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Chapter 11: Explanations - Part One

As Aurelio Zabini and his group of Death Eaters were Apparating back to the Manor, Severus was on his way to Harry's chambers to report to His Lord the success of the kidnapping. Lucius stayed with the group long enough to order Patrick Parkinson and Theodore Nott, Sr. to stand guard over the room with the hostages and dismiss Bulstrode and Crabbe and Goyle, Sr. before following after Severus.

Severus found Voldemort sitting in an armchair next to the bed where Harry lay comatose. Nagini was coiled up asleep on the end of the bed. After bowing respectfully, Severus waited for acknowledgment before speaking.

Voldemort looked up to see Severus and waved his hand to motion him to speak.

"My Lord, the kidnapping was successful. We were able to quickly subdue and transport all five teenagers without any outside interference. Though, Mr. Longbottom and Miss Lovegood DID get off a few Cutting curses. They are currently still Stunned in the room you ordered them to be brought to," Severus reported.

"My Lord, I left Parkinson and Nott as guards in case they decided to try and escape," said Lucius from behind Severus.

"Well done, Lucius; you, too, Severus. Well, I suppose we should go and give them some kind of explanation before they awaken and try to destroy my manor," Voldemort said rising from his chair.

Severus and Lucius followed Voldemort out of Harry's rooms and down to the first floor of the manor. After dismissing Parkinson and Nott, Voldemort, Lucius, and Severus entered the room and Voldemort Locked, Silenced, and Warded the door behind them. Now all that was left to do was to Enervate the Stunned teens.

"Lucius, Severus, you are not to harm any of them regardless of what they may say or do. In fact, put away your wands; you won't need them. They have, after all, just been kidnapped, and I don't imagine that they will be in the most obliging of moods," chuckled Voldemort.

"As you wish, My Lord," Severus and Lucius intoned, putting away their wands after conjuring two chairs. Severus just smirked. His Lord had no idea what he was getting into and Severus would enjoy watching the show.

Now, if Voldemort had stopped to think about what he told his followers about the teens' moods and applied it to himself, maybe what happened wouldn't have happened. Alas, he did not, and as they say, "Experience IS the best teacher in the world."

Voldemort cast "Enervate" on all the teens at once…and chaos ensued.

Ginny stirred, remembered what happened, and threw her infamous "Bat-Bogey Hex" at the first person she saw. That person just happened to be Tom Marvolo Riddle, Jr. aka Lord Voldemort aka He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named aka The One and Only Dark Lord.

Fred and George woke up, saw Ginny throw her "Bat-Bogey Hex" and threw two jinxes of their own in the same direction.

Neville woke up, saw the red eyes of Lord Voldemort, drew his wand, and sent an "Incarcerous" spell at the Dark Lord, effectively immobilizing him.

Luna awoke, sat up, and calmly watched the proceedings. Then she went over to Voldemort, looked down at him with an airy smile, and said in a dreamy sort of voice, "You know, Voldemort, you should know better than to leave captives with their wands. Also, next time you might want to duck," before turning and conjuring a cushion to sit on.

Lucius and Severus had watched the proceedings with growing fascination and horror. They both cringed as Ginny's hex hit, and had to bite their lips to keep from laughing when Fred and George jinxed their Lord. Fred had used a Gender-Switching Jinx and George had used a Hair-Coloring Jinx. So, now Voldemort had a female body and knee-length Gryffindor red and gold curly hair. Lucius and Severus continued to valiantly fight their losing battle with hilarity when Neville's "Incarcerous" bound and gagged their Lord, sending him to the floor rather ungracefully. But after hearing Luna's quiet admonishment to the most feared Dark Lord of the Century, Severus and Lucius gave up the battle and fell in the floor laughing. The glare Voldemort sent them both just had them laughing harder.

Neville and Ginny sat stunned at the sight in front of them and Fred and George actually fainted. After all, none of them had ever imagined seeing their Snarky Git of a Potions Professor or the calm, cool, no-nonsense Lucius Malfoy, Pureblood Supremacist, rolling in the floor, laughing of all things! It was then that Ginny realized who she had hexed, turned white as a sheet, and fell to the floor in a dead faint.

Luna spoke up again, "Neville, you should probably cancel your spell. I don't think Voldemort enjoys being tied up."

Neville nodded weakly. Then, praying to all the gods and goddesses for protection, he pulled out his wand and whispered, "Finite Incantatem."

Voldemort immediately stood up and snapped, "Lucius, Severus, if you could, CONTROL yourselves,"

Lucius and Severus stopped laughing and hauled themselves up from the floor with identical smirks. They weren't going to forget this for a long time.

Salvaging what was left of his dignity and pride, Voldemort spoke again, "Mr. Longbottom, I thank you for releasing me. Now, I would appreciate it if you and Miss Lovegood would awaken your companions. I believe you all want an explanation for recent events." Voldemort conjured an armchair and sat down, completely ignoring Lucius and Severus.

This time when Ginny, Fred, and George were roused there was no spell casting because Neville had taken their wands in precaution. After assuring them that they were in no danger, Voldemort requested that Fred and George cancel their spells. They complied quickly, fearful of the consequences of not complying. After all, this WAS the Dark Lord. After checking to make sure his appearance was truly back to normal, Voldemort gestured for Severus to begin the explanation.

For the next four hours Severus, Lucius, and Voldemort took turns explaining everything that had happened since midnight on July 31st. Lily's letter, the potion results, and the Dursley interrogation journal were all passed around. Voldemort called for a house elf to bring tea and some light refreshments. After eating and drinking, Voldemort cleared his throat.

"Now that you all have had time to assimilate yourselves with the information presented, you may ask any questions that you may have. Keep in mind that I may not answer them, but, if I do not, I will give you a satisfactory reason why," said Voldemort.

"When can we see Harry?" asked Ginny nervously. She wasn't afraid of Voldemort, after all he had not harmed them, but he did still make her nervous.

"You may see him tomorrow, but not for an extensive amount of time. He is still healing," Voldemort replied.

"What do we call you? I mean, you said that we'd be Harry's followers and Marked by him, but you didn't say what to call you," inquired Fred.

"You may call me 'Voldemort' around those in this room, Narcissa and Draco Malfoy, Poppy Pomphrey, and my grandson. In all other situations, you are to call me 'My Lord,'" said Voldemort.

"You said that you would train us this summer. What are you going to teach us?" asked Luna, ever the Ravenclaw.

"You must learn Occlumency, first and foremost. The Headmaster is a powerful Legilimens, although not as powerful as myself or Severus. Then you will all learn Pureblood Politics and Etiquette. I know that you are all purebloods, but I understand that your education is sorely lacking in those areas. After that you have a choice, but you will only be able to concentrate on one area in the short amount of time before school starts. Rest assured that, if you wish, you may learn the others at a later time. Your choices are The Dark Arts, Fencing, Potions, Financial Management, or History of Magic and War Strategies," stated Voldemort.

"Can we choose now and get started? I mean, we really don't have much else to do," said George.

"You may, if you wish and your instructors agree," said Voldemort.

The teens all looked at each other and nodded. The sooner they learned, the better they could protect their brother and friend.

"Voldemort, we are ready to learn now. We need to be prepared to protect our brother," said Fred.

"Very well, we might as well draw up a schedule now," said Voldemort as he called a house elf and requested parchment, a quill, and ink. Severus conjured a table so his Lord would have a place to write on. When the house elf brought the requested items, Voldemort immediately began to write. Then he copied what he had written onto the remaining pieces of parchment. Taking a stack, he turned to Lucius and handed them to him.

"Lucius, take these and owl them to Pansy Parkinson, Theodore Nott, Jr., Millicent Bulstrode, Vincent Crabbe, Jr., Blaise Zabini, and Gregory Goyle, Jr. Send a letter informing them and their parents that they will be learning Occlumency and will be able to participate in two of the other choices, whichever two they choose. Also, take one to Draco and give him the same instructions," instructed Voldemort.

"Yes, My Lord. I will do so immediately. Do you need anything else from me this evening?" asked Lucius.

"I will Call you if I need you for anything," said Voldemort.

With a bow, Lucius Malfoy swept out of the room to do his Lord's bidding.

Voldemort then handed out the schedules to the teens in the room. They all looked the same at the moment except for the names:

Name: Ginerva Weasley

7:00-7:50 am Breakfast Everyone

8:00-11:50 am Politics/Etiquette (Luna & Ginerva) Narcissa Malfoy

Occlumency (boys) Severus Snape

Special Studies TBA

12:00-12:50 pm Lunch Everyone

1:00-4:50 pm Politics/Etiquette (Neville & Twins) Lucius Malfoy

Occlumency (girls) Severus Snape

Special Studies TBA

5:00-5:50 pm Dinner Everyone

6:00-9:50 pm Special Studies TBA

"As you can see, your Special Studies will be in the evening. Pansy and Millicent will have Special Studies while Miss Lovegood and Miss Weasley are in Politics and Etiquette. The same applies to the other boys while Mssrs. Weasley and Mr. Longbottom are in Politics and Etiquette. Your Special Studies spot in the evening will change if you tap it with your wand and say the name of the class you wish to undertake," explained Voldemort.

Fred, George, Ginny, Neville, and Luna all gathered together in a huddle and talked about their choices together. They made their decisions and turned to Voldemort.

"We have decided that, except for Financial Management, we will split up the classes between ourselves. That way during the school year, we can teach the others what we have learned," said Ginny.

"That is a sound strategy except I thought that you two, Mssrs. Weasley, had quit school," inquired Severus, speaking for the first time since the questions started.

"Well, we figure that by the time you 'rescue' us from unimaginable torture, we will be rather traumatized. And being the 'safest place in the Wizarding world,' we would beg the Headmaster to let us finish our schooling and return to Hogwarts," explained George with a smirk.

"Not a bad idea, Mr. Weasley. Very Slytherin of you," smirked Severus.

"Oh blessed Merlin and Morgana…" started Fred.

"I do believe…"

"That the King of the Dungeons…"

"The Sneaky, Snarky, Snake…"

"The Illustrious Head of Slytherin…"

"The One and Only Severus Snape…"

"Just gave a compliment…"

"To two Gryffindors," finished George.

"Oh, Salazar, those two are going to be the death of me," Severus groused as he sent a Death Glare at the Twins. They just beamed back at him. Severus gave up and turned back to his Lord, only to see Voldemort smirking at him. Severus just ignored him.

Voldemort turned his attention away from the rather amusing scene and back to the conversation at hand.

"So, who will be taking what class and why is no one taking Financial Management?" questioned Voldemort.

Neville answered, "No one is taking Financial Management because, to be honest, it is not as important right now as the others are. We can all take it together during Christmas Break or something. Ginny will be taking The Dark Arts; Fred will be taking Potions; George will be taking Fencing; and I will be taking History of Magic and War Strategies."

"What will Miss Lovegood be taking?" asked Severus.

"I would actually like to learn Healing from Madam Pomphrey or Mrs. Malfoy, if I could," said Luna.

"That is a rather good idea knowing the trouble my grandson tends to attract. Although, now that I'm not trying to kill him, maybe that will get better. Regardless, I will see to it that you will learn Healing, Miss Lovegood," said Voldemort.

"Excuse me, Voldemort, but who will be teaching us these classes?" asked George.

"Severus, of course, will be teaching Potions. Aurelio Zabini, Blaise Zabini's father, will be teaching Fencing. Vincent Crabbe, Sr. and Theodore Nott, Sr. will be teaching History of Magic and War Strategies. Patrick Parkinson will be teaching Financial Management. And I will be teaching The Dark Arts, after all, who better to learn from than a Dark Lord," Voldemort mused and the teens really couldn't argue that point.

"Well, that is settled. You will start your new schedules tomorrow and I expect you all to show up on time and prepared to learn. You will be sharing these classes with some of the Slytherin students, so I ask you to act in a fashion befitting a guest. Or else I may have to throw you in the dungeons for a spot of torture," said Voldemort with a blank face. None of the teens knew if he was kidding or not about the torture and they all decided they didn't want to find out. So, it looked like they were going to have to grab some of that Gryffindor bravery and befriend the Snakes.

"Severus will lead you to your rooms. You may call a house elf for supper. Get plenty of rest because we have very little time to teach you and we will not go easy on you," said Voldemort as he started towards the door.

"Voldemort?" said Luna.

"Yes, Miss Lovegood?"

"You should call us by our given names. After all, we are practically family," said Luna.

Voldemort just gaped at the absurdity that was Luna Lovegood before shaking himself and chuckling, "As you wish, Luna." With that said, he walked out the door towards Harry's rooms.

Luna watched him leave and then turned to her friends who were all staring at her in astonishment. She just shrugged.

Snapping out of his daze at the audacity of Luna, Severus addressed the teens, "I will lead you to your rooms. They are in the East Wing of the Manor on the second floor. That is the floor reserved for guests of the Dark Lord." With that said, Severus swept out of the room with the teens following him. Severus led them down a hallway and up a flight of stairs to another hallway.

Severus opened the third door on the right revealing a room that was done in cream and navy with silver accents. The room had two four-poster beds, two vanities, two desks, two bedside tables, and a fireplace. The walls were cream with the ceiling painted navy with silver stars. The floor was covered with a plush navy rug. All of the furniture was done in holly that was polished to the point that it looked like ivory. The hangings on one bed were navy and the bed had cream bedding embroidered with silver and navy in a phoenix design. The other bed was the opposite; cream hangings and navy bedding with the phoenix design done in cream and silver. Wandering in the room, Luna discovered three other doors. One led to a huge bathroom decorated in white marble. The bathroom had a shower and a huge whirlpool tub, along with a toilet and two pedestal sinks. Looking through another door, Ginny found a walk-in closet.

Severus cleared his throat to get their attention. "This will be Miss Lovegood and Miss Weasley's room. Through that door is a sitting room that is decorated in a similar fashion. If you will follow me, I will show the rest of you where you will be staying," said Severus as he left out the door they entered.

The teens followed him across the hall and two doors down. "My Lord assumed that you two would desire to share a room?" Severus questioned addressing the Twins. They nodded in agreement. Severus opened the door to the room.

The room was very similar to the girls' room except for the colors, wood, and vanities. Fred and George had dressers instead of vanities. The wood was ebony. Where there was cream in the girls' room, there was black here. Instead of navy, they had blood red, and instead of silver, they had bronze. The design on the beds had also changed from a phoenix to a Pegasus. The bathroom had a countertop with two sinks and the marble was black also. Fred and George looked at their rooms and then each other, before exclaiming, "Wicked!"

Severus continued through to their common room which was done in earth tones instead of the black and red. "You share a common room with Neville. His bedroom is through here," Severus said, leading them through another door.

Neville's room was done completely in earth tones. The carpet was a rich brown while the walls were a dark green and the ceiling was a light green. The hangings on his bed were the dark forest green while the bedding was a light green with a dark green and brown embroidered tree in the center. The wood was all done in a dark oak that matched the carpet perfectly. Neville went through the door that led to the bathroom and met one that looked just like the Twins' except for the green marble and one sink.

"These rooms are great, Professor Snape," said Neville after returning to his bedroom. The others nodded their agreement.

"I will inform My Lord of your acceptance of the rooms. Now, make sure that you are on time for breakfast in the morning. We have no time or patience for laziness," Severus remarked sternly. All the teens voiced their promises to be on time. "Good, now I must be leaving. If you need anything, call a house elf. Good day." And with that Severus swept out of the room and back to his Potions Lab. He needed the privacy and calming influence of his potions after dealing with teenagers all day.

Ginny, Luna, Fred, George, and Neville all decided to eat dinner in the boys' common room before splitting up for the night. After saying their good-nights' to everyone, they went their separate ways to explore their new rooms. They all went to sleep early that night eager to start the next day with Operation: Protect Harry Potter aka Aidan Riddle.