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It seems surreal to think that I'm here now. With Roiben, out of Ironside, for the longest I've ever been gone. I've been here for almost two weeks, which could be God knows how long Ironside. Corny's probably worried, but I can't seem to make myself leave. It's too perfect. In the six years since he won the Seelie court, a lot has happened.

While Roiben does his balancing act over the Seelie and Unseelie courts, I've been splitting my time, just like I told him I would. Dulcamara says if I keep going Ironside, I'm going to poison myself eventually, but I can't stay away from my human friends and family.

Every two days, Lutie-loo has gone to check on them, to make sure no bitter Seelie faeries have gone after my family. She says that Kate actually ate a cheesburger the other day. I was really surprised. I was pretty sure that kid was going to eat fucking flower petals forever.

And Corny…well he's being Corny. He and Luis moved to Manhattan, and got a real apartment. I'm pretty sure it's the first real place Luis has had in a while. He sent me a note, with Lutie, and said "this place is so fucking nice, Kaye. Come see it".

But I'm afraid that if I leave, I'll realize it was all a dream, and nothing ever happened, and I'll be a normal human again, and nothing will exist again.

I know that sounds like a shitty excuse for staying away, but I can't help it.


"Kaye!!!! KAYE!!!!"

Kaye looked up from the little notebook she'd been writing in, annoyed. She saw a tiny faerie flit into the room. Standing up, showering Roiben's bed with pixie dust, she fixed her black eyes on Luti-loo.

"What is it, Luite?" she sighed exasperatedly.

"There's been an incident in Ironside!" Lutie flew to her shoulder and began to knot her hair nervously.

"What happened Lutie?" Kaye said, deadly serious.

"It was…it was Ethine. She snapped. She's gone mad! She's been enchanting humans to…to…"

"WHAT? WHAT IS IT?" Kaye shouted angrily.

"It was Kate. Ethine sent Talathain after her."

Kaye was standing in an instant. She panicked a little bit. Things were happening too fast. She couldn't focus for a second. Kate was only eleven. What could they want with her?

"What do they want with Kate?" Kaye said a bit dizzily.

"They're going to try to do a Tithe, Kaye. And Ethine and Talathain are going to create a new court."

"But…Talathain hates Ethine." Kaye said. This couldn't be happening. "Roiben had to stop him from killing her."

"Kaye, she's got him enchanted. She pulled up the feelings that were buried…and he's her puppet." Lutie knotted her hair again.

Without another word, Kaye dashed from the room. She met Roiben in the hallway. His grim expression told her he knew. "Roiben." She breathed. "We haveto stop them. Ellen's really only got Kate now!"

He nodded. "I'm going to try to reason with her."

Kaye's eyes widened. "You can't. If you go there, she'll kill you."

"I'm taking my four best knights," he said.

"Roiben, you've got over a thousand knights! Take a fucking battalion, damn it!"

He stared down into her eyes, knocking the breath from her with that gaze. "I'll be fine." He said softly. "Dulcamara, Ellbere, Grainne, and Shalini will be enough."

"You," he said, "Need to stay here. Ethine is trying to lure you out. She sees my being here as your fault."

"NO!" Kaye shouted. "I have to go Ironside! What about Ellen? What about Corny and Luis? I'm not going to play her fucking games Roiben. Fuck, I'm not gong to let her hurt them to get me out of the hill!"

He tried to give her that look again, but she averted her eyes. "Not to mention all the faeries bunking in the coffee shop. And what about my only human employee? What about Monica? No. I'm going!"

"I refuse to let you go," he muttered darkly. "I'll tell the other knights to keep you here."

"And I'll tell them to let me go. Did you forget I can command them too?" She glared at him defiantly, daring him to tell her no.

Before he could respond, she snapped open her wings and flew. "What now, Lord of the Night?" she mumbled sarcastically.

Too many people were involved in this to not do something. Samhain was in three days, and she wasn't letting Kate get sacrificed. She wouldn't let the casual cruelty get her family and friends.

Fuck you, Roiben.

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