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Chapter 1

Troy Bolton parked his red truck in the driveway and turned in his seat to face the girl sitting beside him. He took a deep breath and looked at her.

"I was thinking...that...we've had a great time these past three weeks," he started, unsure of how to continue, "but I think that this isn't really working for me," he finished. He looked at the girl in front on him and waited for her reaction. For a few minutes she sat still, taking in what he had just said to her. Then suddenly her eyes widened as her mouth dropped.

"You what? Are you breaking up with me?" she questioned, half yelling. Troy winced and shrugged.

"Well I wouldn't put it that way but I guess...yeah," he replied. The girl screamed and started fanning her face with her perfectly manicured hands, taking in deep breaths. Troy reached over to try to calm her down but was swatted away while she screamed.

"Troy Bolton you are nothing but an idiot. You will regret this. Go back to your little Montez girl. You're that desperate I'm sure you will," the girl replied, before getting out of the truck and slamming the door. Troy watched as she walked into her house in a huff, slamming the door.

Troy sighed and began to drive home. That was another girl he had broken up with. Her name was Stacey Roberts. She was captain of the cheerleading squad and really Troy had only agreed to go out with her because his friend, Chad Danforth, had set him up for a date with her. Troy, being a gentleman and a pushover sometimes, agreed to go. But what started out as a friendly, one off date, in Troy's eyes soon turned into three weeks of hell for him.

Stacey immediately assumed that because they had been on one date that they were 'an item'. The following Monday Troy had arrived into school to hear people talking about the latest couple; Troy and Stacey. Troy tried many times over the three weeks to break up with her but had failed. Eventually he couldn't take it anymore.

When Stacey had insulted his best friend Troy knew it was time to end it. As hard as it may be, Troy didn't care what everyone else thought- especially not the cheerleading squad who basically stalked him everyday in school. Now maybe the stalking would stop after breaking the heart of their leader; Stacey. Troy could only hope this would happen.

Although he was the most popular guy in the school and captain of the basketball team Troy was really uncomfortable with the attention he received daily from his fellow students. Most viewed him as some kind of God that they should worship. Troy didn't understand why and wished that the attention would go away. He much preferred to just blend in but now that was impossible for him.

Troy sighed. The only time he felt like he could truly be himself and not have to care what others thought was when he was around his best friend; Gabriella Montez, the same best friend who he had dumped his girlfriend because of. Stacey had become very jealous of Troy's close relationship with Gabriella and had tried to stop him seeing her, though Gabriella didn't know about this. Troy didn't want to tell her in case it upset her. That was the last thing he ever wanted to do. He hated to see Gabriella upset. It tore him apart inside, especially when there was nothing he could do to make her feel better.

Gabriella and Troy had been best friends since they were babies because their parents were best friends. Growing up Gabriella and Troy had never grown apart, although they did go through a stage in middle school where they fought for a month and didn't speak to each other. After a whole month of not speaking to Gabriella, Troy gave in and finally spoke to her, much to her delight.

Troy smiled as he remembered how happy Gabriella had been when he finally spoke to her, ending the silly feud that started over something stupid that he couldn't even remember.

That was the year that Troy Bolton fell in love with Gabriella Montez. Since then he had dreamed of being with no one else but her. He loved everything about her. He loved how her long brown curls cascaded down her back. He loved how she always cuddled up to him whenever they watched a movie. He loved how listening to her laugh would always cause him to smile. But most of all he loved the feeling that he got whenever he was around her, though it scared him too.

Troy could never tell Gabriella how he felt. He knew she didn't feel the same and if he did confess his true feelings then their relationship would be ruined and Troy didn't want that. At least this way he got to spend time with Gabriella. No matter how hard he tried though he still couldn't get over her.

The reason none of his relationships had lasted was because of Gabriella. Well it wasn't her fault that Troy basically ate, slept and breathed her but this had caused him to break up with each girl because he felt he was being unfair to them.

Gabriella always teased him about his girlfriends because he always ended up breaking it off after a couple of weeks. Each time he did he gave Gabriella different excuses which just led her to believe that he was overly picky when it came to girls, which in one sense was true. He always compared them to Gabriella and in his eyes they could never match up. Gabriella wasn't aware of this of course and simply thought that Troy just didn't feel a connection with any of the girls which was only half the reason.

Troy pulled into his driveway and ran upstairs to his room. He threw his keys on his desk and flung his denim jacket on the back of his chair. He flopped down on his bed and closed his eyes, falling asleep, thinking about Gabriella.


Gabriella Montez pulled up outside Troy's house in her car. She walked up to the front door and knocked twice, waiting patiently for someone to open it. After a couple of minutes Troy's mother appeared at the door.

"Gabi, how are you?" she asked, reaching out and giving the young brunette a hug, "Troy is up in his room," she said. Gabriella nodded gratefully and headed up the stairs to Troy's room. She smiled when she arrived at his door, covered in basketball posters.

Gabriella loved Troy dearly and was really close to him. What she didn't realise that what she felt for him was more than just friendship love or brotherly love as she liked to call it. She was actually in love with Troy. Gabriella refused to believe her friend Taylor when she said this. Gabriella thought it was a crazy idea. She couldn't love Troy and she was convinced that she didn't.

Gabriella opened the door and smiled to herself when she saw him asleep on his bed. She closed the door quietly and crept across the room to the bed. She stifled a giggle and watched him for a few minutes.

He was lying flat on his back, stretched out on his bed. She watched his chest rise and fall and the peaceful look on his face. Even when he was sleeping Troy still managed to look so cute. His hair fell slightly into his eyes. Gabriella liked his new hair cut- slightly shorter and neater, it really suited him. Suddenly a small smile appeared on his face and Gabriella wondered what he was dreaming about.

Eventually she decided it was time to wake him up. Gabriella jumped onto the bed beside Troy, giggling as Troy immediately sat straight up in shock. He whipped his head around to see Gabriella sitting on his bed, cracking up with laughter. Troy rubbed his eyes and began to wake up properly.

"Well hello to you too Montez," he said sarcastically. Gabriella laughed.

"Sorry I just couldn't resist- you looked so peaceful," She admitted.

Troy nodded, "And peaceful I was until you scared me," he said.

Gabriella pouted at him, as if asking for forgiveness. Troy rolled his eyes and turned to face her. Gabriella smiled shyly. Troy suddenly lunged forward and landed on top of her. He began tickling her all over causing Gabriella to laugh out loud.

"Troy...I...can't...breathe...," she giggled.

Troy shook his head, "No not until you apologise Montez," he said as he continued tickling her.

Gabriella tried to escape but Troy was sitting on top of her legs, trapping her.

"Never," she managed to choke out between laughs.

"Fine then say 'Troy Bolton is the hottest and bestest friend in the whole entire world'," Troy said.

Gabriella stayed silent for a few minutes but then eventually caved.

"Fine...Troy Bolton...is the...hottest and...bestest friend in the...whole entire world," she squealed. Troy smiled and withdrew his hands from her but stayed sitting on her legs, watching her. He watched the way she closed her eyes, while trying to catch her breath. He smiled when he saw her cheeks were pink from all the laughing. Suddenly he noticed a piece of hair in her eye. She lifted her hand to move it but Troy got there first. He softly took the piece of hair and pushed it back from her face behind her ear. Gabriella smiled and stared up into Troy's sea blue eyes that she loved to get lost in.

The two continued to stare at each other for a few minutes until Troy finally snapped back to reality. He pushed himself off of Gabriella's legs and stood up, brushing himself off. Gabriella lay still on the bed, suddenly missing the feeling of him touching her, though she didn't know why. She never felt like that before. She quickly pushed the thought out of her mind as Troy reached out his hand to grab hers and pull her up.

"Come on Gabi, let's go get something to eat," Troy said as he pulled her out of the room with him.

Gabriella smiled and followed contentedly, glad that his skin was brushing against hers again.


"So how is everything with you and Stacey?" Gabriella asked, taking a bite from her cheese burger. Troy shrugged and took a sip of his milkshake.

"Okay...so what does that shrug mean? Yeah everything's good. Or no we're not doing so good?" Gabriella questioned.

"Well neither now because I broke up with her," Troy said, taking a handful of French fries from Gabriella's plate onto his own. Gabriella's mouth opened and her eyes widened.

"Troy...what was it this time?" she asked.

"I don't know...I just didn't feel it," he said, truthfully.

Gabriella frowned, "But Troy...you went out with her for what three weeks. You can't expect to fall in love that easy," Gabriella stated, stealing back some of her fries.

Troy stopped eating and looked at her, "So you're telling me you don't believe in love at first sight?" he asked, watching her closely.

Gabriella continued playing with her food as she responded, "No I don't think I do. I mean it's never happened to me so why should I believe then. I think you learn to love someone after spending time with them. I mean isn't love at first sight basically based on looks alone?" she asked, biting on a French fry.

Troy shook his head, "No not necessarily," he replied.

"Okay so then you're telling me that you see this girl and you immediately fall in love with her...it's love at first sight. You start going out but then you see she's a horrible person but you still love her?" Gabriella questioned, "I think not," she scoffed.

"Oh ye of little faith," Troy said, rolling his eyes.

Gabriella giggled and continued eating. Troy watched her and made a mental note of every movement she made and the way she looked when she was lost in her own thoughts. Her brown curls tumbled over her shoulders. He loved how she didn't cover herself in make up. In fact he wasn't even sure if she wore any. Gabriella looked naturally stunning and didn't need make up to enhance her features. Troy loved how she didn't obsess over her appearance like every other girl in the school. She really was different and that's why he loved her.

"Uh Troy...is there something on my face?" Gabriella questioned, waving her hand in front of his face to get his attention. Troy immediately snapped out of his daydream and blushed when he realized that Gabriella had caught him staring like she does most days, though never says anything about it.

"Um no...you're perfect," Troy said sincerely. Gabriella smiled and reached into her bag for her purse.

"What are you doing?" Troy asked.

"Getting my money out, I think this is one of those restaurants where you have to pay," she joked as she opened her purse. Troy reached across the table and held her hand down.

"I got this," he said, standing up to go to the cashier.

"No way Troy, honestly let me pay," Gabriella said.

Troy shook his head, "Gabi, this was my treat. I brought you out now be quiet and take advantage of it," he said, laughing.

Gabriella giggled and sat down and felt Troy's hand leave hers. She sighed contentedly and watched as he paid the bill and left a generous tip like a perfect gentlemen. She smiled and followed him outside to the car. She was lucky to have a friend like him.

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