Chapter One: A Faithful Encounter.


'thoughts' "dialouge" Inner Sakura

Uchiha Fugaku rolled down the window next to him as he sit back in the limo allowing the breezy wind to blow his dark brownish hair freely. He couldn't help but gazed at the view before him, its been awhile since he was away from his hometown.

The black limo made a careless right turn, but it didnt seem to startled the Uchiha. He was too occupied with his own thoughts.

It's been 15 years.. the older man let out a small sigh.

The serene scenery caught his full atttentions as his dark onyx eyes wandered around the city. He noticed many things have changed and new things have added since he left. From small business shops to majestic skyscrappers, Tokyo looked different.

Fugaku was interupted when the limo driver up front decided to ask him a question.

"Sir, would you like to head to the Uchiha manor to celebrate the young master's birthday? They will be delighted to have you back."

Judging from the sound of his voice, the driver must be in his sixties.

Speaking of the Uchiha manor, a thought quickly pop up in his mind.

I wonder how Mikotos doing taking care of those two fine boys of mine. F

ugaku would have forgot about his son's 15 birthday if the driver didnt reminded him. He sighs again, knowing that the feeling of homesick had got the best of him.

"It's okay, take me to the Uchiha manor." He nodded towards the driver.

"Very well then, sir." and with that, the driver made a right turn on a intersection heading off to the Uchiha manor while Fugaku's deep onyx eyes continues to wander around the scenes of Tokyo.

Meanwhile, a petite blossom hair girl walked down the crowded streets of Tokyo.


The people passing by turned to glare at the weird idiot with the pink locks whos totally making a fool out of herself.

Haruno Sakura didnt mind, for today was that special day she had look forward to each year. Kakashi and her close friends would come over to celebrate too.

So who cares if the world think there's something wrong with me!

She couldn't help but let out a bright smile.

Then she noticed that it was already 8 pm and started cursing to herself.

Im gonna be late if i dont walk faster!

Carrying two brown paper bags full of groceries, one in each of her small arms, she hurried off heading home, bumping into a bunch of people who, in return, growled 'hey watch where you're going!'

Sakura was in a rush that she ignored most of the traffic signs that told her to wait, but instead she ran past the cars anyways. How lucky the little blossom was. A big black limo stopped just in time when the old driver saw a little girl making her ways past the intersection full of rampaging cars. The limo didnt scratch her skin yet, but it nearly scared the hell out of her! Sakura thought the limo wouldn't make it and would send her flying to the hopsital. Still shocked she stood there trying to catch her breath.

Her two bags of groceries dropped to the floor ripped opened and the items rolled in different directions making contacts with the cemented roads.

Strangers were now staring at the little accident in the middle of the intersection. Some drivers beep and beep, while others were curious and protuded their heads out of their vehicles to see what was going on.

Uchiha Fugaku was tired from his business trip and had fallen asleep in the back of the quiet limo when he was woke up by the sudden stop and loud screeching of the brakes. Wanting to know what's going on, he opened the shiny black door and stepped out of the limo.

The first thing he saw was a nervous little girl, somewhat the same age as his younger son he noted, dropped to the cemented floor, tears swelled up in her jaded eyes, panting hard and uneasily. Sakura was unawared of the man standing there observing her.

Shooking his head, Fugaku helped the girl back up and asked, "Are you alright? "

"..." Sakura just nodded.

"You seemed to be frightened. Im sorry if we had scared you. We didnt mean too."

His tone sounded more like he apologizing to her.

The pink hair looked down for a moment. Then she snapped out of it and looked up to the man that was concerning.

"NO NO Im fine really! I was trying to get home before dark that i crossed the road when i wasnt supposed to, so really it's my fault. I hope i didnt cause you trouble."

She gave him a genuine smile.

Fugaku, feeling really guilty, suggested.

"I can give you a ride, umm whats your name child?"

Sakura's jaded eyes widened. The man was offering to take her home in a limo!

Sadly, the pink hair rejected his offer because she felt like she had delayed him as much as it is.

"Im sorry sir, but you must be late to wherever you're going to, and i dont want to delay you anymore. But thank you for your concerns. Im fine. My name's Haruno Sakura. Goodbye."

She smiled then turned her back and begin walking off.

Before Fugaku could say anything else, the girl had left.

I never seen anyone talk as much as her.

Fugaku chuckled.

She was very polite and nice, and..WAIT..did she said HARUNO?

When he looked up the girl was nowhere in sight. It was useless. He can't find her to ask her some more questions like he would have hope.

The Uchiha sighed again.

Could she be the one?

- Hey Ino, have you ever considered airplanes in the night to be like shooting stars? -

-Hm, why are you suddenly asking me that Sakura?-

- I dunno, it's just that I really could use a wish right now...-

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