Chapter Fourteen: Holy Hell


'thoughts' "dialouge" Inner Sakura

"So what do you think guys?" Hinata nervously tap her moonlight lavender polished nails against the white Nokia cell phone.

"I think it's time." Lee excitedly pumped his fist into the air.

We also figured that Naruto was grinning widely, Shikamaru sighing heavily, Akamaru barked loudly, and Ino giggled.

"Let's carry on with our plan guys!"

The voices on the eight-way call agreed in unison.

A summer has passed.

Yup, a hot sun-scorching, skin-burning summer has passed since Sakura had last think -or seen anything- clearly.

All summer long, the poor little cherry blossom tried to act like nothing had ever happened as she locked herself up mostly in her room.

She pretended to not know anything about the dinner at Uchiha manor, the engagement promise, the revalating story of her parents past, and of course, her feelings for him.

She bottled up her emotions almost too well...

Oh, Neji was going to make sure a certain somebody pay dearly for his sister's current state-of-mind.

And Sasuke Uchiha?

You might wondered where the heck would be be and what was he doing now?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

The little prodigy's mind went blank as the hot summer days passed. Well, that's because he forced his mind to not work its magic associated with the touch of reasoning. He constraint all strings of emotions and concealed them up like ugly hideous zits.

Not that the gorgeously handsome Uchiha would have any of those on his oh-so-flawless face.

He must not think about this. But it was troubling him too much. An image of pink wavy locks and a pair of bright gleaming emerald eyes always broke through the cage of his mind.

Argh, dammit. I'm losing it again! Must focus. Must focus. Must not get distra-

Sasuke Uchiha scowled. Yes, you did see it right. Sasuke Uchiha is flustering instead of being his usually cool, cocky, arrogant and smirking self.

This will be one hell of an upcoming school year.

"That's joyful to hear," Kakashi replied, it came out a little more sarcastic than he intended. But hey, they were taking away his time with his favorite book.

The silver-haired man flipped the page again, mumbling something into the house phone.

"Yes-yes, Alrighty I'll be sure to tell Sakura the news."

"Thanks Kakashi! Good bye." And Sakura's best friend hung up on the other line.

"Father, I really need you to reconsider."

His father's onyx orbs glanced up at his son. He narrowed his eyes.

"I don't understand what you're thinking, but alright." Fugaku let out a small sigh. "I shall deliberate over this with your mother."

The Uchiha bowed slightly as he forced up himself up from the soft black cushioned chair, turning towards the exit.

"Please still be considerate towards her until then, Sasuke."

Without turning his head back, the young man murmured a coherent 'Hn' before he closed the wooden door to his father's office.

Neji just couldn't get his sister to spill out the truths.

Is she trying to protect that damned Uchiha boy?

Neji Hyuga had walked past the line of furious a few weeks ago.

Wait til I see that ass.

Kakashi sighed for the fifth time in this short-lived morning. He just couldn't find the peace to focus on the book he was half closing in his hand.

Closing his eyes for a short momment, then opened them. He will just have to try to get his little sister to go socialize with the world. So he casually walked up the stairs towards the girl's room.

Neji eyed him carefully from the corner, but remained passively still from where he was.

"Sakura?" Kakashi knocked on her white doorframe gently. The man could hear a soft 'Morning, Kakashi' from the other side of the door. He smiled. She was still okay.

The pink-haired roamed through her mind to search for a reason why she agreed nonetheless to Kakashi's favor-to-ask. She had managed to reluctantly turned away her brothers bombard of questionings within the last few months of summer, so why the hell did she agreed to go out and run an errand for the older man?

She really doesn't know what's wrong with her anymore.

And what ever happened to that risky rebellious voice inside of her?

Groaning, she pulled herself together and stood slumping slightly, staring at her distorted hair reflecting from the restroom mirrors.

You're gonna need take a lot more then thirty minutes to get ready at this state.

Her inner self scoffed at the girl's ultra slow paced.

Oh joy, she's back. That little voice inside my head.

Sakura would have never believed it herself until she's staring at it with her own eyes, but my was word spreaded around fast! Articles filled the newspaper of her and Sasuke's engagement.

What the fuuu-

She was interrupted when shrilling shreeky voices appeared out of nowhere. Actually, Sakura told herself that they had planned to target and ambush her. So they must have carefully stalked her to her current destination, the supermarket. Owned by who again? She couldn't grasp the name at the momment.

Ugh, it's Ami and her whole gang of Uchiha's number-one-fan club.

Inner Sakura wanted to puke.

And who is that redhead? Another new addition? She scoffed.

"Sooo, is it trueee what I've been hearinggg Sakura?" Ami drawled out her syllables. My, the way she talks was so annoying.

"Look Ami, I don't really know what you -or they- are talk about. So leave me alone okays?"

But Ami was persistence. She laughed sardonically as she took steps further towards the retreating Sakura.

Really, can't they see that I'm in no mood of interest?

"Don't play the innocent damsel with me, Sakura. You know damned well." Ami hissed.

"Look I-" She was cut off her sentence when that new addition signaled something to Ami, aka their little gang/fanclub leader. Nodding her head, -Karin it was- and some other girl launched at her, knocking her back to the dirty floor.

Crap. crap. crap.

Sakura mentally cursed as a fist came swinging at her, her brain analyzing that it was aiming directly for her face.

Both the Uchiha brothers had momentarily stepped out for a lunch break when they stopped and stared at what's causing such a scene.

Blonde haired, brown haired, red haired, and then a pink haired. Uchiha Itachi could only find himself smirking as realization hit him. He turned to his impassive little brother, who had quickly averted his gaze to another direction.

"Say, Sasuke. Would you like to help her out?"

The younger Uchiha glared intently at his brother. He begin to walked off in another direction as he growled lowly under his breath a 'No.'

Uchiha Itachi still stood there smirking. He found it very amusing - his brother's actions. Waving to the two body guards beside him, they quickly nodded, understanding what the Uchiha heir's orders are.

Sakura shut her eyes tight closed, excepting a powerful impact -like a fist- to meet with her face. But after a minute has passed, she peeked one of her emerald orbs open to recalculate what she missed.

Instead, what she found was intriguing. Karin-betch and what's-her-face was being held back by two large, very toned bodyguards clashed in black suits. And that's not all, Uchiha Itachi was standing right in front of her, extending his arms down towards her.

Did she get hit? Am i hallucinating from the impact?

She blinked. Twice. And then again. Her emerald orbs were still clear, and she's pretty sure she wasn't hallucinating because Uchiha Itachi spoke up.

"Oh my Sakura, how fortunate; We meet again."

She stared in disbelief.

- Hey Sakura, what do you do if nothing goes right? -

- Tell me, Ino? -

- You go left, of course! -

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