to all my private actions."

"That's right," He responded, "I will not ask you again." They stared each other down, neither of them wanting to break the gaze first. After a while, she sighed, dropping her arms to her side.

"I am not your property," She said simply. "I'm leaving."

"Don't walk out on me, Faye." He called out, yet Ginny could hear a slight quiver in his voice.

"Stop it," She told him simply. "If you ever want things back to how they were, then stop calling me Faye and stop asking me questions you have no right to," and with that she walked out of his office and Apparated home.

Ginny didn't get to bed till late that night, having arrived home well past two in the morning, and couldn't fall asleep till about six. She tossed and turned, thinking about Malfoy. Something about his countenance that night, and the way he looked at her almost made her feel sorry for him. It always worried her as to whether he wanted to know because he was truly in love with her, or because he had let his toy go away for more than he wanted. She of course had thought this many times, but it still came back into her head. What were his true motives, and what did he really want from her? He called her Weasley, which means a lot more than she knew. As the night waned on, her mind went from a confused Malfoy to an in love Harry. With that, she fell asleep with a smile on her face.

The next morning Ginny woke up about half past noon, groggy from the previous night's terrible sleep. She rolled out of bed and padded her way down the hall and down the steps, eager to get a hot cup of tea in her before she went back to bed. She walked into her kitchen, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, not noticing the person standing at the stove.

"Oh, there you are dumpling!" came a voice, causing Ginny to scream. She threw her self against the back wall and looked at the person standing with a wand in hand.

"Mum, what the bloody hell are you doing?" she snapped, running a hand through her hair.

"Darling, watch your tongue. Why, have you forgotten that today is Christmas?" Ginny rolled her eyes.

"Yes mum, I know that it is Christmas, but my question is why you are here? Shouldn't you be at the Burrow making dinner?"

"Well, I thought to myself that since you wouldn't come to dinner, we would bring the dinner here!" she said brightly, flicking her wand so that sausages came flying from the ice box to her cutting board. Ginny groaned, her lip curling.

"Mum, I thought I told you that I …"

"I know what you said dear, but I'm sure M…he wouldn't mind if you took one day from him." Ginny didn't want to favor her mother by telling her that they had gotten into a bit of a row the night before. So she sighed, and sat at the table as her mum sent a steaming cup of tea to the table. "Besides, the entire Weasley clan and then some are coming for your first Christmas home! Which reminds me Fleur, Hermione and Charlotte are coming by to help me with dinner, will you be joining us?" She asked happily, flicking her wand once again. Ginny finished her tea quickly and shook her head.

"No, I had a long night last night; I want to go back to bed and then shower."

"The hours he keeps you out," Molly whispered, shelling peas, "alright, be down

for dinner at seven, please don't be late this is your own house." Ginny nodded as she stood up and walked out of the kitchen. When she reached her room, she heard the main door open as the other three Weasley women came to help her mum with dinner. She immediately got back into bed, pulling her blue covers over her head. The loud talking from the kitchen below floated into her room, their laughter and music that her mother insisted on playing made her squirm.

Her heart felt tight in her chest as she tried to drown out the happy Christmas cheer her mother was trying to bring into Grimmauld place. Yet Ginny had long learned that this place had always been made as a hide out for those who wanted to be apart from the world. The Order of the Phoenix used it to keep hidden from the Death Eaters, Sirius Black was kept apart from everything he loved, and now Ginny had to use it because she wasn't wanted.

Ginny woke up groggy once again, a pounding headache and an ill feeling in her stomach. She padded over to her bath room, took off her pajamas and jumped in, loving the hot water spray across her body. She stood there for a long time, letting the water wake her up from her restless sleep. After gently washing her hair and scrubbing her body she stopped the water, grabbing a fluffy white towel from its place on the sink. Wrapping it around herself, she wiped the steam from the mirror, getting a good look at her sopping hair. Its roots were now growing out, her natural red standing apart from the dark brown. With finality, she stomped over to her dresser grabbed her wand and pointed it at her head.

After getting dressed, the renewed redhead went over to her mirror and gave herself a once over. She was wearing a dark blue dress, Malfoy had sent it over a few days before hoping she would wear it Christmas day for dinner. Since she wasn't going to be seeing Malfoy; she deiced to not let it go to waist. It was simple v-neck dress, synched at her sides and flowed down her thighs ending at the knees. She put on a simple pair of heels and a solid thin chain around her neck. Her red tresses falling down her shoulder, Ginny gave them a tug, a smile forming on her lips.

Yet it wasn't her hair color that was making her simile. Harry would be coming tonight, and Ginny hoped that he would like it. Her heart raced a little bit as she thought about him, his green eyes and black tousled hair, wearing a smile that was meant for only her. The redhead grabbed some lip stick putting a generous amount on her lips. Smacking them together she smiled, knowing that tonight was going to change everything. From her room she could hear family members coming into the house laughter and Christmas cheer being shared by them all. Looking at the clock that read six forty three, she made her way down to her family.

She took each step carefully, trying not to slow her heart beat. Her stomach was doing somersaults as she reached the first landing. From there she could see a large tree in sitting room, presents over flowing from underneath. A large fire was going, as the many stockings tried their best to stay on the mantel. The clattering of plates could be heard from the kitchen, the sound of George telling a joke to the family. Ginny began flattening her dress self consciously, hoping that tonight no one would bring up the name Malfoy. As she took in the sight before her, she failed to see the man standing at the bottom of the steps, waiting for her.

"You look beautiful," Harry said, taking her out of her own thoughts. She gave him a double take, having not even noticed his presence. She stopped about three steps from him, the smile she reserved only for him gracing her lips.

"Harry," Ginny breathed, a blush creeping up her neck. "Thank you, you look wonderful yourself." He grinned, and Ginny's resolve began to fade.

"Your hair, it's red again." She took a step down, "It is a sight for sore eyes, I thought I'd never see it again."

"I deiced I've had enough of hiding behind that brown hair, it was time for it all to come out." She went down again, a single step separating the two. "Happy Christmas, Harry."

Ginny waited for him to come up to her, and when he didn't, she took the final step, so close to him she could smell his scent. Clean, crisp, and a little like wild flowers at the same time. He smiled at her and took her in his arms, holding her close like he had before. They stayed like that for a few moments, drowning out the noises coming from only a few feet away. To them, it was as if it were three years ago, stealing a moment alone before they went in and joined their happy family. Closing her eyes, Ginny knew that she was getting it all back.

"Harry?" came soft voice from the kitchen door way. The two broke apart suddenly, Harry taking a few steps back from Ginny. She looked at him as he hung his head low, a blush creeping on his face. The redhead furrowed her brow, watching as he pushed his glasses back up the bridge of his nose, not even looking at her. "What is going on?" Ginny finally tore her eyes away from her love and looked at the source of the intrusion.

A woman walked slowly towards them, a confused look on her pale face. She was skinny and petite, no taller than 5'4. She had long blonde hair, pulled back into a pony tail that hung at the bottom of her neck. The brows above her blue eyes furrowed as she came to Harry's side, her pink lips slightly pursed.

"Who is this?" she asked, looking at Ginny. She didn't respond, only held her head high, her nose practically reaching the ceiling. The woman looked at Ginny for a long moment, searching her face, taking in her apparel. Suddenly, her expression went from suspicion to astonishment, her mouth falling open. "Merlin's beard, it isn't…" she placed a hand on her chest. "It can't be…Ginny Weasley?" she asked, Ginny looked at Harry who was staring intently at his black shoes.

"Yes," She replied simply. The girl's eyes began to water as she brought another hand to her chest.

"No, it can't be! You are dead! That's what everyone was talking about; you were the one who has come back. I can't believe this. Oh, Ginny Weasley, I've dreamt of this moment for so long, it can't be happening. I always thought I would know what to say if I ever saw you again, and now that it is here, I am speechless." Ginny just stood there as tears began falling from her blue eyes.

"Have we…" she started awkwardly, not knowing how to respond to her tears. "Have we met?"

The woman looked astonished, as if it was an insult. "What… you don't remember me?" Ginny simply shook her head, shrugging.

"I'm sorry, I don't."

"Ginny, you must remember the final battle." The blond told her, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"I do," she replied, fidgeting with her dress, "but I don't remember you."

"Oh, of course you don't, it has been three years." She smiled, the corners of her eyes creasing allowing more tears to flow down. "A death Eater had captured me, and had tried to kill me in the forest. You came and killed him, telling me to hide because you were being chased by someone." Ginny looked into her deep blue eyes, recognition dawning on her face. "You saved my life that day," Ginny looked from her eyes to her chest, where her hands still were, a large diamond surrounded by a gold band on her hand. "My name is Hyacintha Green," She watched as she took her hand and put it in the crook of Harry's arm. "Well, it is Potter now." She gave Ginny a large smile, making her entire face light up.

Ginny was rendered speechless, her breath catching in her throat. She tried her best to hold back the stinging tears in her eyes as Harry did nothing to push the woman away. Hyacintha kept looking at her, her blue eyes just sparkling back at her. Ginny swallowed slowly, letting out a shaky breath.

"Excuse me," She said simply, and walked towards the kitchen door.