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Chapter VI: Unity


When I was little I used to be scared of the dark, and I know why as I lay here in the darkness of the room Vlad locked me in all I can think of is what he's going to do to me.

I'm not sure how much time had passed, when the door opened, the light hurt my eyes and couldn't see but I saw a figure enter the room, but I could tell that it wasn't friendly.

"Come on kid, we're going to see Vlad," I heard Venom's voice say as he undid the shackles only to put chains on my wrists and ankles and led me outside.

I felt like a prisoner on Death Row, in fact I was on Death Row, and Vlad was my executioner (boy, Walker would be jealous if he ever found out).

He lead into a room, where Vlad was standing by the controls of what appeared a ghost portal, "Ah, how nice of you to join us Daniel, I hope Mr. Brock wasn't too harsh on you," he said in feigned consideration.

"Just get this over with Vlad," I spat at him, I didn't want to die (or whatever was going to happen me) but I was sick of waiting and being scared and just wanted it over.

I suddenly felt the chain move, bringing me to my hands and knees, "How do dare you talk to our master like that," Venom hissed angrily.

"Now, now, Brock let's not be mean to Daniel, after all, I want his final memory to be…somewhat pleasant," he said laughing as he activated the portal.

It resembled more of a black hole and was acting like one too, I could feel myself being pulled into it, it was an irresistible force like a magnet and I could feel my atoms being stretched and pulled from the powerful gravity.

"Farewell, Daniel," Vlad said as he watched me being drawn to the vortex, I tried to stop myself, but the gravity was too strong and no matter how hard I fought it just pulling me towards it, so I resigned myself to my fate and closed my eyes hoping it would be quick and painless.


This new suit is amazing, the technology is light-years ahead of my old stuff, "Now let's see if we can't find Danny," I said as I adjusted my sensors to pick up any strange drops in temperature.

It soon paid off as I located a drop of temperature in an old lab on the east side of town, "Bingo, hang in there my love," I said as flew toward the fluctuation hoping I was not too late to save Danny!


I waited for me to be pulled into the vortex, but nothing had happened, was I already dead and my end was painless or was I still alive.

I opened my eyes and saw the boot of Daredevil hit Vlad in the face sending him flying across the room and shutting off the portal.

"YOU!" Vlad spat as he got up and transformed into Plasmius and blasted Daredevil, "I am getting tired of your interference," he growled as he blasted Daredevil with an ecto-blast but the hero dodged it.

"You can't win Vlad, you know I bested you before and there are no bells to help you this time," Daredevil said as he knocked Plasmius to the ground with his staff, "Surrender and I'll go easy on you," he said pointing the staff at Vlad's chest.

Vlad closed his eyes for a second then smiled, "Norman, attack!" he yelled as the green man flew into the room on his glider.

Norman began pounding Daredevil with pumpkin shaped bombs and cackling, "not so tough now that you're out numbered, hero," he shouted as he was about to blast Daredevil when someone blasted him off his glider and hit the ground.

"sorry pal, this is a no fly zone, for you," A familiar voice shouted as a what appeared a female robot in shiny red armor flew in the room, "You mess Danny you mess with me," she said proudly as the goblin tried to hit her but she put up some sort of shield blocking his attack.

"you pathetic child do you really think you can defeat me," Vlad hissed as he duplicated himself and prepared to attack her, "You will pay for crossing Vlad Plasmius!" he said before someone kicked him to the ground.

"They might not, you Dracula reject, but we can," Spider-Man said as he and what appeared to be a red and gold robot, "You through Plasmius," Spidey continued as he webbed up Vlad.

"You idiot I can, wait why can't I phase through this garbage!" he shouted as he realized he couldn't phases through it and tried to pull it off.

"I call it, ecto-webbing, and you can thank Danny Phantom for it's creation," Spidey told Vlad, I wondered how I could have inspired it, when I realized that he must have used some of my ectoplasm to create it.

"You fools, no one can defeat me, Brock attack," Vlad shouted as Venom jumped into the battle and attacked Spider-Man.

"We've waited a long time for this day; we will finally kill you and make you suffer like you made Eddie Brock suffer," Venom said as he picked up Spider-Man and was ready to kill him but Spidey escaped and blocked Venom's attack.

"You can't win this time, at last I will destroy you all," Vlad smirked as he duplicated himself and blasted the heroes mercilessly.

I watched the battle for some time, it was utter chaos and I knew I had to do something or else Vlad would kill them all.

I mustered all my strength and with one forceful blast, I managed to break the chains and free myself allowing me to fight.

"Hey creep, you leave my friends alone!" I shouted at Venom as I flew right towards sending him to the ground.

"You're no match for us!" he shouted as he picked me up by the collar of my suit and smiled at me, "We'll make you wish you were dead boy," he whispered evilly as slime dripped from his fangs.

"Hey smiley, you're not done with me," Spider-Man said as he kicked Venom in the gut freeing me.

I could see that the two robots were taking on Norman who was could seem to hurt them and finally was taken down and tied up.

"That's what you get for messing with Red Huntress," the female said, wait a second did she say Red Huntress, it then hit that that was no robot, but Valerie she must have upgraded and I liked her new look better than the old one.

Now that Norman was taken care of, I went to go help Daredevil take on Vlad, just like in the fight at the cemetery the two were evenly matched, even with Vlad duplicating himself Daredevil always bested him.

"You're going down, Plasmius," Daredevil told Vlad with a smirk as he kicked Plasmius in the chest, Vlad tried to block it but he was too slow and went flying into the wall with such force that he reverted back to Vlad Masters.

The only foe left was Venom, Spidey seemed to have a hard time besting him, it was like Venom could predict Spidey's moves and counter them before he can execute them, Spider-Man needed something to even the odds, but what.

"I've got it!" I said as it came to me, I remember that when Spider-Man fought Carnage that sound hurt the demon and forced his costume off him and judging by Venom's appearance he could be related to Carnage and might share the same weakness.

"Everyone leave the room now, especially you Daredevil because things are going to get noisy," I said as I watched everyone leave the room leaving me with only Venom and the two unconscious villains.

"Not very smart kid, it's just you and us and we will destroy you," Venom growled as he prepared to attack me.

"That's what you think," I said as I inhaled deeply and let out a Ghostly Wail.

"AHHH THE NOISE! PLEASE STOP! WE CAN'T TAKE IT! IT'S HURTING US!" Venom roared in pain as I watched the costume be ripped from his body, revealing a muscular man with brown eyes and red hair who collapsed as soon as the final part of the costume was ripped off him.

I looked at the man lying on the ground not noticing the black substance that once covered him was inching its way towards me.

"Looks like he's down for the…," I said as I noticed the substance latch to my foot and crawling up my leg, "Oh no you don't!" I said as blasted it with an ecto-blast forcing back to the ground than froze it with my ice powers.

I collapsed on the ground and felt myself back into Danny Fenton, I was completely drained, the last thing I saw was Vlad getting up but I couldn't do anything to stop him.


I felt bad leaving Danny at the mercy of Venom, but something told me that Danny could handle himself.

I ushered the other heroes out of the room and took them to the lobby, from there I could what sounded like a scream then it stopped, "Guess it's safe to go back now," I said as I made my way back up to the room.

When I got there I found the room in disrepair, Eddie Brock was laying on the ground with the Symbiote removed and frozen in ice, but as I was examining him my spider-sense went off, it was then I turned and saw Vlad approaching Danny who was unconscious on the ground as well and back into his human form.

"Goodbye, Daniel Fenton," he gloated as he turned on the portal and was about throw him in it.

"I don't think so, creepy!" I said as webbed Danny and pulled him from his grasped to safety.

"YOU!" he spat as he saw me in the room, "You will join Daniel in Limbo," he sneered as a huge vortex appeared pulling everything toward it.

"Vlad, grab my hand before you get sucked into the vortex," I said as I stretched out my other hand to him, even though he tried to kill Danny I would let him die.

Vlad looked down at his feet and saw that he was being pulled into the vortex, he tried to grab on top something but the force was too great.

"Plasmius don't be a fool, hurry," I said as I beckoned to him but before he could react the portal sucked him in, "NOOOOOOO!" Vlad screamed as he disappeared along with Green Goblin, Brock, and the symbiote.

"Come on Danny, we better go before this place collapses," I said as I made my way back to the lobby and told everyone to leave and just as the last of left the lab it collapsed into rubble destroying the portal and all of Vlad's technology in there.

"Spider-Man what happened?" Iron Man asked as he saw the unconscious Danny in my arms.

"Somehow, he was able to force the symbiote off Brock and knocked him out, but he passed out and Vlad came to and tried to defeat him but he was sucked into the portal along with Venom and Goblin," I explained to him.

"We better take Danny to the infirmary at Stark Industries, so he can heal, my sensors indicate no major damage," Iron Man suggested as he took off with rest of us following him back to his base, the battle was finally over we had won.


I don't remember much, the only thing I saw was Vlad and after that everything's a blank.

When I opened my eyes again, I found myself in what appeared to be a hospital bed, sitting beside was Valerie in her new suit minus the helmet, she turned and smiled, "hey ghost kid, how you feeling," she asked teasingly.

"I wish I knew how I felt Val, I don't seem to remember much," I told her smiling, "by the way I love the new look, much better than that junk Vlad gave you," I said jokingly.

"Thanks, I think so too, it's good you don't remember but all you have to know is that Vlad is gone, he won't bother us again," she said warmly as she kissed my cheek.

"Did he die?" I asked confused, trying to remember what happened to Vlad.

"No, Danny, Spider-Man told me Vlad was sucked into another dimension and there's no way for to get back," I heard the voice of Peter Parker say as he, Mary Jane, Mr. Murdock, and another man in a business suit with blue eyes and black hair and mustache entered the room.

"So Vlad's gone for good," I asked relieved that my enemy was no longer a threat but also sad in a way, Vlad could done have done great if he was so obsessive and selfish which in the end lead to his downfall.

"Yes, Vlad won't pester you again," Peter continued, "Oh pardon me Danny, I would like to introduce you to Mr. Tony Stark, owner of Stark Industries," he said gesturing to the blue eyed man in the business.

"It's nice to meet you, Mr. Stark, I'm Danny Fenton, my dad told me what a genius you are sir," I said shaking Mr. Stark's hand, I wish Tucker was here to see this.

"The pleasure's mine, Danny, your father was a good man and you have my sympathies. I must say it's an honor to meet the famous ghost kid of Amity Park. Iron Man told me that you're quite the fighter," he said with a smile.

"Thank you, sir," I said as I bowed my head thinking about my family and friends and how much I missed them.

"Daredevil told me that you came to ask Peter to be in your wedding party, Danny. Congratulations," Mr. Murdock said with a smile.

"Thank you and I would be honored if you would be in it as well," I asked my lawyer friend who has done so much for me over the years.

"I would be delighted to Danny, when's the ceremony," he asked happily.

"Well it's…," I said before Valerie cut me off.

"After he gets out of the infirmary, we were going to have it in Amity, but I think New York will be a better place," she said with a smile.

"Well, then you should get ready, because you're going to be released tomorrow," Mr. Stark said as he got up, "Come on, I think Mr. Fenton needs his rest," he said as everyone left the room.

"Sleep tight, Danny," Valerie whispered to me as she kissed me and left the room so I could sleep.

The next day, we went to St. Patrick's Cathedral and were married, "Do you, Valerie Christine Gray, daughter of Damon and Tiffany Gray take, this man Daniel Alexander Fenton, son of Jack and Madeline Fenton, to be your lawfully wedded husband?" the priest asked Valerie.

She stared into my blue eyes and smiled, "Yes I do," she said happily as she slid the ring on my finger.

"And do you Daniel Alexander Fenton, son of Jack and Madeline Fenton, take this woman Valerie Christine Gray, daughter of Damon and Tiffany Gray, to be your lawfully wedded husband," the priest asked as he turned to me.

I stared into Valerie's eyes, I was nervous what if I couldn't be there for her and fail her, I was so scared that I was worried my pants would become intangible and fall off, but Valerie stared back at me as if to say, "I'll love you no matter, Danny, and you won't fail me, I promise you."

I gulped as I looked at the priest and then to Valerie again and finally said, "I do," and sighed in relief as the weight was lifted from my shoulders as I slid the ring on Valerie.

"Then by power vested in me by the holy Catholic Church, I pronounce you man and wife you may now, kiss the bride," the priest said as me and Valerie kissed and turned to face the church, "May I present to you, Mr. and Mrs. Fenton," he said with a smile as everyone clapped with happiness.

After the mass, we had a small reception, Val and I haven't been happier in all our lives, it's odd that after everything between us that the Red Huntress would become Mrs. Danny Phantom but I wouldn't have it any other way.

The End.