People I did not mean to make Shino appear to be an asshole or evil

People I did not mean to make Shino appear to be an asshole or evil! This reaction will be explained in the chapter so let me be!

Chapter Eight: Shino's revenge! True gennin exam!

Kurenai smiled at her team. "Alright then, now that we know each other a little better the three of you are going to say what you think of each other."

"Eh? Why?"

"Well for one Naruto, when we hear about ourselves we can see what we're doing wrong that my offend our discourage others and secondly for your survival test tomorrow you will be using strategy to go up against each other in a scouting exercise so this is another way of gathering information, you have told us your weaknesses and fears and you'll be trying to use it against each other so by hearing what the other person thinks of you, one can get a general idea of what to expect." Naruto and Hinata looked at her in confusion for a few seconds before everything she said sunk in.

"Wait we have another test? What the hell was the last exam for anyway?"

"To look for candidates to be gennin, those who fail normally average sixty-six percent, then go back to the academy or quit." Naruto stared at her in disbelief.

"Fu-!" Kurenai flicked him.

"Watch your language!" Naruto rubbed his abused forehead.

Hinata felt the sweat run down her in bullets, a second test would be bad real bad. She was up against Naruto! 'I-I have to withstand… I can't pass if I faint every time he gets to close to me!'

Shino raised an eyebrow in surprise as Kurenai announced the second test, he hadn't heard of that possibility but it wasn't that big of a surprise to him. 'If the test is on using the opponent's weaknesses I suppose I'll get revenge on Uzumaki sooner than I thought…'

Kurenai sighed again, her team was taking this just as she expected.

"Okay, Shino, you can talk about Naruto first then it's your turn Hinata. Next Naruto and Hinata, you get to talk about Shino and then we do the same for Hinata right?" The three nodded. "Shino?"


"Naruto, dattabayo!" Shino groan inwardly.

"Naruto-san is very loud, he is impatient and far to out spoken when it comes to things he does not understand. Why is he like this? It is because he lacks (waffle crisps) discipline."

"Hey! I have discipline!" The three looked at him. "I do!"

"Hinata…" Hinata's head shot up in surprise.

"O-okay… Naruto-kun is brave and determined, he never gives up and he-he always does his best…" She pressed her fingers together, blushing madly.

"Good, you both hit on his good and bad qualities. Naruto, now it's your turn to talk about Shino."

"He's a know-it-all, whose way too formal with people and he scares small children when he looks their way-!"

"I don't like children, when I scare them it's intentional."

"He's mean and-"

"Naruto that's enough let Hinata have a go!"


"S-Shino-kun is very intelligent, very polite a-and he has good skills as n-ninja…" Hinata felt a stabbing pain in her heart. 'Unlike me Shino-kun and Naruto-kun have great potential as ninja…' Kurenai smiled at her encouragingly as if she sensed her student's distress.

"A good point Hinata, so Shino would you tell us what you think of her?"

"Hyuga-san is a capable ninja but she lacks confidence, if she were to gain this her skills would greatly benefit. She lets her shyness burden her unnecessarily and she greatly misjudges her skills due to these factors." Kurenai nodded in agreement.

"Excellent Shino, Naruto it's your turn."

"Hinata is a shy, timid, dark and weird person." Hinata's wished she could sink into the ground. Kurenai felt like beating her head against a wall. 'Of all the things for you to say-…"

"But you know what? That's what makes her so cool all the other girls I know are-are… What's the word?"

"Violent, evil, scary, intimidating…?"

"Hey that's the word! Thanks Shino, all the other girls are pretty intimidating-and violent too, when I stop to think about it!" Hinata felt the blood rushing to her head. 'N-Naruto-kun thinks I'm cool…" With that thought Hinata fainted.

"EH? H-Hinata? What's the matter?"

"Hyuga-san will be fine Naruto-san but you know what?" Naruto turned to face Shino who held something in his hands.


"It's not polite to laugh when a person admits one of his deepest fears…" Naruto felt his blood run cold.

"Wh-What?!" Shino revealed a large spider.

"It's a tarantula by the way…" Naruto screamed and fainted.

Kurenai sweat dropped. 'This is going to take some getting used too…"

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