Maijustu Potter

Sum: Harry learn the art of ninja's and no one ever noticed. Slight crossover with Naruto, I don't own ether.

AN: Harry learned Ninja arts from an old set of scroll and I'm starting from the time Harry gets his letter.

Chapter one

Harry Potter the start of your journey

---Number four Privet Drive, 1991---

"Harry, get the mail." said Vernon, when he heard the mail drop in the slot. "Sure." replied a black haired youth. This youth was about four foot nine with shocking green eyes. His body, unlike normal kids was toned with strong muscles that screamed death to those that crossed him. He was wearing black military combat boots with black cargo pants and a red shirt with an olive green flack jacket over the and black fingerless gloves that had metal on the knuckles. He also had a head band on that had a metal plate that had a lightning bolt carved in it and a pouch on the back of his hip and his right thigh.

When he got to the door and picked up the stack of letters he noticed that one was addressed to him. "Odd." he said walking back into the dinning room and handed the stack to his uncle before starting to open his. "Harry, why do you have a letter?" asked Dudley, looking at Harry. "The letter was addressed to me and I'm going to read it." said Harry, pulling out something from his thigh pouch and put it on the table. It was a black knife that had four sides and came to a single point, at the sight of the kunai all complaints Vernon had. When Harry opened the letter every thing he was expecting, this was not one of them, it said.

Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.

Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore

(Order of Merlin, first class, grand sorc, chf. Warlock, supreme Mugwump, international confed. of wizards)

Dear Mr. Potter,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment. Term begins on September 1. We await your owl by no later then July 31.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress

"Interesting, very well, this could be fun." said Harry, putting his kunai away. "Is this for real?" asked Dudley, reading the letter over Harry's shoulder. "There's an unknown Chakra on it and something else. So, it's magic that gives me my sharingan and Mangekyou Sharingan." said Harry, getting up and left the house with the letter. That day Harry didn't return till very late in the night looking battered and bruised and only stayed awake long enough to get to his room and collapse on his bed.

---The next day/ noon---

As Harry's family was out getting something set up for Dudley to learn boxing a loud banging came from the door. "I'm coming!" yelled Harry running down the stairs and opened the door to see a mammoth of a man with a big black beard and battle like eyes. "Hello, I'm Rubeus Hagrid, keeper of the keys and grounds at Hogwarts. I'm here for Harry Potter." said Hagrid, looking at him. "Please come in and speak." replied Harry, stepping aside so the mammoth could enter. "Oh, no need. I'm just to see if you're going to come to Hogwarts and if you are; take you to Diagon Alley." said Hagrid. "I see, very well, let use go." replied Harry, closing and locking the door behind him. "Aren't you going to tell your family where you're going?" asked Hagrid, looking confused. "No for two reasons, first there not here and second We hate each others guts. We just put up with each other because we have to." replied as they started walking away.

---One hour later---

Hagrid and Harry had finally reached the Leaky Cauldron and walked in. "Hey Hagrid, the usual?" asked Tom, looking at the larger man. "Can't Tom, I'm on Hogwarts business." said Hagrid, putting a hand of Harry's shoulder only for Harry to grab his large hand and flip Hagrid on to his back. "Hagrid, let's get one thing strait, I like you, you're a nice guy, but I have a thing about personal space, touch me again and I'll rip your arm off." said Harry, increasing his grip on Hagrids hand. "Right, sorry." replied Hagrid, getting up and waving for Harry to follow him.

When the two got to the back Hagrid tapped three bricks then two and the wall opened into a large archway. 'Interesting' thought Harry as he followed the half giant to a large bank. When they entered the front doors a saying on the second set caught Harry's eye.

Enter; stranger; but take heed

Of what awaits the sin of greed,

For those who take, but do not earn,

Must pay most dearly in there turn.

So if you seek beneath our floors

A treasure that was never yours,

Thief, you have been warned, beware

Of finding more then treasure there.

'Beware I shall.' thought Harry, looking around the bank as he and Hagrid walked up to a desk of a goblin. "Mr. Potter would like to make a withdrawal. Also, I'm here for you-now-what-in-vault-you-know-which." said Hagrid, as the goblin looked up at them. "And does Mr. Potter have his keys?" asked the goblin looking at the two. "Yes, here it is." said Hagrid, pulling out a key from his pocket. "Wait, Hagrid he said Keys as in plural. Where are the rest?" asked Harry, sliding kunai into his hand. "He is right sir." replied the goblin, looking curiously at Hagrid. "Mr. Dumbledore has them and is going to hand them over when you go to Hogwarts." replied Hagrid. "Sir I would like a full report on my accounts activities for the past twelve years and should anything have been taken I want them retrieved as fast as possible, as I have not given permission to use said account." said Harry, talking to the goblin, who went and pulled the file for the potter account.

When the goblin got back he handed the report over to Harry, who noticed several million was withdrawn and many items were taken out. "Sir, may I ask your name?" asked Harry to the goblin. "It's Goldclaw." replied the clerk. "Thank you. I have not given permission for any of these items or money to be removed. Can you retrieve them?" asked Harry, looking at Goldclaw. "Yes, Mr. Potter. In the mean time please sign these forms so, you can sue Mr. Dumbledore for this crime." said Goldclaw, handing forms to Harry. "Harry, you can't sue Dumbledore. He's a great man, I'm sure he had a good reason." said Hagrid, coming out of shock. "I don't care; He took from me and will pay the price considering I'm suing him for all he took plus fifty percent interest." said Harry, signing the forms and handing then to Goldclaw, who had just returned with a set of gold keys and handed them to Harry. "There all set. Griphook!" yelled Goldclaw, as another goblin came up to the group.

"Griphook, take them to these vaults." said Goldclaw handing a small paper to Griphook. "Right this way." said Griphook as they walked to a small cart. When they all got in the cart shot off like a small rocket and soon stopped at a large vault. "Key please?" asked Griphook, taking the key Harry held out and put it in the vault door and opened it to revile large piles of gold that Harry grabbed a bag and put a few hand fulls into. Then they shot off to another vault that when opened had just a small brown package. "Best not mention this to anyone Harry." said Hagrid, putting the package in a pocket. Shortly after that they were out of the bank and moving onto the shopping.

"Harry, do you mind if I go into the pup for a small pick-me-up, those carts always make me sick." said Hagrid, looking at Harry. "Sure, go ahead Hagrid. I'll come to you when I'm done so take your time." replied Harry, going into Madam Malkin's. "Hogwarts dear?" asked Madam Malkin, looking at Harry. "Yes, but could you do a favor for me, you see I don't like robes, so could you make copes of my flack jacket and put the Hogwarts symbol on the back?" asked Harry. "Why don't you like robes?" asked Madam Malkin. "Oh, I feel too restricted and suffocated in robes." replied Harry, getting a nod from Madam Malkin. "Right dear, no problem." came her reply. After a few minutes Harry was out and walked over to the store that sold trunks and bought a trunk that had four locks on them. After a while Harry had everything but a wand and a familiar. Harry turned and decided that a wand could wait and went to Magical Menagerie choose a pet.

When he opened the door to the pet shop and started to look around, and after about five minutes he found a young leopard that seemed scared of everything around it. When Harry got closer to the cage he activated his Sharingan and locked eyes with the young cat coming it down and drawing it closer to him and when it could get no closer it started to mew and paw at the cage door. "Young man, how did you get that Nundu?" asked the shop keeper, looking between the cat and young man. "I have a thing for animals. So, how much for this little one?" asked Harry, opening the cage and the cat jumped into his arms and started to like his face. "Fifty Galleons." said the shop keeper, giving Harry some extra thing to help take care of the young Nundu. Then with that done he headed to Ollivanders and went in and ringed a bell on the counter.

"Hello, I was beginning to wonder when I would see you." said Mr. Ollivander, coming out of the back room. "Yes, It's nice to meet you." replied Harry, setting his Nundu, who he named Nightshade, on the counter. "Yes, Come for your wand have you? Well, which is your wand arm?" asked Mr. Ollivander, looking at Harry. "I'm right handed when wielding something but I can use both as a wand hand." replied Harry, as Mr. Ollivander started to measure him and started to pull out wands. "Ok, try this 11 inches, holly wood and phoenix feather. Good for charms." said Mr. Ollivander, and when Harry waved it, it snapped clean in half and the feather turned to ash.

"Oh my, I haven't had a customer like you in some time." said Mr. Ollivander, going into the back and came back with several wands that had dust all over them. "Here try this, ten inches, Wood from the death tree with blood from a Demon dog forcefully taken." said Mr. Ollivander handing the wand to Harry, who waved it but nothing happened. "That's not the one. Here, nine inches, elder tree wood with heart string of a Basilisk." said Mr. Ollivander, handing the new wand over only to get the same result. "That might work. Eleven inches, wood from a yew and ebony with Hellfire dragon scales for the outside with a core made of a Nundu heart string, basilisk fang, and blood of a Dementor forcibly taken. Perfect for all forms of magic but unusually strong in dark arts and curses." said Mr. Ollivander handing the wand over to Harry who waved it and the power that it held whipped the wind in the room around wildly. "Perfect. The wand is seventy Galleons. Mr. Potter, I think we can expect great thing from you because not even Dumbledore's wand is that powerful." said Mr. Ollivander, as Harry handed over the money. "Thank you for the wand Mr. Ollivander. I hope I never have to enter this shop again for my self. Good day." said Harry, picking up Nightshade and walked out. "Yes, Let hope you don't enter this shop for yourself ever again for I fear of what wand chooses you next." said Mr. Ollivander, taking the other wands and took them into the back.

After a few minute for Harry to get Hagrid and his stuff together they left to Privet Drive. When they got back the car was there and Harry turned to Hagrid. "Hagrid, how do I get to Hogwarts?" asked Harry, as Nightshade poked his head out from Harry's flack jacket that he was safely nestled in. "Oh, You go to Kings cross station and go to the third column between platforms nine and ten and walk through the wall. The wall is only an illusion so muggles, like your family, doesn't notice." replied Hagrid, handing him a ticket. "Right, I'll see you in two weeks then Hagrid." said Harry as they went there ways. When Harry got into the house he went up to his room and started to pull out his books and read them with the Sharingan active. 'I should be well prepared for this year.' thought Harry, as he memorized each book.

AN: sorry that the chapter reads more like a summery but I wanted to get the story rolling and get a feel for it also I had trouble starting.