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Summary: Alternative Universe, set in 7th year. Harry and Hermione are Head boy and girl. Friendships come and go as well as relationships, but what happens when two people see each other every day, but finally look at one another in a new light. Sometimes the person you least suspect, is the one you were always thinking of.

I'm sorry for the fact that I'm not aware, that you can't sleep at night when I am not there I'm sorry for the things that I did not say, like how you are the best thing in my world
And how I'm so proud to call you my girl. I understand that there's some problems
And I'm not too blind to know, all the pain you kept inside you
Even though you might not show. If I can't apologize for being wrong
Then it's just a shame on me, I'll be the reason for your pain
And you can put the blame on me, you can put the blame on me
I'm sorry for the things that he put you through, And all the times you didn't know what to do
He got up and left you there all alone. I'm sorry that you had to do it on your own
Even though the blame's on you, I'll take that blame from you

-Sorry, Put the Blame on me-

"Check mate!" Harry glared at his best friend and pushed himself up from the floor. Watching Ron throw his arms up and do some ritual victory dance was enough to make anyone ill. He shook his head and looked behind him to see Ginny rolling her eyes at her brother from the arm chair next to the fire place. "Victory is mine!"

"Geez Ron, you think you'd never won before." Ginny said, looking down at the book in her lap.

"Ah, but you see my dear sister, it's the fact that I am champion and Harry is merely a fan of my wondrous power." Ron had a smug look on his face as Harry stared with him, eyes the size of saucers.

"What the bloody hell are you talking about?"

"It's ok mate, I understand." Ron patted his best friend's shoulder. "I can be a little intimidating."

"The only thing intimidating is the fact that your head hasn't exploded from your overly large ego." Ginny mumbled.

"Want to have another go?" Ron began placing the pieces back on the board, ignoring his sister.

"No." Harry stood up and dusted himself off. "I have to get back to the tower, I need to patrol."

"Come off it, what are you patrolling for?" Ron stated, leaning back on his legs. "Who in there right mind is going to be doing anything with Hermione the fierce walking up and down the corridors?"

"You never know." Ginny said, turning a page. "Draco likes his night time strolls."

"Is that you subtly telling me that you and Draco are going to be out past curfew?" Harry asked, walking towards the port hole.

"I am just saying." Ginny shrugged, still not looking up.

"Ew." Ron stuck out his tongue, pretending to vomit. "I really should tell mom and dad about this."

"Good thing they already know."

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY KNOW?" Harry took this as his cue and quickly climbed out of the port hole.

"I wish they would learn to keep their voices down." The Fat Lady yawned. "They always keep me up."

Harry nodded, walking towards the far tower, where he and Hermione shared their dorms as Head Boy and Girl.

The walk was not too long from the Gryffindor tower, which made it easy when he wanted to hang out with Ron on his breaks. Though sometimes it was easier not to venture, because lucky for him the tower was not too far from the teacher's leisure area. And there was always a teacher or two lurking from the corridors.

"Cabbage Fudge." The knight saluted him and then moved to the right, allowing Harry to walk into his tower.

He smiled as he saw Hermione laying on the sofa across from the fireplace. Her eyes were shut and she looked incredibly peaceful.

"Hey, 'Mione, we have to patrol." Harry stated, walking the length of the common room. He had long given up the gentle wake up calls. She either ignored him or hit him, depending on how long she had been napping.

"What?" Her voice was groggy, her brown eyes still closed to the world.

"We have to patrol, come on." Harry gently swatted her legs. He sat in the arm chair and watched her. "Mione, come on."

"Ok, ok." Her eyes flashed open and then closed, they slowly fluttered open. "Why do we have to patrol?"

"I don't know." Harry laughed. "You said we had too, I always left the details to you."

"We don't have to." Hermione mumbled. Harry shook his head.

"Come on, I'll wait for you outside." He gently swatted her legs again and walked back out into the corridor.

"Getting ready for your nightly patrol?" Harry spun around and smiled as Professor Lupin came behind him.

"Just waiting for Hermione." Lupin nodded and looked around.

"It's probably going to be a boring night. You realize this, of course." Harry nodded. "I was on my way to my office. Slughorn kept babbling about something or another."

"How's Tonks?"

"Good, good." Lupin gave a tired smile and looked towards the knight that stepped aside to let an angry Hermione out.

"Can we get this over with?" Her voice was harsh, alarming both Harry and Lupin. They exchanged a look and took a step back.

"You two have a wonderful stroll." Lupin turned around and quickly made his departure.

"Oh no." Hermione hung her head. "I didn't even see him. Oh dear, I feel terrible now."

"What about me?"

Hermione looked at him and shrugged. "I can live with you being frightened."

"Of you, I was frightened of you." Harry said, keeping his distance from his best friend.

Hermione began to walk towards the dungeons. "Well, that's simply all the better, now isn't it?"

Harry sighed and followed, remaining a few steps behind her.


They had been patrolling for a little over an hour and it was already ten fifteen. Harry yawned widely but remained alert for any activity. Other then the occasional spook from Peeves, a run in with Dean and Parvati, Draco and Ginny (who had run into the duo early, and were told off by a tired and angry Hermione), Professor McGonagall, a Hufflepuff by the name of Rose Zeller, and Ron, who was trying to sneak sweets from the kitchens (who was also told off by Hermione), Harry and Hermione were becoming steadily bored.

"You would think he would have some common sense." Hermione was still on Ron trying to sneak down to the kitchens. Harry decided against telling Hermione that Ron snuck down to the kitchens almost every other night because Harry had told him how the patrols went. It was just bad luck for Ron that Hermione had spent so long telling Draco and Ginny off, that the two were slightly behind on their schedule. "Honestly, the boy is such a prat."

Harry shook his head and continued to look around the corridors, he noted how the paintings looked serene as they slept. How he wished he could sleep. He wasn't as lucky as Hermione to catch a nap.

Hermione, on the other had, looked wake and fresh. Her hair was tied back and she had a slight march in her step, almost as if she was going to conquer every evil they encountered.

"Are we done yet?" Harry whined. His body was hurting and there was just so much they could prevent from happening in deserted hallways.

"Almost." Hermione huffed. "I still can not believe what a prat Ron was."

Harry rolled his eyes. Hermione's telling off was on of the first real interactions between the two in the past two months. After dating at the end of 6th year, Hermione and Ron found themselves too tired to deal with each other by the beginning of August. So, they broke it off. It was already October and the two barely had civil words for each other. Hermione noted to Harry that she still cared for Ron, but she realized that they are better off as friends, and they'll get back to that point soon enough. Ron, while drinking a butter beer and watching Dean and Seamus arm wrestle, merely rolled his eyes and claimed Hermione was simply 'barking mad'.

"Don't let it get to you." Harry mumbled. He had gotten in the middle of too many Ron versus Hermione fights.

"Draco!" Harry's head shot up as he stared at the blonde hair, grey eyed boy.

"Hello Potter, Granger." He smiled and nodded in their direction.

It had come as a great surprise when Ron had found Ginny wrapped in the arms of Draco Malfoy towards the middle of 6th year. Ginny had shrugged it off and said it was a bet, while Draco generally ignored the whole situation. However, Harry and Ron would often catch them snogging in secluded corners of the school. Ginny had admitted to the relationship and Draco, while still being the git he was, was now nicer to the lot of them.

"I thought I told you to go back to bed." Draco's smile wavered as Hermione's face reddened.

"I, um, I am going back to bed. I had to escort Ginny back to her room." Harry was between a rock and a hard place, he wanted to be angry as Hermione was, simply because it was Draco, but he also wanted to laugh because the whole situation was humorous.

"We ran into you, what," Hermione glanced at Harry and then back at Draco. "An hour ago? And you now have safely gotten Ginny to her room?" If steam could burst from people's ears, Harry had a feeling Hermione would be whistling like a kettle.

Draco stood, mouth slightly open, eyes flickering at Hermione's face and her hands, waiting for her wand to be drawn.

"I think Malfoy wanted to give Ginny a proper farewell until the morning." Harry cleared his throat. "It's best we let him get to his dorms. We don't want to keep him out in the corridors any longer then he has to be, do we?" Harry gently place his arms around Hermione, willing her to walk around Malfoy, to continue their patrol. As soon as they cleared Malfoy, Harry turned and gave a sharp nod to him. Malfoy did not waste his time, and sprinted down the hallway.

"See, all better." Harry smiled as he let go of Hermione. "Now, can we please go get some sleep. Slughorn has some weird test thing, and I would like to not pass out in the middle of it."

"Fine." Hermione stomped ahead of Harry. With a sigh and a pleading look to the ceiling, Harry began to jog to keep up with his best friend.


Ron sat with his head against the table, moaning as if he was in pain. Harry, who seemed to not be hearing his best friend, continued to eat his lunch happily.

"What's wrong with you mate?" Seamus asked, sitting across from the two. "Ya look like ya ate a bowl of shite."

"That's such a lovelyimage." Parvati stated slightly down the bench from the boys.

"I bet it is." Seamus smile brightly, earning a rather rude look from his fellow Gryffindor.

"I failed that test, I know I failed that test. Mum is going to kill me when she finds out I failed that test." Ron stated, talking into the table.

"I highly doubt you failed." The three boys looked up to see Hermione standing a little ways away from them. She was holding several books, which she slammed down next to Harry. "I have to go ask Flitwick something, make me a plate?"

Without waiting for Harry's answer she walked briskly over to the staff table.

"She never fails anything, she doesn't understand." Ron placed his head back on the table and continued to talk into it. Harry rolled his eyes as he poured food on to Hermione's plate. Feeling someone watching him he picked his eyes up from the food to see a beaming Seamus.

"What?" His voice was full of confusion.

"When did you and Hermione get together? Or are you just her boy toy?"

"What are you talking about?" Harry looked back down at Hermione's plate.

"You're serving her? Mate, come on, that's the woman's job." He barely felt the book that came in contact with the back of his head as Lavender gasped. The two boys looked to see Parvati with said book in her hand, a nasty look on her face. "I mean, um, It's just, I--"

"Stop." Lavender voiced, a haughty look on her face. "Just stop."

Seamus looked back at Harry and shrugged. "I was just curious on when I should expect the wedding invitation."

"I don't know what you're talking about. I'm just making lunch a little easier for Mio-- Hermione." Harry turned back to his plate and continued to eat.

"How do you know everything she likes?" Harry looked sideways from his plate to see Ron's cheek pressed against the table (as if he was listening to what was going on under the bloody thing). "I mean, how can you remember stuff like that."

"It's called being perceptive." Parvati stated, staring at Ron and Seamus with daggers in her eyes.

"Some boys are just cut out to be worthy of us women." Lavender added her two cents.

"Hey, I'm worthy of women." Ron said, still remaining with his face against the table.

"Of course you are." Hermione's voice chimed in as she sat next to Harry, unaware of the conversation that had taken place. "And one day your worthiness will shine brightly past your ego and hot temper, so everyone can see it."

Ron scowled and turned his head so that his forehead was once again pressed into the table.

"So," Seamus smiled brightly again. "When is that wedding-- OW!" Seamus' hand flew to the back of his head as he turned and glared at Parvati. He slid down the bench, mentally estimating Parvati's reach.

Harry gave a grateful look to Parvati, who was too absorbed in staring Seamus into nothingness, to notice.

"Is someone getting married?" Hermione looked around.

"No, Seamus was just being a prat." Lavender smiled, reaching over and patting Hermione's hand. "Nothing to worry about dear."

Hermione looked at Lavender and then at Harry, who shrugged. She looked past him to see Ron banging his head on the heavy oak.

"Did I miss something?"

"Nothing more then usual." Parvati stated, placing the book between her and Lavender, her hand ready to grab it.

"We were discussing you and Har--" Seamus fell backwards dodging the book that was now sitting in his place. Parvati was leaning down talking very quickly in what Hermione suspected was Indian. Harry was turning red and poking his fork hard into his food, Lavender was rolling her eyes mumbling 'prat', and Ron, oblivious to all, was still banging his head.

"Seriously, what did I miss?"


Harry sat in Transfiguration, listening to McGonagall lecture about the importance of concentration. She seemed to find this an important topic because of the 'lacking' of attention spans her students held. Neville being a prime example in many of her lectures.

"Harry, Harry," He turned to his left to see Ron pointing at his notebook.

Harry glanced at McGonagall who was staring at Seamus with such intensity, he was sure Seamus might burst into flames.

"I need a quill." Harry rolled his eyes and tossed Ron the quill that was sitting on top of his notebook. Ron smiled and quickly began writing.

Harry looked back over to McGonagall who was now telling Seamus off for throwing a paper airplane at Lavender and Hannah Abbot, a Hufflepuff student. He was unsure of why Ron needed to take notes, considering they had the same concentration lecture for the past seven years.

"Now, as you may all know," McGonagall stared at each of them. "With N.E.W.T.S at the end of the year, I advise you all to be putting extra work into each of your assignments. I promise you, that if you do not do well, you will certainly fail at life."

The class seemed to drop their jaws. McGonagall was a rough teacher, but this seemed to be down right cruel. Harry looked to see Neville almost in tears.

"Well, you will not fail in life." McGonagall was watching Neville as well. "I'm emphasizing the point of doing well and working hard. You don't get ahead by falling behind."

Harry noted that this only furthered Neville into desperation and tears. McGonagall gave a curt nod, indicating her class could leave. She simply placed a handkerchief on Neville's desk before walking towards the front of the room.

"That was a bloody cruel thing to do." Ron stated as they entered the hall. "It's like she's scaring us into working harder."

"She is scaring you into working harder." Hermione shook her head. "The teachers are going to be pulling every trick in the books to keep us on our toes. They want us to do well."

"By scaring us?" Ron shook his head and grunted. "Fred and George had the right idea."

"Yes, well, we all can not be as fortune as them." Hermione stated.

Harry could feel an argument coming on.

"You are just jealous that lady luck fell at their knees and you have to work hard to get anything in life."

"Lady luck, huh? I don't see why I would ever want to work at a joke shop with no schooling and no prospect of having a real job."

"They're rolling in money. Hard earned money."

"Money stolen from pranksters and future criminals."

"At least they know when to have fun, they don't always have their nose in a book."

"I know when to have fun, Ronald, I choose to work as hard as I can."

"Probably why you're going to be alone!" Harry stopped as Hermione froze. Ron, still teetering on anger didn't seem to realize or care what he had just said.

"I don't always work hard, Ron." Hermione's eyes froze as she stared at him. "It didn't take any work to get you or to drop you." And without a second glance or another word, Hermione ran down the corridor.

"RON!" Harry turned to see an even angrier red head then before. Ron's face and ears were bright red, and his eyes were in slits. Harry backed down instantly.

"Well, bloody Ha-ha. Mark my words, that girl is going to be alone for the rest of her life." Ron turned and stalked down the hall, pushing a fifth year into wall.

Harry looked towards where Hermione ran and then to the retreating back of Ron. He turned and walked down the corridor that would lead him away from both of them.