Danny Phantom: Unum

By Hordak's Pupil

Disclaimer: I don't own Danny Phantom, he belongs to Nickelodeon and Billionfold Inc and Spider-Man belongs to Marvel.

Author's Notes: Welcome to the third installment of my Danny Phantom and Marvel crossover. Just so there's no confusion this fic takes place after the series, so Spidey and Mary Jane are back together.

Shiva the Sarcastic: I know what you mean, it's sad to think the three major religions are actually related and they can't get along with each other, but it would be nice when man realizes the dream of peace. Glad you like Revelations and I hope you'll like this one as well. My spell check said that's proper way to spell rein check but the dictionary says otherwise, so I'll correct it. I look forward to hearing your reviews

Chapter I: Storm Clouds


I've faced a lot of tough enemies in my battles, but I think I finally found an enemy that I can't defeat, trying on a tuxedo.

"Ow, watch it with those pins, Val," I hissed as my fiancée placed another pin in my shirt, trying to figuring out the measurements.

"You wouldn't get hurt if you would stand still," she teased as she wrote down some more measurements.

It seems like it was only, yesterday that we were enemies, she blamed me and Cujo for wrecking the lab her father was guarding and vowed to destroy me, but when I told her the truth she accepted Danny Phantom and even became his ally, now here are three years later about to married, soon she'll be Mrs. Valerie Fenton, it's almost hard to believe.

"What are you so jittery about anyway?" she asked as she could see my eyes were darting anxiously and that my heart was popping out of my chest.

"Didn't you read the paper," I said as I picked up the Amity Zeitgeist from the chair, on the front page was a picture of Vlad Masters with the headlines, 'Masters to be released from federal prison,' "I'm afraid the Fruit Loop will try something, he's been rotting in prison for years and he's probably hungry for revenge," I told her nervously, I knew Vlad was going to after us, it was only a matter of time.

"Don't worry Danny, what ever Plasmius dishes out we can take, we're a perfect team," she told reassuringly. She was right Danny Phantom and the Red Huntress are an awesome team, but who knows what Masters has cooking up for us, I just hope it doesn't ruin our plans.


For years, I have been stuck in prison because of Daniel, but he will pay for what he's done to me.

As I stepped out of the car and into my lab in Amity, I thought of how would get my revenge but I would have work to do, my machines have are in disrepair and I will need to get them running if my plan will work.

"Now let's see where are the plans for the ghost portal?" I said as looked through a box of blueprints until I found the plans I was looking for, "Now Daniel you will pay," I said as unrolled the plans and began to rebuild the portal.


After we got the tux picked out, we decided to take a break for awhile; we had been planning nonstop for days and need a rest. We sat on a bench outside the store, it was nice to relax (we rarely have time to, as we're busy ghost hunting) and watch the clouds roll past.

"So Danny, have you thought of whom you want in the wedding party," she asked me as I put my arm around her.

"Yes, I would like my friend Peter Parker to be the best man and another friend, Matt Murdock to be a groomsman," I told her with a smile.

"Wait a second, you know Matt Murdock, the attorney?" she asked surprised that I was a friend of Mr. Murdock, "I knew Danny Phantom was famous but how do you know one of the country's most expensive lawyers?" She said looking at me curiously.

"Well, I…," I began to say when my ghost sense went off, "Excuse me honey," I said as I turned a corner and became Danny Phantom.

I flew around town until I found what set it off; the Box Ghost (doesn't that guy ever go away, him and that portal of his, how the heck did he get one anyway) was causing mayhem again.

"I am the Box Ghost and the world's boxes will belong to me," he said laughing as he stole boxes from a truck.

"Hey, Boxy you know you're ruining a romantic moment," I told him as I blasted him with an ecto-blast.

The ghost stared at me before yelling, "There will be no time for romance when you are crushed by uh…oh yeah 'fresh South American plantains from Joe's fruit stand!" he said as he threw a box of fruit at me laughing.

"You know that trick is getting old," I told as I went intangible and the box phased through me.

"You can not defeat the Box Ghost, Beware!" he shouted as he disappeared and I changed back to Danny Fenton and went back to Valerie.


We were enjoying a moment to ourselves when Danny's ghost sense went off and he went to take care of the ghosts, if it wasn't that I was a ghost fighter too, I would worry that he spends more time with ghosts than he does with me.

After awhile he came back, "who was it this time?" I asked as he sat down exhausted, even when he's worn out his blue eyes seemed to sparkle.

"Just the Box Ghost, he was terrorizing a fruit stand, "he told me laughing, I couldn't help but laugh either, after years of fighting him he's been more of a nuisance than a threat and he's a bit humorous.

"So you were saying, you know Matt Murdock," I asked curious how the ghost boy of Amity Park knew a famous lawyer.

"He was the one who cleared my name after my family and friends death, he's a nice guy," he told me, "so what's next on the list," he asked as he gazed at the list in my hand, we had a lot to do and I thought we better start with telling the people Danny wants in the wedding party.

"Well, we should begin by asking your friends if they went to be in the wedding party," I told her, "They live in New York don't they, so we'll need plane tickets, because I don't think my hover board can't make that far and it would be to tiring for you to fly Air Phantom," I told him with laugh, he chuckled at the last part and agreed that a plane was the best idea.

"I'll go buy the tickets to the next flight available, you better pack up, we might be there a few days, usually when I go there, the local Fruit Loops come out to play and I clean up after them," he said with his usual half smile.

"Okay, but try to not get into any real trouble, it seems Danny Phantom attracts it like a magnet," I told him, he only shrugged before kissing me and left to get tickets.

I was kind of hoping for a nice quiet trip, but something in my gut told me that with Danny, there's no such thing as a peaceful trip.